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Hello, Folks! Welcome to my ranch.

Today I'm making my favorite dish for almuerzo, or brunch, for you.

I've been eating it since I was little.

Now when I make it I think back

and remember my siblings

and that's why it's even more delicious when I make it now.

I'm also making a water-based chocolate to drink with this mid-morning breakfast.

I have five red tomatoes, a sprig of cilantro,

half an onion, and five eggs.

For the chocolate I have a chocolate tablet,

a stick of cinnamon, and sugar.

Time to get started!

I'm going to heat a pan

and add a little oil.

I'm going to let it get hot, really hot,

and then add the tomatoes.

I'm going to chop the tomatoes

and then brown them.

Now the onion, in slices.

And I almost forgot to add one serrano pepper

I like to add serrano pepper

to give it even more flavor.

And now chopping the cilantro.

The pan is really hot now, so I'm going to add it in.

I like to...

I like to add plenty of onions

and cilantro to make it even more delicious.

It gives it a very good flavor.

Now I add some salt...

...and let it reach a boil and cook it well

because I'm going to add the eggs in here.

I like to mash it very well with the spoon

to make the tomatoes release their juice

and give it even more flavor.

In another pan I add some oil

to cook the eggs. I'm going to fry them here.

I'm going to start...

...frying them.

The way I like them

is fried very well on both sides.

I don't like them runny.

But if you like them runny

you can cook them that way.

I like them fried on both sides.

They taste delicious that way.

As you know, generally speaking,

ranch-style food is delicious.

Around here we eat the simplest of ways

but it's really delicious.

Just by watching you can cook it.

Everything tastes delicious.

I like to make these kind of almuerzos

because... I've always liked them and...

...we all like them, so I make it for them at brunch.

I make some chocolate to go with

and there's your tasty brunch.

Look! This egg is done.

I'm letting it drain

and then put it in the sauce.

Time for the next one.

And continue cooking the eggs, nice and fried,

and then add them to the tomato sauce

to give them a good flavor while it boils.

The eggs take on a very good flavor

in the tomato sauce.

Make some and you'll see.

They're great for brunch, you'll like them.

Especially with a hot cup of chocolate.

Look, they're done!

They look delicious!

Look, really tasty.

This is my brunch.

You can tell they're delicious.

In plenty of tomato.

Really tasty.

And over here I have some water

for the chocolate.

It's filled to around this level

and it's almost to a boil.

I'm going to add the chocolate tablet

and bring it to a boil

and it will be great for brunch.

I'm adding a cinnamon stick

but not a lot, just a little

to add some flavor.

It gives it a really good flavor

And makes the chocolate tastier.

I'm using a molinillo whisk to break up the chocolate

The chocolate is ready, it's really boiling now.

I'm only adding two spoonfuls of sugar

because the chocolate it's already sweet

and it could end up overly sweet. I don't like it so sweet.

Well, my meal is ready

so it's time to make some tortillas for my brunch.

I'm pouring myself a cup of chocolate

to let it cool down some

while I serve myself a plate

to have my brunch.

Just look at how delicious it looks!

I'll try it as soon as the chocolate cools down some more.

It's time to try it and see how it turned out.

It's quite delicious!

I hope it can become your favorite meal for brunch

along with some chocolate.

Mmm! It's really tasty!

It was my pleasure to make it - From My Ranch to Your Kitchen!

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