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Do you love Benjie?

Of course. I wouldn't act this way if I didn't love him.

In that case, why don't you fight for him?

If you're a good person, and a respectable woman,

you wouldn't steal my daughter's boyfriend.

You won't befriend her only to stab her from behind.

Benjie only courted Sinag

because he wanted to get their land.

And this girl believed him, because she's stupid.

I'm the mother of the woman you insulted earlier.

Oh, so you're the mother of the snake woman.

My daughter did nothing wrong.

It just so happened that you have malicious minds!

You and your daughter are really so cheap.

Cheap huh? Cheap?

I'll talk to Trish,

and explain to her you didn't do anything wrong.

Now, I know there's no reason to be jealous of Sunshine.

You just lied to her before,

and you were never a couple, right?

Sunshine, I forgive you.

Thank you so much, Trish.

That's what you think, Sinag.

She made me look like a fool, so I'll give her back the favor.

Here's the account number of Benjie.

How can I be sure I'll get projects from you?

Once Benjie loses his projects, I'll take control of them.

And I assure you, I'll favor you over the others.

- Are you okay? - I'm fine.

Sorry, there was a cockroach. I'm really scared of them.

The product intrusion for your program tomorrow

has been approved.

- Really, Miss Trish? - Yes.

Just incorporate your personality

because the client loves your personal touch.

Sure, Miss Trish. Thank you so much.

Remember, my loyal listeners,

our piece of good vibes for the day,

don't be sad if your love life is a mess!

Right? Stay positive! And speaking of positivity,

for more good vibes, here we have Sunny Happy Cologne!

You both conceptualized this ad?

Yes. We made this together.

That's why I want you to see it. I'm proud of this project.

I hope Sunshine delivers it well. I'm sure she will.

- She's very talented. - This segment is brought to you

by Sunny Happy Cologne.

This summer there's no need for you

to smell like the sun everyday!

Because Sunny Happy Cologne is here

to make sure you smell like the sun forever!

Sunny equals the stench of summer!

- What's this? - Oh, my god. What's she saying?

Is she joking? Because it's not funny.

I think the script meant...

that Sunny Happy Cologne is...

is for good...

Oh, god! I hate cockroaches!

Sunshine, are you okay?

Trish, do I look like I'm okay?

There are lots of cockroaches inside!

Mr. Vera will surely kill me.

How did that happen?

Why did you read a different script?

Sir, I don't know as well.

But I made sure that last night, the right script was on my desk.

Sunshine is right. I even asked her about it yesterday.

If the right script was on your desk

that disaster would not have happened.

You should have double checked it.

You were careless!

And you made another embarrassment!

Why were you screaming on air?

Are you on drugs?

Sir, please.

When I opened my drawer, there were roaches inside of it.

How did those roaches get there?

I have no idea, Sir.

You keep on giving me the same excuse!

- My goodness! - I'll just talk to the client.

I'll explain to them what happened.

No need to!

Mr. Javier called me already.

They pulled out their campaign from our station.

Sorry, Sir. I'm really sorry.

I hope your apology can pay for the money we lost.

It's okay. Don't blame yourself.

Everything will be okay soon.

Here. Eat some more bread.

- Forget about what happened. - Sinag,

don't worry too much about the incident earlier.

Sinag, there's a new meme about Sunny Happy Cologne.

I really feel sorry for Sunny Happy Cologne.

There you go again. Keep that away, Sol.

Stop showing that to Sinag.

It's making her even more depressed.

I'm okay, Mom.

I just feel sad because

the station lost a lot of money because of my mistake.

Sinag, stop thinking about it.

You'll get back on your feet.

Everyone believes in you, especially me.

All right. Tala, Sol, come on. Let's go to bed.

- Okay, Mom. - Goodbye.

- Good night, Ma'am Sally. - Good night.

Good night.

You know,

I still wonder how those roaches got inside your drawer.

Come on, Ninay.

Actually, I was just thinking,

although this is just a possibility,

what if Trish is trying to ruin you?

- Ninay, please. - Trish?

