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The Mind Reader Girl

episode 1

Hello Ishana. how are you?

fine baby. how about you?

look, i have sent you a location. Go there right now

my cousin has seen your fiance with someone else

what? must be a mistake

oh come on Ishana! we already had warned you about that boy, but you like to stay Blind

Go and check it yourself- bye-

oh God. hope it's just a mistake

i hope i don't see anything wrong

oh God. i can't believe this

oh Raj and that also with my friend?

how could they do this to me ?

i'm tired of all these lies

how stupid of me

how could they do that to me?

hello. can i talk to you?

for God's sake , please go and find another seat

leave me alone

i'm not in mood of hearing your advice and all

and i don't have much time to waste

i just come to people, who are so disappointed like you

what do you mean?

what do you want from me?

i know you must be confused

so i go to the point

tell me, would you like to have a power that you can read people's mind with it?

ah if i had such a power

then i wouldn't be this Heart broken right now

and my fiance wouldn't leave me for my friend

i got a gift for you

this pill gives you such a power, that you can read the mind of anyone you want


sorry, i'm little bit confused

you mean if i take the pill then..

you just got 10seconds to make your decision

otherwise the gift will be gifted to someone else

ok ok i take the pill

but who are you?

where are you coming from?

that doesn't matter

go and try to use your power in the best way


she is gone!

was it all an illusion!

do i really have such a power or what?

i better go and try my power, somewhere out of this park



those couple look good for my test

let me see

hmm.. lucky them

how romantic they watch each other!

let me see if i can read their minds or not

oh i think this guy has seriously fallen for me

i can see it through his eyes

oh how handsome he is

look at her face! she finds herself so pretty

but she is so rich and i can take her money

oh it means i really got the power

oh God that's so cool

i better try it on some more people

ah this barbie Papiyon channel, didn't make (mysterious camp 5)and kept us in suspense

i hope mom has made the lunch. i'm really starving

oh i love this power

how about going back home by metro

that way i can see more poeple to read their minds. oh it's so cool

ok i try that lady over there

look at this shameless girl. she is not ashamed of herself wearing such a short dress

she must be a bad girl otherwise she wouldn't have dressed up like that

or maybe she is working in a nightclub or somewhere. ah let it be. what's it to me

singing a famous song

singing and applause in her mind

let me meet Nisha, i will wear my ring and slap her so bad, that my ring's stone break her teeth

upstart girl, how dare you not invite me to your party

whay is this mad girl staring at me? i wish i could slap her too

oh god, people seems to be so angry from inside

ah. ok now i better sit and think what to do with my new power

hello Oorvi , how are you?

hey where are you Ishana? has something happened to your fingers?

no, why?

well i thought maybe your fingers are broken that's that you couldn't answer your calls

did you see those two? you're not depressed right?

ya i saw them.

you're not depressed right?

no i'm fine

that's my friend. bravo. he didn't deserve you

look i called up to say that our test has been brought forward by tomorrow

you better start studying

oh please leave your hand open in test

ya as if i have studies so much

anyways, there are cameras everywhere. we can't cheat even if we want to

study. bye

ah. i can't be happy for a moment

oh how idiot i am

i can use my power and find the correct answers from other student's mind

that is a great start for using my power

the next day i went to college and using my mind reading power i took the test

hello Oorvi . why didn't you come for test

i didn't sudy at all. leave that for now

look Ishana. come to this location that i send you right now

i foud the love of my life Ishana. he is so handsome. i want to know what you think about him

you keep falling in love every other day

no no. this time is for real. come on fast

ok fine. i'm coming. i know which place you mean. ya i'll be there

this is my friend, Ishana. and this is Sam.the man of my life

nice to meet you

nice to meet you too

should i read his mind or not

i better do

hmm.. this Girl is also pretty

whenever i'm done with Sana, i can go after her

she is staring at me too. i bet she likes me too

oh God how shameless

ok come on tell me, how was he?

i'm gonna make him meet my family soon too

isn't it too early for all these?

what's the rush?

coz you shouldn't postpone such things

well i'm telling you because you asked my opinion. and i think he is not a decent person

excuse me Ishana but you were the one staring at him

you have a crush on him or what?

eww. you know better that such kind of boys are not my type at all

if he is not your type it doesn't mean that he is a peeper

or maybe you are a fortune teller

ah ok Ishana. i'm gonna tell you something but please keep it between us

i got a weird power since yesterday

i mean i can read people's mind

ya keep laughing. i know you won't believe me

fine fine

you know what, think about something right now and i read your mind. deal?

fine. deal idiot

has Paniz lost her brain because of that affair ?

or maybe she is jealous and she wants me to stay single like her?!

you are so bad Sana! i am jealous? iv got illusions?

oh Ishana! you really read my mind?!

so you really got that power!?

told you

so ..that means whatever you told about Sam was correct too

unfortunately yes baby

don't you be heart broken now

me and heart broken? nahhh.

someone better will come

my eyes are filled up with tears, seeing this much of Love you have for Sam

leave that boy

look girl, you know what all we can do with this power you got?


like the same mind reading thing you did for me

you can get so much of money for that

for the customers you can count on me. i know so many people who want to know what's going on in their bf's mind

so the very next day we started our mind reading business

i stayed far and read the mind of my targets

our business went on so well that there were always a long queue of customers

what i did sometimes caused a seperation

and for some people it was leading to wedding and all

and of course we also got lots of money

a week later

ah Ishana. i'm so tired today. i guess i read the mind of around30 people

i really need a break now

oh ya you are right baby. even i am so tired

look as always my parents are out for a travel and they are gonna come back after a month

let's go my home tonight. it will be fun

i tell Binita (my friend) to join us too. she is such a cool girl

ok then i'll go home. back my stuffs and come to you

door bell

oorvi go open the door

Ishana i'm in bathroom. you go and open it. move your body little bit

ah i'm watching tv

she is in toilet for an hour

ok i'm going

hey hi Binita dear. welcome!

oh and i'm Ishana.Oorvi's best friend

nice to meet you baby

Ishana is in toilet. that's why i opened the door. she will come now. feel at home

ok baby. then i go and change my clothes

ma'am can you please open our hands

oh god who screamed!

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