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So Germany is the only country ever

in the world where I have been riding that when there is a traffic jam

immediately the people will take the far left

and the far right

Good morning Internet, it is 7:30 in the morning and welcome back

to the channel. Well, I barely slept last night

and I couldn't really eat this morning because I was

so super excited to be going today. Today

is the day that I will be hitting the road again

and I am going to Iceland and Iceland

is I think the most interesting country in the world

for us geologists and I am super stoked

to go there and to show you around Iceland

but before I can go to Iceland off course I have to first go

to Denmark and then catch the boat there

it will be 2 days on the boat to Iceland

and it is also going to be a 2 day ride to Denmark first

because I will show you on the map

I am now here in Utrecht, so here is the Netherlands

UK, Germany, Denmark

and so from Utrecht to

Hirtshals, this is where I catch the ferry

this is almost a 1000 kilometers so it is too much to do in one day

so today I am

trying to go to a place a little bit

north of Hamburg so I am trying

to go past Hamburg which is going to be very busy and

and then stop somewhere here which is about

530 kilometers for today , so well

I think today is going to be the most oh no

the least interesting episode of the entire

season because today

well today I just have to cover this entire 530 kilometers

it's just going to be highway, I am not gonna do a lot of exploring

or finding back roads or something like that

I just want to get on the way and just

cover some distance today, the weather is

not very good and it's probably going to be super

busy on the road because a lot of people just got holidays

and people are taking less planes off course nowadays

so they predicted a lot of traffic jams so it probably be a lot of

filtering through traffic today so

not the most exciting motorcycle day but honestly I

do not care, even if rains the entire day

I am still super happy to be on the road

again so

what ever happens today, I will be happy so anyway

I packed everything, Ronin is all ready

you haven't seen the new stickers yet

doesn't it look amazing and she also has her name here

see Ronin

so Ronin is packed and ready. I have alot of stuff

with me because now I am also going to go camping

I think I can only really do this trip

safely for myself and others if I try to isolate

myself as much as possible so people

were already asking are you going to show more interactions with the locals

I don't think that is a good idea right now so I am trying to

be in nature as much as possible

to isolate myself as much as possible so I am also going to go camping

I am not gonna go camp every night that

that's impossible to keep up with the you tube channel

and everything like that but I will do some camping

I can already tell you I am not gonna go camp on the way to Denmark

this is just a transit and

I don't want to

set up a tent and stuff like that when I am just transiting

so I will start camping when I am in Iceland

so that is pretty excited but yeah for the whole camping

I need to bring so much extra stuff so I had to buy

a lot of stuff and then also a friend

lent me some things like a tent

and my mattress so that was really great

so I did not have to buy everything myself, I will put

a link in the description to all the stuff that I am bringing

probably there will be questions about the

stuff that I am bringing with me but anyway

enough talking, I just really want to hit the road

so I am just going to put the map inside

and then let's go

and we are off!

isn't this just the best feeling?

I am on the road again!

let's have a small break

I'm a little bit thirsty

I am already really close to the border with Germany

my country is so small

been riding for an hour

but I was really thirsty

I didn't really

drink a lot this morning

I forgot to mention that this morning

but when I left Ronin had 11 000

kilometers on the clock

so when I bought her she had

a little less than 10 000

so in the past few weeks I only drove her

a 1000 kilometers not a lot

but when I left she

was at 11 000

so yeah let's keep that in mind

to see how big this trip is going to be because to be honest

I have absolutely no idea

I have no idea how many kilometers

I am gonna ride this trip but let's see off course

it's not only going to be Iceland

I have a bigger trip in mind

but let's first start with Iceland

oh well actually first let's start with

getting to Iceland

I am a little bit nervous as upon arrival in Iceland I have to

do a covid 19 test

which makes sense

the last time I checked there are only 12 active cases

of Covid 19 in Iceland and they know who they are

so they have it very much under control so they obviously check

everybody that enters the country because they are an island

it's relatively easy, I guess to do that

so I understand that I have to do a test

and I have been quarantining myself

for the past like 10 days, have not been seeing any of my friends

my family and yeah wearing a mouth mask

and everything like that

just to limit the chances that I contract it

test positive for the test

but let's see, first

I have to get to Denmark, no first I have to get to Germany

that's the plan for today so yeah

it's still dry luckily

I still have more than 400 kilometers to go


let's get a move on

I am in Germany!


See the 2 flags?

Netherlands and Germany

I really hope that I can

turn right here

cos if it I

don't know

there has been a road closure and I have been kinda just

riding back roads to get around it

so I hope I can just turn right here, that will be awesome

otherwise I have to try again

see cos this is closed

this looks open

I think? Yes

well here it is getting busy


want to take a small break, it's about lunch time now

well quarter to 12

and I have almost 250 kilometers

to go

and I was thinking

let's have a break

so I thought I am going to bring my own lunch with me

it's something I have to try do more this trip because

sitting in restaurants


you can do it but I try to avoid it

so I have to see if I can

prepare lunches more and bring them with me

so now I am going to eat my little sandwich

on the side of the highway

in dutch we would say Lekker kneuterig

I have no idea how that translate into english

but hey

time to ride the last 250 kilometers, it

is still dry

and it is not as busy as I thought it would be

they warned for massive traffic jams and

maybe it will still come cos I still have to pass Hamburg

but so far so good so fingers crossed

it will stay like this

so Germany is the only country ever

in the world where I have been riding that when there is a traffic jam

immediately the people will take the far left

and far right so there is always space for

I don't know police or ambulance or

whatever help service needs to pass

it's incredible

there is not a country in the world who does this

I think, I don't know if I

am allowed to filter through as a motorcycle

I think not

in any case it does not matter, I am almost leaving this highway

5 more kilometers

and then

leaving the highway and taking a few smaller


and then I should reach my destination for today

so I left the highway

I honestly , oh Rendsburg

I honestly don't know what the town is called I was gonna say

but it must be Rendsburg then

this is it


I made it, 530 kilometers on

day 1

Ronin did really really well

- Do you speak English?

- You will check in the hotel? - Yeah

- Yeah

- Is there anywhere that I can park my bike?

- a little bit out of sight?

- Sorry, - it's okay - on the big tree

- you can on the left

- this is the backside of the hotel, you can stand it

- oh okay, I will park it there or you first want to check in?

- we check in and I go to the rooms and

- make it clean

- okay and then I park the bike, okay no problem

- can I ask you one thing, the restaurant is it also open tonight for dinner?

- yes

- 16:30

- to

- 23:00

- 16:30 until 23:00

-okay, thank you

so I checked in, I am just going to park Ronin

a little safer

and welcome to my little room, pretty

nice, it is just for 1 night

tomorrow I am going to cross into Denmark and because today

I covered more than half the distance

to the port in Denmark, tomorrow

I will have a little bit more time so

I am planning to do a little bit of exploring

and see a a few things in Denmark and not just

drive straight through so that is the plan for tomorrow

so it should be a little more interesting

today was just highway but I am just glad

that I covered all this distance

so that went all well and I was super happy to be on

the road again, I didn't care, I was just

even on boring highway I was like yes

ahh I am just moving again

it's such an amazing feeling. I just moved Ronin

to there

I know I will sleep a little bit better knowing that she is

right outside my window here

but yeah


episode 1 already done

I cannot wait to show you more

of everything that I have in my mind that I want to show

and yeah

I am super happy to be on the road again but I already said that 10 times

so that was it for today, I really hope you liked this video

if you did please give a big

thumbs up and subscribe down below

and then I will see you in the next video

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