No. They're friends again.

Stop making an issue out of this, Ninay.

Badong's right. Trish would never do that to me.

And I'm not the only one who was blamed.

She got blamed, too.

Everyone in the office was made accountable.

That was just my opinion. And I'm just asking.

What if?

That was great thinking.

You really got your genes from me.

Like I told you, Mom, I'm going to play with her.

And actually, it's really fun!

I'm not only getting my revenge, Sinag's giving me entertainment.

But still, don't get too carried away with that revenge.

You promised me clients so my business will prosper.

Mom, don't worry.

I'll take care of you.

- Really? - Yes.

But in the meantime, let me have some more fun with Sinag.

- Fine. Fine. - And besides,

I'm readying a surprise for Sinag.

How evil. Just don't forget my request, okay?

I'm glad to know that

your relationship with Trish is getting better.

Yes, Mom. Everything's okay.

That's right, my Son.

Just make up for all your mistakes before, okay?

Mom, I changed a lot ever since Trish became my girlfriend.

I'm a good boy now.

It's nice to know you and Trish have patched things up

despite everything you both went through.

I've long forgotten what Trish did to me before.

I know she regrets cheating on me.

And besides, we were still kids back then.

If there's one thing I've learned,

it's that there are things we do

that hurt others even if we don't mean them.

There are things we regret so much,

but we can actually apologize for.

And most important of all,

we can learn to forgive ourselves.

Nevertheless, at least now,

you're not that affected by Sinag anymore.

Because you've moved on, right?

Sinag again?

Why are we talking about her all so sudden?

But, Son, are you sure you've moved on from her?

A little perhaps.

But I've talked to Sinag, we settled our issues.

We're really just friends, Mom. That's all. No more, no less.

I really want to build Tierra Alta.

And I need someone who'll back me up.

Someone like you.

So how are you and Badong?

We're okay.

He's a good boyfriend.

He's nice, thoughtful, and fun to be with.

Why are you asking?


I just thought, doesn't he get jealous of Benj?

I mean have you ever tried comparing them?

They are really two different people.

And I always assure Badong that I really love him.

Okay. In that case, let's have double date.

Benjie and I and you and Badong.

Is that necessary?

Of course. It will erase rumors about you and Benj.

And I'm sure, this will help Badong, too.

So what do you think?

Should I arrange the date now?

Okay, Miss Trish.

I'm really excited.

Well, what do you think?

It's clear that Benjie didn't take the bribe.

But we didn't hear what they were talking about.

Benjie could've refused the offer

but he could have refused

because he wanted a bigger amount.

Catalina, why would you think that way?

Mom, let's face it. Benjie is still relatively a stranger.

I know he's a good architect.

But it's possible that

he has vice that's why he took the money.

I don't know.

I'm just worried. How about you, Dad?

What do you think?

Well, you have a point there.

I suppose there's nothing if we do an investigation.

I want you to look into this.

That way, no one else will know about this yet.

I want to make this private.

- Yeah. - While we're still not sure,

and haven't proven anything yet.

Okay, Dad.

Are you sure this is okay with you?

Of course.

Like Trish said,

this will actually be good for our relationship.

Are you fine doing this, too?

Yes. We're just eating together.

And nothing wrong is going to happen, right?

- Hi! - Hi!

Hi, Trish!

Take your seat, Sinag.

Thank you.

I'm glad you made it her early.


Maybe because I'm really hungry.

Why are you alone, Trish? Where's Benjie?

He just had to do something first.

He'll be a little late.


Do you want some water, Sinag?

- Or I can order some food. - Oh, there he is.

Sinag of my life, Benjie.

- For you. - Thank you, Babe.

Hi. Hi, Badong.

Hi, Benjie.

Good thing everyone's here because I'm really hungry.

Let's call the waiter.

Excuse me, waiter.

Yes, Ma'am.

Yes, Madam, I'm here.

I'm Vince, and here's the menu.

Wow! It's just wow.

Double date?

Is it? Is it?

Can I get your order, Ma'am?

