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Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to create

a gorgeous 3-dimensional, I wanna call it 4D because it's just gonna be that big, maybe.

Do you know what? It might even be as big as a real butterfly. But yeah, we're gonna do a butterfly.

Adam: You should do it on its legs as well, so it's actually standing on the nail.

Kirsty: Oh, come on now, behave! Adam: That would be really cool.

Kirsty: I know but that's gonna take a long time and it will not be wearable, will it?

Kirsty: Right! I've got some colours that I'm gonna merge for my background and I have

Kirsty: Mi...what? Mimosa? Adam: Mimosa.

Kirsty: Mimosa. Is that like a samosa but a mimosa? Adam: Yeah.

Kirsty: And then Tangerine Twist, Warm Fire, I love this. It's like a mustard colour.

I think I might have mentioned it that I like mustard.

Bandito Yellow and that's got shimmer in it well. That's really nice.

So, we're gonna sort of create a bit of...not a perfect blend, but we just want some colour in the background.

I'm gonna start with the darkest of the colours. I'm just gonna come to this corner.

And we're not trying to create a perfect blend, we just want to sort of thin that area out a little bit.

And what I'm doing is smushing them together. I like that word. Smush it!

Adam: Somebody commented yesterday about accent and dialect. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!

Adam: And they think it's funny when you say something and I'm like, "What?"

Kirsty: What are you on about, Kirsty? Adam: I don't understand why you even say it.

Kirsty: Is that English, Kirsty?

Kirsty: Not in Hartlepool, that's not English. Adam: To be fair, we don't speak English in Hartlepool.

Kirsty: and that nice shimmery one on the tip.

And we're gonna cure that.

So, I'm gonna do a second layer of this now.

You could do a perfect blend if you wanted to but the reason I'm not doing that is because

you won't actually see a lot of this nail. So why...

...oh, a bit of fluff! I think it's because I've got a black jumper on. What a mistake to make.

I wore a black jumper. It's like the worst thing I could've wore. Fluff city.

Yeah, so as I was saying before I was attacked by the fluff.

You don't need to do a perfect blend because you won't actually see a lot of this nail

because most of it will be taken up by the butterfly.

So, why take all that time and effort to make a perfect blend when you can just smush them together.

And I do quite like it when it's just sort of smushed together.

And I'm sure people are now going to comment saying well, that's what my ombrès look like

because I know not everybody can do an ombre but we have got videos that show you, loads of different videos

on the different techniques, of how to create an ombre, if you do want to have that perfect ombre.

Right! I'm going to cure that.

Now, we're gonna seal this with top coat.

If you were doing a full set, what would be nice is to use each individual colour on the other nails,

so then have your one nail as your accent nail, with your butterfly on. That would look cool.

And we're gonna cure that.

So, I just use the crystals as paperweights at the moment.

And I'm gonna get a pencil. There's two ways we can do this and I'll show you.

It's entirely up to you and I found this way works a little bit better.

So, this is the underneath side, so the...can you hear that?

That's the matte side. This is the shiny side.

Adam: Ooh! Kirsty: That's how you know.

Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: That one makes noise because it's matte. And this side is shiny, it doesn't make no noise.

So this side is more difficult to draw on.

But you can to score into it, yeah.

And you just about see that let me... There you are. See, just a little random shape of butterfly there.

So, you could do it like that and then work on top of that. Or you can do it the other way.

So, you can actually see what you're doing, but what you need to do is press hard, so you'd get your basic shape.

Press hard, and then when you flip it over,

you can see where your pencil is.

Yes, can you see this? That's what we're gonna do on this one.

So, let's look at the images of a monarch butterfly. So, this is kind of butterfly that I want to do.

So, we need to find pretty...I like...oh, I didn't notice it's body is spotty as well! How nice is that?

So, I want a little bit of perspective. So, you see how this one's got a perspective.

Let me just make that picture a bit bigger so you can see.

By perspective, I mean,

this is sitting in the background and then this is the other.

Look at its body. It's like a reverse Dalmatian.

So, that's the kind of what I want to do, and I want to draw it.

So, it's the opposite way around than I actually want it.

So, if I'm doing it like that, I could use this one and use that as my guide or I could just do the opposite of this.

It's easier to have an image in front of you to copy.

Yes, we are going to use that image as our inspiration. You've got to think about how big the nail is.

We can always get the lady's finger and just have a little sketch around it if you want to. You can do it by eye.

So, we're gonna have this wing,

just this one that sits in the back, in the foreground and then,

this one in the front.

So, you can sort of do your little sketch first and then you can press on that, so it's a little bit darker

and you can see everything a little bit clearer when you come to actually do the butterfly.

