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news friends at the moment my name it is to taste it is great it is I give you the most

cordial welcome to this your channel subscribe please I bring you the 8

news that changed the world of Mexico the face of Mexico day in day

Today is Friday, March 10, 2017 and I'll bring you a selection of eight

notes that I hope you like stay with me I'll give you the headlines and

then we go quickly to the notes the first note look no further than

what is it about deputies approve a law that allows to privatize and market

our forests and our forests as to give the coup de grace to our

country really good the second note and it It's about playing playing caused controversy

by naming three books that marked his I'll tell you what those three are

books that marked the life of the true until it seems joke in the third

today's note is industry sugar company asks to block the

corn syrup that comes united states and the fourth note is less

migrants cross to the us and the coyotes raise the rate the fifth note

today is because whatsapp will implement advertising in your application

is the sixth note is the chancellor Mexican on immigration policies

from the USA the decision of who enters Mexico the

take mexico Andele the sep the seventh note of which

let's talk today is there will be what to think about ordering men

married as priests says dad francisco and finally the eighth note is

with you law of jiutepec a lady that is parked in a prohibited place

the policeman kindly asks him to retire arm themselves a tremendous scandal

accompany us all the video please deputies of the pri of bread can not be

otherwise the green party ecologist those who love the ecology

the fish and the honeycomb passed a law that allows marketing and

privatization of forests and jungles animal and vegetable waters see nothing more

How cool of deputies we have of I would really love for you to see the sign

what am I doing to you at this moment is the law of forest development

sustainable that raises that the forest ecosystems are sources of

economic income and have capacity productive the new norm should still

be analyzed and discussed in the Senate I would love that the deputies some

to bring a law that would allow privatize their mothers could

make the most of the new law general forest development

sustainable project approved in the deputies on March 7 by the majority

of the green party bread pri ecologist of mexico the fish and the honeycomb

opens the private initiative to the exploitation of forests and jungles in the

country through figures such as plantations commercial forestry and even the

called associated resources according to opinion objected by the perredé the

movement citizen and brunette the Associated resources are the species

wild animals and vegetables as well as the water that coexists in relation to the

interdependence with resources forestry

the legislation justifies that it is about achieve forest development

sustainable and considers this an area priority of national development by

Both will have that character public or private activities that

relate the policy in matter should promote the generation of added value

also raises that the uses of forest ecosystems

permanent sources of income and improve the living conditions for their

owners or owners generating a Sufficient supply for social demand

industry and export as well as that the capacity be strengthened

productive ecosystem the mayor with a license from san blas assured that

little is missing to get the total signatures required for your candidacy

wants to be governor got in jams to hilario ramírez the famous the

gene when asked what are the three books that marked his life although the

question could be simple for someone who seeks to govern thousands of

inhabitants that question we already saw it some years with our president and

that's why I should get a level high academic aspires

when governing the hopeful forgiveness to govern nayarit caused controversy and ridicule

because he responded with a phrase that nothing had to do with what was

asked the mayor with a license san blas known for declaring that robbery

little was in compostela gathering signatures to prove your

independent candidacy when a related express question said that the

books that marked his life were that All of us do well, I do not know how to steal and

have common sense the answers quickly generated

controversy in social networks the gent He assured that he has little to get

the total number of signatures required for your candidacy and the request of the

sugar industry in mexico emerges as a retaliation in the dispute over

access to the US market the syrup block could affect

processors of usa industry Mexican sugar found

engaged in a dispute over access to the American market he said that

demand your government block the imports of corn syrup high in

fruitful that come from the USA retaliation for not being able to sell the north

north of the border the suggestion made on Wednesday by Juan Cortina

president of the national chamber of the Mexico's sugar industry comes in

the middle of a dispute more and more complicated between the two countries by the

sweetener and in a moment of growing political tensions for

President's comments on trade and the future of the treaty of

free trade with north america the the tension on sugar is

goes back years and is derived from the protection enjoyed by the

US producers in the form of import quota

Mexico recently canceled the Permits to export to the United States

a measure that curtain said it was adopted after the two parties

they did not reach an agreement on how interpret a trade agreement tic

sister drags the corn syrup dispute could affect the

American processors like cargill

from Milan two of the biggest suppliers in recent years mexico and all

USA up to 1.6 million tons mexican corn syrup a year

ingredient is used a lot for produce soft drinks

a spokesman for kargil did not respond immediately

requests for comments and in addition repeated the questions to the association of

corn refiners we're not interested in exchanging threats or

speculate about negative scenarios said the association by mail

electronic is in the best interest of both countries that the parties meet

fully with its obligations commercials that's our focus on a

40 percent fell arrests and the income of undocumented immigrants

for the United States border with mexico in the last two months

situation in which the secretary of American national security john

Kelly attributes to policies migratory of the president donato

usually the arrests of clandestine immigrants

customs and protection services border crossings increase between 10 and 20

hundred or so every year between January and February however according to the east