I personally talked to the wife of the accountant

of Mr. Gervacio.

And she admitted that they transferred

a huge amount of money

to Benjie's account in Mr. Gervacio's orders.

Does she have any proof?

She doesn't have any proof, Dad.

I tried asking her to get the transaction code

but she told me she can't.

Anyway, she gave us reason a bribe took place.

And it involves Benjie.

Wow, you're right. The food tastes great.

Look at this. Try this one.

- Sure. - Try it.

- It's delicious, right? - It is.

- Try this one, too. - Okay.

Try this too, Benj.

- You're right. It's delicious. - See?

This one, Badong. It may look like a simple dumpling,

- but it's so good. - Dumplings are my favorite.

- Delicious, isn't it? - Yes.

So, Sunshine,

do you remember every event in your relationship with Badong.

There isn't much to remember yet

since we just became a couple recently.

But as friends, we have a lot of memories together.

You see, it's funny because Benj and I

assign a theme song to every event in our lives. Right?

Yes. That's true.

Like she said, to each event in our relationship we put a song.

Like that time you went to the US.

- Oh, yeah. - Remember?

Our theme song then was, Right Here Waiting For You!

We have our own theme songs too, right?

Of course.

I remember when we were in Pelangi,

you always sing it to me.

Now and Forever!

And when you said yes to me, you remember the song?

Each Day With You by Martin Nievera.

We have another one. When Benj and I got back together,

our song was, Grow Old With You. Right?

And remember that time we rarely see each other?

Miss You Like Crazy.

When I don't see Badong that often,

I Miss You So Much.

You're so cute, aren't you?

And when Trish has a favor to ask me,

Everything I Do, I Do It For You.

Oh, you're making me fall in love even more.

For Badong, I guess the song is, Love Always Finds A Way.

I Will Always Stay In Love This Way.

I'll Only Love You Once.

The Search Is Over.

Now That I Have You.

You're Everything To Me.

Still, we're not sure

if Benjie's really doing something illegal.

As of now,

what Catalina has discovered is still hearsay.

Right, Catalina?

But we can easily determine if Benjie is really innocent.

If he's not hiding anything, he'll show us his bank account.

Tomorrow, I'll talk to Benjie.

Ma'am! Here are some fortune cookies.

But these are not ordinary fortune cookies.

All the messages inside

were made specifically for lovers and couples.

And also, just one fortune cookie per couple, okay?

You're not allowed to get more than that.

- Now, please get some. - This is exciting.

You go first, Sunshine.

- No, you should go first. - You should go first, Sinag.


There you go.

Let's open it together. One, two, three...

- Wow. This is exciting. - Okay.

Hold the hand of the one you love

and tell him the forever is yours to take.

- Badong... - Sinag...

Forever is ours to take.

Forever and ever, Sinag.

- It's our turn, Babe. - Okay. Let's get our cookie.


Kiss the person you love and show how much you love him.

- Sorry. Sorry, guys! - I'll take care of this, Ma'am.

- Wait. - Let me clean that for you.

Sorry, I think I need to go to the washroom.

- Are you okay? - Yes, I am.


Sir, I need help with this table, please!

Excuse me. I need to go to the washroom, too.

- There's some more under chair. - Okay, Sir.

I think now we'll be able to ruin Benjie.

This time, we'll get him for sure.

Vicente hates it when people steal from him.

I'm sure Dad will fire him from the company.

And when that happens,

I'll get Dad's favor once again.

And I won't let anyone take it away from me.


Sinag, come on.

Compose yourself. You're embarrassing.

You and Benjie are over

so you shouldn't feel jealous anymore.

Come on. You don't feel anything for him any longer.

Nothing. No more. No more, Sinag.

Fix yourself. Compose yourself.

Think of how Badong will feel.

Sunshine, are you okay?

Was it something you ate? Are you having a tummy ache?

Sorry. Sorry.

I hope everything you said is true.

That you really love Trish.

And you're no longer interested with Sinag.


Don't worry, Badong.