Alright! So now, I'm gonna go dark, and I'm pressing on with my pencil.

So, as I flip this around I can see now. Can you see where it's had to be made?

I'll just go over this one again.

If you use a sharp pencil, I mean these kind of clicky pencils are cool for doing this kind of work because it stays sharp.

Then I can actually feel and see like a little dent in the actual, okay.

So, that's what we're gonna use as our little template.

So, I'm gonna start with...

Kirsty:: ...oh, look at that colour. Adam: Wow!

Kirsty: And that is called Uber Carrot. Adam: Every time.

Kirsty: I know. And Flaming Pumpkin.

Adam: Sorry what was the first one called? Kirsty: Uber Carrot. It stains like mad. It's that pigmented does Uber Carrot.

Adam: Uber Carrot and Flaming... Kirsty: Pumpkin.

Adam: Pumpkin. Kirsty: You're gonna make me look again weren't you then?

Adam: You're making some soup here. Kirsty: I know.

Adam: Carrot and pumpkin soup. Kirsty: I know, yeah.

Kirsty: And then, we've got Caribbean or, Caribbean Sunsplash.

Adam: It sounds nice actually. Some carrot and pumpkin soup. Kirsty: Mm-hmm!. I love soup, I do.

Kirsty: And we've got Honey Bronze which has a nice gold shimmer

and a slight iridescent-ness to it as well. Can you see? I don't wanna tip it too far because I'd tip it everywhere.

Just trying to get the light on it and then, we've got Soft Pastel Lemon.

Nice! Look at those colours!

Alright! So, I'm gonna use my 3D brush and we're going to remember the perspective

because we're gonna start with the, I want to say the leaf and it's not a leaf, it is a wing.

I'm gonna start with the wing that sits in the background.

So, I'm using that little guide

to get my edges.

And it doesn't matter if this goes over that line

because we're gonna put another wing, sitting over the top of this.

And I want to create a bit of like an ombre.

Kind of like we have with the background with the gel polish.

So, I'm going to layer my colours,

making sure I fade each layer over the previous colour.

If that makes sense.

Gonna add a little bit of the gold with a bit of the shimmer and I'm just gonna take it all the way over,

just to add shimmer to the whole nail. Nail? It's not a nail.

Oh my God. I've totally not turned my notifications off. My bad. I will turn it on silent a minute.

Yeah, so I wanna take that shimmer and just add it over that entire section

because do you know that butterflies have shimmery glitter.

Don't they? All of them.

You can do this directly onto the nail, but we want to make this even more 3D,

so that's why we're doing it onto the Backing Paper first, and then we're gonna transfer it onto the actual nail.

So now, for the larger...

wings, just come around here like this. You need a tiny bit more of that yellow here.

Please remember, I'm not doing an exact replica of the monarch butterfly, I am using it as inspiration.

Adam: Covering your back there. Kirsty: Well, I'm not. I mean, I can sit and make it perfect, but we will be here all day.

Adam: And you're not David Attenborough, are you? Or is it Richard Attenborough? David Attenborough?

Adam: He's the animal man. Kirsty: Animal man.

Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Yeah, I'm not. Not him.

Kirsty: Alright! So, then we're gonna go with that same colour. I'm gonna use a bigger brush now.

Adam: Lots of people ask about the sizes of brushes.

Kirsty: Yeah! Well, you wanna do it like a size 2 or 4 for a 3D brush.

Your acrylic brush, you want it sort of like an 8, 10 or 12 depending on how fast you are working

because if you fast, then you could pick up a bigger bead and you can work it better.

So, I'm gonna do the edges of this part.

Drag it down.

We want this to be more raised, so more 3-dimensional.

So, we want to press that acrylic and bring it over onto that other wing that we've created.

You want a nice clean edge.

We want to see the separation between each of those wings.

Notice I've gone thinner as I've got towards the centre,

and that's because of the other colours that we're gonna put on.

So, I'm just gonna feather this

just create that bit of an ombre.

Then you wanna keep it nice and flat.

Now, we're gonna go into this yellow.

Feather that.

Take a little bit of this. Put a little bit more of this orange up here.

Then I'm gonna add a little bit of the Soft Lemon.

Then again, we're gonna get the Honey, that Honey colour

and we're gonna just put all that glitter over the top, nice and thin.

Then we're gonna do the next part of this wing in a very similar way.

But we're not gonna overlap.

All we're doing is making sure there's a separation.

So, here you just wanna see where they meet. You don't want to create like a lip or anything like that.

You don't want a gap because obviously, when we take this off the Backing Paper,

then you'll have a problem.

