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Creation of a DBM's sheet by Tao Pai Pai

First, there is the script of Salagir.

This script is written in a very precise way.

Here, there is the description and the position of each box of the sheet.

The dialogue is written and indicates the number of bubble per box.

This is a kind of written storyboard.

There is no possibility to change the composition.

But the cartoonist's job is to make every box's element apparent while introducing his own style and dynamic.

Salagir requests a simple composition of the sheet.

It's a Goscinny's recovery.

Every sheet is divided into 9 boxes.

Each box is numbered.

And this is how is reading the script :

Page 1 : "1, 2, 3 : views of the ... planet of the space" for example.

We will focus on the page 3.

This is the sheet that I will draw today.

It's written : "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6"

It means that the first box will take all this place.

And then, the next box will be the 7-8th and the last is the 9th.

The script describes what's happening on these boxes with the dialogue.

If there is 2 lines for the same character, he's got 2 bubbles on the same box.

When the composition is prepared, I make some sketches.

This sketches are close to be the finished sheet.

But the drawings are smaller.

Why ? Because, this is the way I work.

My small drawings are more punchy than a first drawing on the sheet.

I don't know why.

When these drawings are finished, I scan it.

I put it in Photoshop.

With Photoshop, I inser the dialogu.

It's very important to verify that bubbles and onomatopoeias don't hide character's heads.

There should be no crushed things on the boxes.

I can add grey color.

It makes a readable storyboard for Salagir and the team.

Like a real comic.

It's very useful.

The comic exists already at this time.

You can see grids on these sheets.

Because the drawing is small and I have to draw on bigger sizes.

It allows me to draw it with more generous facilities.

The paper I use is a designer marker paper.

It's a little translucide.

I can see the grid behind it.

Now I will replicate the drawing.

This video will continue on music and on fast motion.

And I will listen music too.

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