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Firstly by OISE we can have new friends and improve our English by communicating

with them because we can improve our speaking skills only by speaking with others

secondly because we're in a different country we can taste new food because

each country has a different taste and because we're in an international scool we

can taste new food from all around the world

thirdly, in OISE there are different kinds of persons from different cultures

by communicating with them we can learn about their culture and become a more cultural person

finally we can have fun with new friends because each day we

having new activities and they're mostly fun

in addition every saturday we are visiting London we have free time and

then in free time we can have fun in any way we want to

my room in residence is very nice in my room they are loads of things like desk chair bed and colorful doors

to have both the stock of the day I really like my room when you get out

from residence and turn right you will see the best stuff ever -Ben. Big ben playing basketball

do not play with him because staff always wins

in Newbury we can also be in host families at English home most of our

houses are typical English houses they show us a great hospitality and we

have got our own room with a desk for working this is a typical host family

dining room. We enjoy eating together because we had interesting discussion

moreover the food is very good and better than we thought

so the residence and host families are great if you really want to improve your

English and discover the culture

when we arrived in Newbury school we passed an exam with all the new students

from now our level we were four by table and the teacher monitor us

when we come into the class teacher give us a lesson portfolio and introduces how to use it

correctly it can carry all the lessons that we learn, to keep them safe and so we

won't lose our lessons. after in the classroom we have a specific topic while

one hour and after we change but with the same teacher we used books or phones

while the presentation that teachers let students speak in front of the other

students about a specific topic during five minutes and after this all

people can ask a question we use some object for illustrate the presentation

like flag or posters

Disco class - we danced for two hours, I really enjoyed it very much and I got the certificate of disco class

Big Ben it's a bell of the clock at the north end of the London palace we went

there and saturday we took a lot of photos here we went shopping in London after that

i really like that because I never been there before

Oxford I went there on saturday we went to the library and the city was wonderful

during breaks we like playing table tennis matches

Hello and welcome to Newbury Hall

this is a short video about what we will take home after our experience the first to pick

is friendship we met a lot of international friends and we discovered

different cultures let's move to the seventh topic - knowledge. we improved a lot

of English, not only grammar and vocabulary but we increase also our speaking skills and pronunciation

now let's talk about our memories in Newbury Hall

we will always remember this unforgettable moment also because of the wonderful

people who work here

teachers, cooks, leisure leaders - now we want to finish talking about how OISE

changed our lives when we came here we were only children but after this

experience we will be stronger than before

to sum up we are very proud to be a student at Newbury Hall and we are

sure that this experience will be very useful for our future

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