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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bangkok, Thailand: Traveling for $20 A Day - Ep 7

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Welcome to Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok

Good morning everybody.

It's time to enjoy our delicious Thai breakfast.

We have gai yang (grilled chicken)...

som tam (spicy papaya salad)...

we've got some sticky rice here

and we have some of this delicious sauce that comes with it.

All this together was 100 baht.

That's like, not even 3 bucks.

This is an amazing breakfast. Let's enjoy it!

Oh, man! It's so hot!

Now, let's try some of this som tam.

This stuff is traditionally one of the hottest Thai dishes you can order.

It doesn't look like it. It looks like a friendly little salad...

but then, when you take a bite out of it...

you watch yourself!

Your mouth's gonna be on fire for days!

Alright, so we just got some iced coffee here.

20 baht for this. Keep my energy up while...

we're walking around all day carrying our stuff.

I told her no sugar and it's still pretty sweet.

Alright, so, we just arrived at our hostel here.

The Happiness Hostel here on Khaosan Road...

and we got a private double room.

It's only 275 (baht) per person.

We're still doing pretty good for our budget today.

I think we should go get some lunch.

Alright. Right here, we've got some pad kana moo,

some stir-fried kale with pork on rice...

All together, this comes out to 110 baht.

Huge lunch here, and we're not breaking the bank.

Cheap, delicious, authentic roadside Thai food.

You can't beat this.

A floppy roti right here.

Looks so delicious; only 10 baht.

So chewy.

Roti, baby.

We're at Wat Arun on the west side of the river here in Bangkok.

The "Temple of Dawn" - a very beautiful temple,

unique from all the other temples...

you see around here in Bangkok.

Unfortunately, though, it's under construction.

We can't go exploring up here on all these steep steps.

It's my shall...

to cover my scandelous shoulders.


Hey, nice lasagne. How much did that cost?

More than you can afford.

We got some Pad Thai here with an egg, tofu...

and we got some spring rolls here.

Let's see what this Pad Thai is all about.

Now it's time to try the spring rolls.

Okay. Crunch city. That's what I like.

I'm all about the crunch, so I'm happy.

So now we just finsihed dinner, and we're back at Khaosan Road...

and you know where, before we head back...

to the hostel, I think it would be a lot of fun...

if we walk up and down Khaosan and do...

a little bit of people-watching, because...

this road has some of the most amazing,

unique, beautiful faces you can see.

So, let's go check it out.

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