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Is Indian street food just as good at home as it is outside? Well, today we're going to find out,

because we're trying all kinds of Indian street foods from all over India. Hi, my name is Ivana

and I live in Bangalore. You guys voted a massive thumbs up on the previous Indian street food video.

So today we are in heaven, because I'm going to try at least eight different Indian street foods

at home, from all across India. Without further ado let's eat! Especially a masala dosa cannot be

eaten cold. It also can't be reheated, because it just won't taste good. A masala dosa is a pancake,

very thin made from a fermented rice flour batter. And then I got a masala, which is basically like a

spicy potato mash on the inside. On the side there is a sambar, which is a tomato sauce, or tomato

soup actually, because it's quite watery. And then there is a coconut chutney. This is the classic

combination. It's honestly quite a shame that living in South India I can't even remember when

was the last time that I had a masala dosa, or idli vada for that matter. Let's just set that straight.

An ideal masala dosa has a crunchy outside for me, and quite a soft inside. This one

seems to have the right thinness/thickness, and then the masala also looks really good.

I love living in South India because you can get a great masala dosa, on basically every street corner.

This one is amazing! Even though it has cooled down a little bit, so the crunchiness

is not really there. But I'm quite sure if this one was super super fresh from the street, it would

have been just perfect. The masala is so mild. it's usually not too spicy. Probably a lot of people

are very offended why I'm not dipping it in the sambar and the chutney, which I'm doing right now.

First the sambar and then the coconut chutney. Oh

okay, so this coconut chutney seems... No where's my masala going? This coconut chutney seems

a little bit more watery, which is usually the case with street stalls, but it's okay

because usually they still have quite a lot of flavor. Okay I'm making a super mess of this.

That sambar is amazing! I love South Indian sambar,

particularly the one that we have in Bangalore is really really good. I actually instantly want

to finish this masala dosa, because it's so good. But I don't have too much time because

the other foods are also still hot, and I want to try everything while it's still hot. So

for now this is my last bite. Really good masala dosa! Yeah you can definitely order a good masala

dosa at home here in Bangalore. In the last Indian street food video where I made the claim that

pani puri is literally the best Indian street food ever, all across India, some people claimed that; no

it's actually litti chokha. Today we're going to find out! The battle of the Indian street foods. But I

will save that one for later, because over here I have paneer momo's. Yes that's right! They're a

little bit squished. They're a little bit cold, oh they're okay actually. I'm just happy that I found

paneer momo's, because they are not too common. Veg momo's yes. Steamed momo's yes. But veg steamed paneer

momos no. And over here I have the chutney. So let's dip that in there. Paneer momo's at home.

Chutney is really good. There is paneer in there, with some veggies and some ginger.

The chutney actually has peanuts, so next to being spicy, and nice, and fresh, there's also a peanut,

nutty, flavor about it. It complements the momo really, really well. I feel like I should have

another momo. Mostly because I haven't had momo's in the longest of time as well.

This is good to satisfy the craving, but yeah no fresh momo's in the streets are always best.

By the way, I think from what I've tasted here in India that you can find the best momo's either

Ladakh or in Delhi. Delhi also has really, really good momo's, but originally it's a himalayan food.

What should we move into next? I think idli/vada, because that's also not too good if it gets really,

really cold. For that I will again need the sambar and the coconut chutney, because idli and vada is

also eaten with sambar and coconut chutney. It's a very classic South Indian combination, and I'm

so grateful to be living in Bangalore where we get some of the best, at least in the country.

So idli is a steamed, again fermented rice batter, uh cake. When it's made really, really

good it's super soft and fluffy on the inside. It looks like this one is really, really good.

And then you dip it in the sambar, and you dip it in the coconut chutney, and take a big bite.

Now let's move into the vada. A vada is a fried savory donut, I'm guessing it's made from urad

dal. So the yellow dal flour, and then there are some spices and chilies mixed into it.

Dip a piece of it in a coconut chutney. Oh yeah,

vada is actually a lot more dense than an idli. But I think that's why it's also a good combination. um

I need another bite of this.

Cheers! The more I eat it, the more I appreciate vadas. They soak up all the sambar, they soak up the

coconut chutney, so tasty! Now the paratha. I can easily heat it up in the air fryer. So that's

what I've done. Paratha is actually uh Indian breakfast food, but I very often have had it for

dinner as well. The paranthe wali gulli in Delhi is actually quite famous for their parathas. I

don't necessarily think they have the best ones, they have really really good ones, but

usually a paratha, the best parathas can be found in North India. It's more of a North Indian food.

Now what is a parantha or paratha? In case you have never heard of it. Well actually it's a wheat dough,

which is then rolled out as a pancake, and it's filled with different kinds of fillings. So you can

have a paneer paratha, you can have an aloo paratha, so potato paratha, which is the most common one. I

would say then, you also can have gobi paratha, so cauliflower filled paratha. So good! I don't like

gobi or cauliflower particularly, but in paratha oh my gosh! It just becomes next level. I think

for today I ordered a paneer paratha, but I'm not sure. It could have been a gobi paratha as well, but

we'll see when I break it open. The paratha is hot and crunchy again. Oh yeah! Normally you would eat

paratha with butter, but because I don't have that right now, let me just have the paratha on its own.

Soul and comfort food, I swear! Oh I have green chutney. Not sure what kind of green chutney this

is. Usually it's a mint chutney. Whoa, that's a damn good green chutney! I need another bite of that.