I'm gonna press the edge just to create a little bit of like a frilly edge.


Nice and frilly.

And we're gonna add the other colours to give it a bit of an ombre.

Oh, it's taking shape!

We're gonna use Brisbane Bronze.

So, we're gonna use this for the body.

Make sure you make good connection between the body and the leaves, as they will separate when you pull it off.

I always think that butterfly bodies are like these long thin things, but this one really isn't.

It's's a bit short, and stumpy.

And If I'm honest, it might have been Christmas time or something.

He's had too many mince pies.

I'm gonna use a little bit of this to add a bit of shading.

So, the Brisbane colour, it's gonna add that shadow

that you would get between those wings.

Gonna use it really wet.

Gonna add a little bit through here too.

And we're just gonna add a little bit around the tips of these wings.

And you can see that it starts to make it a little bit more realistic.

So, I've just dropped a little bit on each of those

little frills that we made.

We're just enhancing those.

Now, you want to make sure that's completely set before you do anything else with it.

Right! So, what I'm gonna do now is use some black acrylic paint.

I'll just tear that off.

Ooh, can I have some water please sir? Thank you.

I call him 'sir' when I want something done.

Adam: I'd remember that.

Kirsty: God damn it. I didn't think he could hear me.

Thank you, sir!

Right! So, a little bit of Backing Paper.

I'm gonna put a little bit of Black Polycolour paint.

Right! So, we're gonna add a little bit of water to it

and what will happen is, when I paint onto my little butterfly,

the paint will absorb into the acrylic. And we're just gonna add some detail to this down.

So, that's why you need it quite wet because it's gonna really absorb into the acrylic.

So, I'm going around the edges first.

And I'm gonna come through the middle,

of this wing and right around the edges of these little frills.

So, I've done like a bit of, like a love heart into this shape.

Just come around the outside and then, I'm gonna pull from the outside,

and it creates these little like loops.

That's all I want to do at the moment.

What I want to make sure now is that I have no hard square lines.

So, from each of these little frills loops that we've kind of done here,

I'm gonna pull from the centre

and then pull down to that middle point.

Alright! So, now we're gonna add some little white dots, just quite random.

Random into those little sections that we did.

And then not forgetting about his body, which is very spotty.

I'm just gonna add a black line here just to make its body stand out a little bit more.

Alright! So, what we're gonna do is use acrylic on this side, especially where this joint is, from here to here,

we're going to pad it out, pop it onto the nail.

So, I'm gonna use Clear acrylic.

Make sure it's not that joined,

you don't want it too wet.

Place it on,

add a bit of pressure.

You're gonna clean up any of that acrylic that squishes out.

Then I'm gonna make sure I've padded out the back.

They're all the places that nobody will see.

Pat that out.

I'm gonna sweep it up the back of the wing, that'll reinforce it as well.

Now, you know Fay's gonna want one of these nails, isn't she?

You know, the most impractical thing she always want.

I'm just adding a bit underneath here as well.

Adam: Remember the leaf nail? Kirsty: Mm-hmm!

Adam: She managed with that. Kirsty: She did. She'd be like, "How is much is that? I'd be fine with that. Get me a ** like that on my nail."

Kirsty: Now, the only thing I feel this nail needs...

Adam: Don't say it. Kirsty: a bit of bling.

Adam: Ah, no! How? Kirsty: And as if by magic, we're gonna put bling on.

Kirsty: Ugh! Looks like it could fly with all its diamonds.

I was gonna put diamonds on, you know, the crystals and stuff, on the actual butterfly,

but Adam told me I was going a bit far.

He's like, "Calm down now, Kirst."

What do we think? Oh oh!

I haven't done it's antenna and eyes and I haven't done it's legs because we'd be here all week.

And if I did them and I rolled them out of acrylic, they wouldn't last five seconds.

And this would last.

How long? I don't know but it would last.

Kirsty: Fay would wear that. Totally! Adam: Mmm!

Kirsty: She would wear that. I'm quite tempted wearing it myself. Not for football though.

There you are, guys! I hope you've enjoyed this video. Don't forget everything I've used today will be listed below

and check us out on Facebook and Instagram. My Snapchat is KirstyNails, if you want to Snapchat me,

and I'll try to get back to you.

So, see you in the next video, please keep watching. Bye-bye!

[Kirsty singing]

Adam: I'm just like doing a recipe in my head there. So, you've got Caribbean Sunsplash soup

Adam: ...with carrot and pumpkin with lemon and honey. Kirsty: Yes!

Kirsty: Totally! Adam: It is. You've made a meal there.

Kirsty: I'm salivating at the thought of that.

Fly way like a butterfly, fly!

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