Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gimbal Ver 2 progress update

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Runcam HD2 Lens

two 2204 240kv gimbal motor

Gimbal Gyro sensors

Strom32 Gimbal Controller

Runcam 2 HD flexy extended cable board

Runcam HD2 Main Board

Mini 600mw Video transmitter

Micro minim OSD

5,8 Ghz antena for VTX

four 20A OPTO ESC

Naze32 Afro FC

Common PDB with 5v and 12v output

HC-RS04 Sonar sensor for altitute

RadioLink R6D 2.4Ghz 6-Ch PPM Receiver

LED and Buzzer

XT-60 female Lipo connector

APM board rubber dumper


2206 2300kv CW and CCW motors

6 x 4,5 CW and CCW propeller

3S lipo 1500mah 40C

Camera shell

X & Y Gimbal Arm

Head Cover

Battery separator

Upper cover with battery door

Main body with arm slot

X arm Quadcopter model

Testing on progress, Thanks for watching...

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