Whatever happened between me and Sinag before, is long over.

I'm glad to hear that.

And also, please take care of Sinag.

Don't hurt her. That will never happen.

I will never hurt her the way you did.

I'm just worried because

I remembered the disaster I brought the station.

- That's all. - Forget about that.

You just have to learn to move on.

Could it be that moving on is inherently difficult for you?

Anyway, that'll be okay soon.

You don't have a choice anyway.


we just have to accept that we don't get everything we want.

I have never aspired for anything

I know I can never have.


Yes. If there's something I want,

I'll work hard until I achieve it.

So you're still hoping, I guess.

Wait. Hoping for what?

For everything to be okay!

I mean your work, your situation now,

you know life and its many problems.

Life is really that way.

I have to stay positive.

Be careful too.

I think you need to learn to manage your expectations

so you don't get hurt.

By the way, have I told you the news?

What news?

Benj and I are planning to get married soon.


Oh, thank you!

Congrats! I'm happy for you.

That Trish is really a monster.

If you ask me,

she had an agenda behind that double date all along.

She wanted to show off and annoy you.

Come on, Ninay. You're being too cynical.

It boils down on me if I'll let what happened affect me.

And did it not really?

Not really.

Tell me the truth.


I was surprised when Trish told me

that they were planning to get married.


That's life.

I saw her reaction clearly when I told her

that Benj and I were planning to get married.

My hunch was right, Mom.

Until now, she's hoping Benj would still love her.

How audacious.

That's why you need to keep your eyes on Benjie more than ever.

I'm sure that girl has plans.

She's interested in the fortune of the Rosales family, too.

Sorry for her, that ambition will take her nowhere.

In fact, another misfortune is on her way.

Oh, my. You're up to something, aren't you?

If things are really going well for you and Trish,

why don't you propose to her?

- I thought about that too but, - But what?

Jason, we have so much work to finish.

It's unfair for Trish to compete with my workload now.

That's an important consideration.

Benjie, your grandfather wants to see you in his office.

He has something important to tell you.

There you go. Looks like another project for you.

I seriously doubt it.

Why? What do you know?

It's my first time to have a friend

who's a bestselling author!

Wait? Bestselling author?

- Isn't that too soon? - Yes.

But hasn't even launched the book yet.

I'm sure the book will be a bestseller.

A lot of people can relate to Sunshine's love sentiments.

I really hope my book quickly becomes a bestseller

so the royalties will be enough

to pay for Sol's tuition fee next year.

I'll be a big help to my family,

considering that my father's income isn't stable yet.

You're right.


Congratulations! I received your invitation.

Thank you. I hope to see you there.

Of course, I won't miss it for anything.

I can tell that something great will happen in your event.


Guys, I declare that all the copies

of your book will be sold out.

That's my greatest prediction!

I'm sure you'll do great, Sunshine.

You're a winner.

Excuse me, guys. I need to go back to work.

Yes, Grandpa. That's true.

I met with him, and he offered me a bribe.

But I didn't accept it.

You didn't take the bribe?

Are you sure?

Grandpa, my conscience is clear.

You can call Mr. Gervacio if you want.

No need to, Benjie.

I can know the truth at this moment.

Show me your bank account.

Benjie, we trust you.

Your grandpa just wants to make sure.

Not only that.

Corruption in any form has never been tolerated in this company.

Now, show me your bank account and that is an order.

I haven't checked this in a while

but I have an idea how much is in it.

It's not that much but...

Why, Benjie?

What's wrong?

This can't be true?

What can't be true?

Show me.

Grandpa, I don't know where this money came from.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

This girl is fake.

She didn't write this book.

Because she stole all my ideas for this book.

Didn't tell you not to show your face here?

I haven't given up yet.

I'm still looking for evidences to prove my innocence.

There's no need to do that, Benjie.

My decision is final.

Congratulations again. You did a great job.

Really? You saw Benjie?

Yes. But it meant nothing.

I don't think so.

This is just a friendly advice.

Since you two look so good together,

break up with your partners, and be lovers instead.

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