Whoa that's a good green chutney. It's a little bit on the sweeter side, it is a mint chutney.

Good. Very satisfying. Moving on, and this is something that I've been looking forward to.

I don't eat vada pav a lot, but when I do, I really, really enjoy it. Vada pav, as you can see

is a soft white bun with a potato filled, what is it, like patty in there. But it's actually more of

a ball. There's also some powder at the bottom. I'm guessing, it's some kind of gun powder, and then you

eat it with a green chutney, and probably also some onions, and stuff. The best vada pav can be found

in Mumbai. It's a traditional Mumbaiker food, and Mumbaikers are really, really proud of this.

I personally do prefer pav bhaji as a Mumbaiker food, over vada pav, but yeah who's gonna resist a

good vada pav. I'll take a bite first and then I'll put chutney on top. Ah, oh do you hear that crunch?

That's the most satisfying thing about a vada pav. You have this softly toasted white bun, which is

still soft on the inside, and then you have this crunchy potato spicy patty. I got myself

a spoon, so I can add some of the green chutney. Oh that looks so good! I don't know, do you guys

dip vada pav if you eat it, a lot in the chutney? This is a very typical

snack that you would just grab on the go, when you are feeling a little bit hungry,

but not like completely ready for dinner. Or with shaam ka naashtha, so with afternoon chai.

That mint chutney might be the best mint chutney I've had! So freaking good. Vada pav at home, even

in Bangalore, pretty good choice! Now I'm gonna finish this later, but it is time for le

moment supreme. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to heat this up, but I'm gonna do it. Just to be sure

I have mango kulfi to finish this whole Indian street food meal off. But litti chokha is something

that I've never had in my life. In all my travels in India, I've never really come across it. Or maybe,

to be honest, I was just so intimidated and didn't know how to eat it. So I maybe have just ignored

it. But if people say it's better than pani puri of course I have to try it. Saying that litti chokha is

the best Indian street food, all across India, and better than pani puri, is a bold statement. I like

it! But it doesn't mean it's true. So let's try it out. Litti chokha is apparently a wheat dough ball,

which is filled with sattu, a gram flour or chickpea flour filling. Then you eat it with obviously

a lot of onions, chutney, and a mixture of roasted eggplant and potato. It's kind of like a puree. What

do you guys think? Is litti chokha actually better than pani puri? And what according to you is the

best Indian street food ever? Let me know, down in the comments below? Okay we got the onions on the

plate, I cut the litti in half, because I thought that would be easier to eat, and then I think

I'm going to just put the put this mixture, the eggplant and potato mixture on top of the litti.

I don't think you're supposed to eat it like that, but I think this is easier for now. Okay maybe not.

Okay literally googling 'how to eat litti chokha', because I've never had it in my life. Hey

Priyanka! Priyanka is going to show me. Okay Priyanka, show me how to eat litti chokha. Okay.

Hi guys, yeah so is a Bihari street food apparently, very famous. In case

you don't know Priyanka's channel, she's like a Indian food guruji. Wow

I'm so happy I have it here. Okay so just dip it I guess, and uh let's do this. Thank you Priyanka!

I've heated up the mash, but it's still quite dense I have to say, and let's dip it in chutney as well.

Okay let's eat litti chokha! Better than pani puri? Are you sure?

I don't think I'm eating the right version. First of all, the one that Priyanka had in the video

looked way, way tastier. This litti is very, very, very dry. Even when I add the chutney, it's so dry.

But I'm gonna try another bite. Add some onions in there, add more of that paste, let's try this again!

I think this is one of those street foods, those Indian street foods, that you really have to eat

fresh in the street. I don't think this dish that I ordered does it, like too much justice. I think it's

also missing desi ghee (clarified butter), which would make the inside a lot less dry. But right now, it's a very, very, dry

dough ball. No man I'm really, really, sorry. I was super, super excited to try this. Because I mean,

better than pain puri? That's a big promise to me. I don't think this is a reason to be sad.

I actually think it's amazing to have something to look forward to, after all the lockdowns, and

I will try and find the litti chokha at least in Delhi, and hopefully, maybe we will go to Bihar. Right now,

I have one more surprise Indian street food for you, and it's something that I know is good 9 out

of 10 times. Whether you eat it in the streets, or at home. It's a mango kulfi, because right now it's

mango season, and mango kulfi oh you can hear it already, I'm so drooling! Basically kulfi is Indian

ice cream. It's incredibly creamy, and when you have it in mango season, the mango kulfi oh my god. Oh

so creamy. It's almost like I'm eating mangoes and cream.

So good! Before I get into the full review do yourself a favor put a thumbs up if you enjoy

Indian street food videos on my channel. Because that lets me know that you guys

want to see more of these kind of videos. And also you can comment your favorite

Indian street food that I should try next, if I decide to make another episode. If you guys like it,

obviously I will make more of these kind of videos. Now let's get into the full review.

I think I really need to try lit chokha fresh on the Indian streets, because I don't think this is

what it's supposed to be from what I've also seen online. All the other foods were really super yum.

With I think the masala dosa being my favorite, together with the vada. Yeah and actually also

the momo's and the paratha. Okay those I think, those were my four favorite ones.

So freaking good! If you want to see more of my videos consider subscribing and joining 228

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