year to arrests have fallen 31 thousand 578 to 18 thousand 762 that is to say 40%

this would be the biggest decline in last five years declared Kelly who

He added that the coyotes now they charge more to the undocumented for

cross the border according to official since November 2016

the rates went up from 3500 to 8000 dollars in certain mountainous areas a

130 percent hike in the so-called border project '2017 three photographers of

the afp agency toured the most of 3,100 kilometers from the border and

they verified the reality that is lived in the edge warn the fear that

the drug cartels wake up in the Mexican side and a disturbing calm

on the American side the more difficult on the Mexican side is the

security the drug cartels they control most of the area and

some territories are very disputed they have eyes and ears everywhere

indicate while in US territory

advocacy groups of immigrants and officials warn that the

tricksters are feasting with the fear of immigrants from

unscrupulous lawyers who charge thousands of dollars for processing a permit

residence or a work visa that they will never see materialized until

scammers who charge for documents that are available for free online

going through people who claim to be immigration officials whatsapp the

instant messaging application used in the world

new news for users though not as good as those that had been

announcing recently for the moment whatsapp is studying and

verifying new methods of monetization to implement advertising

on the platform of all users the main idea is that brands

can send messages to users but there is a risk that you can

be interpreted as spam at first instance we must remember that whatsapp

is owned by facebook so the social network is testing a new

system that will allow companies directly contact the members of

instant messaging so far the application does not have a new model

of business proportional to the quirky user base that has

but the lack of publicity could change very soon

in this way airlines banks restaurants and so on will have the

possibility of reporting on their services to users or just

offers an enriched experience of the services to that user that already

have contracted with the company in question also the advertising is

based on algorithms and user preferences is to say according to

the searches made previously brands send advertising that could

be of interest to the individual something that we see current

on facebook ads based on our likes and preferences in a brief

visit to washington luis videgaray ratified its rejection of the proposal of the

donato government to expel mexico immigrants arrested at the border

South of the USA Mexican chancellor Luis videgaray

He expressed to several officials of the house Your serious concern about the

possible adoption of a policy for separate captured families that

they try to cross the border illegally He also assured that he will not accept the

proposed by the government of donald trump to send mexico to

Immigrants detained on the southern border with us the decision of who enters

Mexico takes them to Mexico and only Mexico sentenced videgaray on a wheel

of press offered at the embassy Mexican in Washington to be in a

brief visit to the American capital the Mexican chancellor met with

several advisers to the president of the us donato and ratified his opposition to the

policy that evaluates the department of hc national security for

expel immigrants from Mexico undocumented of any nationality

who transmit their asylum requests from Mexican territory at the meeting

came to me and he also expressed his grave concern about the possible policy

announced by him from the USA to separate families

Mexican many members of the church believe that in the absence of pastors in

many countries will have to open a new way together with the priests who

they vow celibacy in their ordination recommends ordering biris probati

married men who have time to cause of their retirement and that they can

demonstrate a lasting commitment dad Francisco considered an interview with

the German newspaper 16 published on Thursday what would you think about the

possibility of ordering the viri probati men married above all

retired people very involved in the church we must also determine what would be

its functions for example in localities remote detailed dad francisco

concentrating a little more the project that it has been evoking many years

members of the church believe that before the lack of pastors in many countries

would have to open a new way together with the priests who vow the

celibacy in your ordination recommends order the videos and try men

married who have time because of their retirement and can demonstrate a

lasting commitment to the church and for last as I said we have here

to lady jiutepec a lady who park in an exclusive place to

people with disabilities probably she also suffers from a disability

mental disability probably a transit official are kindly

recording a video and he says this lady this station the transit officer with

all the respect of the world as few Sometimes we see it with cops in Mexico

about approaches the lady goes walking looking for the owner of the

vehicle that as I was saying is a lady leaves the lady and says is that I'm going

to make a payment the officer says so this please move your truck

let's leave the full video so that Lave an awareness campaign

to invite citizens not to park in the exclusive places to

people with disabilities different

Article 43 fraction of the cb portion quintás says that the access ramps

for the disabled they should remain free of vehicles and objects

so they can do their maneuvers of ascent and descent do

the places like in this case to the municipal presidency let's see

it's your excuse the truck

a forbidden place

the lady of article 43 expression that it is said that they must remain free

the accesses and the exclusive places for people with different abilities

please tell him an official plaque

you can not remove the plate

I'm not leaving


with love

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this is news friends at the moment these were the eight notes that

they changed the face of mexico the face of the world today my name is a

taste is great this news to moment subscribe that I see you in the

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