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Today, I'm driving the savior

of a car manufacturer

an English sports car manufacturer

called Lotus

and this Elise has saved them from the abyss

it's the embodiment of the concept

of the basic lightweight sports car

not adding more weight than necessary

they started with the Lotus Elise series 1

and it was an instant success

when sales started in 1995

people were very interested

it became the ultimate track day toy

but most successes don't last

this one didn't either

because in 2000

because of European legislation

they weren't allowed to build it anymore

it was deemed unsafe

and although it had been a success

at least for the scale on which Lotus can produce

they weren't able to deal with that blow

they didn't have the resources

to build a new one

and so the little one went

to the big brother for help

and they got it

GM offered to co-develop the new platform

but there was a catch

they also had to build the Opel Speedster

and the similarities between the two

are quite obvious

today, we have the purist version

the basic 1.6 in Club Racer trim

what does that mean?

well most unnecessary things are left out

like isolation, floor mats, you name it

this adds up to a weight reduction of 25 kg

and the nice thing about this engine

i mean it's not a lot 136 hp

it's a 1.6 from Toyota

and you really have to rev it

to get the 136 hp out of it

but that is what's fun about it

you have to work for it

change gears a lot

rev the little engine

and this specific car has another feature

it has the optional "speed pack"

which means you get a different exhaust

and a different intake

which also boosts power with 7 HP

but it's mainly the sound that improves

because other people who drove the CR

other journalists

complained about the fact

that you couldn't really hear it

but this one does not suffer from that

it sounds fantastic!

and the throttle response is also great

from the outside

when I hear Max driving past me

it almost sounds like

and this might sound a little weird

like a small Ferrari 458

I know it's weird from a 1.6

but pay close attention

it seems that the speed pack

is an essential package

which you really should have

and of course the Club Racer pack

which against the trend

you don't have to pay for weight reduction

which you do with Porsche, Ferrari

and Lamborghini

you always have to pay extra

if you want the lightest version

but with this one you get a 3K discount

the steering feel also is extraordinary

Biggest clich: handles like a kart

but it really does

and then this specific one

with that beautiful grey paintjob

and 17" black wheels

it looks fantastic

you often see a blue or yellow Lotus

which is fun as track toy

but I think it looks a bit cheap

and in this color

it becomes more of a real car

I have rarely

or actually never

seen a Lotus this beautiful

and other people feel the same way

because they keep asking us

where do you buy something like this?

where is the Lotus dealership?

well, we didn't get this one from Lotus

but from our friends at

I think it's clear that

they have some pretty cool cars

with interesting prices

you can also get the Elise with more power

with a supercharger you can have 220 hp

and of course the coupe version the Exige

which you can have with a V6

but this is the one with which Lotus scored

simple and cheap parts

combine those parts to build a fun car

because it has been a while

since I've used all gears on this road

and used all of the power

without thinking

I'm about to lose my license

because this is what the car does to you

find a great road

smile on your face

on a day like this with the roof off


what a car

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