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Helloo I'm Germán

And I bet you this toothbrush that you brush your teeth everyday

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias

We all have phobias or at least fear something

And it's normal

We are human Okay

You know that recently I moved to a new house

And like every house that has been empty for some time

it has insects

I dont really mind the insects

But there's one that I DONT like


Oh god how I hate them

They spend all day like "Hey I'm a spider and I'm gonna eat you"


In my world things work like that

Probably because when I was a baby I drank oil instead of milk

One thing that I hate about spiders

is that they're ninjas

Spider: Hii

Okaayy I got in sight

I just need something to get something to kill it

A little more...

Spider: helloooo


I dont know how they do it

But on the moment that you stop looking at them

they teleport

They are like the reincarnation of Goku with eight paws or something

A good way to let go of the fears can be talking to to your friends

They could understand you

They could support you

Or they could make bullying to you for it :(

Hey Germán

Hey how are you?

I'm well thanks

mm hey?

tell me?

you got a spider on your head

ahh take it off me!!

ahh take it off me!!

hehehe... maybe I should look for new friends

Fears appears in different ways

And it matters a lot with who you are

For example, I know people who are afraid of earthquakes

And their attitude varies a lot when being with a girl or alone

For example when they are with a girl they act like this:

oh no the earth is shaking

Oh I'm very scared!!

Don't worry I'll keep you safe

I will protect you even if I have to give my life for it

While I'm here no one will hurt this damsel

My hero!

Yeah yeah very manly

But when they're alone...

oh oh the earth is shaking!!

the earth is shaking, the earth is shaking!!


Something that is really scary is being alone in the house

and suddenly hear a strange noise

Especially if the house is big

The adults always tell us to first use the logic

mmmm okay

So when you hear a noise in the house

You can believe 1 out of these 3 options

Option 1:

It could be the cat that dropped something

Option 2:

It could be a random noise from the street

And Option 3:

It's a diabolic child rapist ghost that wants to split you in half with his chainsaw.

And you for some reason always choose to believe option 3.

I, for example, when hearing a noise in the house

Go to find out about it like the very manly brave man I am!

pfff you scared me!!

pff stupid dog

oh hey!


Well, at least all this are normal fears

But there are a lot of other fears that are more irrational.

Unfortunate People

People that live everyday scared of things that are so normal for us

And so you understand this better, I made you a small list

So this areeeeee

The fears less classical than the classics classically mentioned before

Clothes Phobia

Cellphone Phobia

Hello, Juan? Juan I'm calling you!

Sleep Phobia

Sun Phobia

Love Phobia

I love you

I want a divorce

Beauty Phobia

Oh a mirror and I'm not afraid!

Secrets Phobia

Being Followed (onTwitter) Phobia

You have a new follower on Twitter

Floor Phobia

Honesty Phobia

My love I've never been unfaithful to you




If you suffer one of these fears you are not that abnormal

It's much, much more common than what you think

Nah, I'm lying.

You're crazy


If you had a son or daughter, how would you name them?

I would name her: "Little Butt Kicker"

The Walking Dead

Theee End

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