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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Love Movie 2020 | My Girlfriend is a Ghost, Eng Sub | Romance film, Full Movie 1080P

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The graveyard,


and crematorium

where all those ghosts gathered,

there is a popular saying about ghosts.

And I...

I am a crematorium worker,

In the past

I didn't believe these legends,

But just a few days ago,

I found there were

some strange people around me,

I want to eat meat.

What do you want?

Back off

Come on.

It's said when people died,

The soul will wander for seven days.

And then he will be reborn with grievance

and continue his pain of last life.

Unless a master who can see ghosts.

Within these seven days,

helps them to fulfill their wishes

And I,

am the legendary

Ghost Master

My name is Chen Bo,

Don't think it in the wrong way,

not the meaning of

morning wood

All those I suffered,

maybe started from that fire,


from her,

Ghost Whisperer, My Girlfriend is a Ghost

A Director Lin Jie's Film

Miss Casey,


Miss Casey,


Miss Casey,

You come finally, Miss Casey.

They are waiting for you.

Everybody cheers up.

Get up!

Go. What do you want? Let me go.

Shut up! My boss wants to see you.


No, No... let me go.

Let him go!

It's none of your business, bitch.

Let him go!

You want to die, bitch?

I just went out for while,

what happened here?

Go away!

Miss Casey,

I don't know you were here.

OK, you know me.

Just get out of here.

Miss Casey,

We come here to ask for my money.

I can't go back with empty hand,

my boss will kill me.

How much?

Not too much, just 500,000.

500,000, OK.

I repay for him.

Give me your bankcard number,

I'll pay you right now.

It is generous of you, miss Casey.

Let's go.

Hold on.

Your thing is done,

but what about you hiting my boyfriend?

Miss Casey,

whatever you want,

10000 Yuan, one slap,

isn't cheap?

It's not funny enough like this.

Come, all of you.

Come here,

what are you waiting for?

Fuck you!

Take it.

Get out of here.

Sis, I also offended you just know.

Well, count you in.

Everyone here has a chance today.

I'll pay all the money.

I have money in plenty,

I told you,

there is another party.


I'm going to die, I'm out.

Are you serious?

Don't be a little boy.


get in the car.

You go home now.

Do me a favor, sent him back.

Yes, miss Casey.

I gotta go, honey.

Who's there?


OK, I get it.

What's wrong, honey?

Casey died in a car accident.

Our milch cow died?

What should we do now?

Take it easy.

Anyway, those 500,000 can last us for a while.


our relationship will be above board.

Come on,

little wildcat.

Don't let me know you have another man.

Pretty young, beautiful.

What are you doing?

Not even a funeral man.

Let me give you a final ride.



It's on fire.

It's on fire. Help.


You hoodoo,

burn corpses everyday.

Now my home is on fire, too.

I don't want to die.

How could I live now?

My new microwave oven.

What a hoodoo.


How unlucky that our neighbour is he..

Bed 38.

You're alright.

You can go home.

That house was burned out,

it didn't hurt him at all.

He's lucky.

Very lucky.

The moment I saw you,

you remind me of my first love when I was six.

She looks like you when she can't pee.

Yes, yes, yes,

just like this.

Once she peed on a hillside,

but she can't,

I also stood there to pee,

Suddenly there was a gust of wind,

guess what?

I peed on her face.

Hello, may I ask where the exit is?

Over there.


I peed on her face.

Zhang Gong.

70-years old man, back from the death.

Could I have some?

Didn't you already...

You're lucky, I didn't burn you.

Is Zhang Gong's family here?

I am.

Sir, you can take him back.

What? He were already burned?

No, he's waiting for you in there.

I want to go with him,

but my family need me.

Don't worry,

it's big enough to all of you.

Go together.

You can't burn us just for your business.

What are you talking about?

I just want your family can be together.

What a god thing!


I've heard what happened in your family,

Our government arranged a room for you,

you can take a few days off.

Paid holidays,

just go home and have a rest.

I'm fine.

Don't talk any more,

take care of yourself.

Go back and rest.

Who's there?

My husband is coming,


No, may be it's my wife.

How did you get in here?

Don't tell anyone

about that thing.


Is she a ghost?

I'm so hungry.

Don't eat me.

I'm not doing it to you.

Don't eat.

I want to eat meet.

Don't eat me.

I want to eat meat.

It's starch content is a little high.

But it's OK.

So, you're not coming to eat me?

You look a little disappointed.

No, no, as long as you don't eat me,

you can eat whatever you want here.

I still have something,

I gotta go.

I'm here for you, not eating this.

I come here to ask for your help.

I really have something urgent.

Wait for me.

I'll take you to eat whatever you want.

Wait for me.


Well, call it a day.

Be at the Jingxin Park at 9 tomorrow morning.

Hurry up!

He Lingling, we love you.

He Lingling, here.

He Lingling,

our goddess.

Why did you follow me?

So hurried to see her?

The nerve of you!

You come here everyday,

is she your girlfriend?

No, go, go...

Why don't you go up and see her?

Aren't you hungry?

I almost forget my business.

Go, go, go, the East Sea Dragon Palace.

The East Sea Dragon Palace?

Can we change another place?


That's where I worked.

But I only can watch people eat there.

What I want is

to have a good meal there.

The thing is,

I don't have so much money.

Do you forget I am a ghost.

It's easy for me to get some money.

Don't worry,

you just need to burn some incense.

Go, go, go.


All right.

Go, go, go.

Sir, this is our menu.

Did you bring the incense.

Sir, what can I do for you?


No, no, order,

omelet with truffle,


Wagyu Beef.

octopus on fire,


Would you like some drink, sir?

Chateau Lafitte Rothschild in 1996,

Yes, sir,

please wait a minute.

You want wine of 1996?

Not all expired?

Forget it.

Quickly, burn the incense.


Your dishes are ready. Please enjoy your meal.

OK, thanks.

Quickly, I can't wait.

Quickly, quickly, quickly.

What is he doing?

What a jerk!

Your dog men and women,

cheated me out of my money,

pampering here?

Qin Meng, you bitch!

I treat you as my sister.

You are bastards.

Do you know the man behind you?

How do I know this stuffed bun?

You're right.

Are you full?

One minute.

Let's go!

Last drink.


Enough, let's get out of here.

A good news and a bad news,

which one do you choose?

the good one,

It is that you can get out of here for free

if I use some magic power,


What about the bad one?

the bad one is I am just a little ghost,

I don't have such magic.

What? You lie to me!

You are blessed,

one good turn deserves another. Goodbye.

Don't go!

That man is insane.

No money to pay?

Who told you that?

Stop pretending.

I heard your talk.


I remember

aren't you burned by me?

Do you know

how they deal with man who don't pay?


a man just ate a Fin Conquers,

but he didn't pay,

The chief got mad,

he sew up that man's mouth

with all sharp fish bones.


there were a boy who ate a Bear Claw,

but he paid 50 Yuan less,

The manager cut his hand.

You're lucky that you meet me.

I know how to solve your problem.

You mean you can help me?

No, it won't work.

Believe me,

I'm not going to hurt you.

And they are not good people.

But I...

I have given your way,

die or live,

you pick your own.

What do you want!

I'll kill you.

Qin Meng,

you bitch,

you date with him behind my back?

You know him?

No, I don't know him.

We sleep together everyday,

how can we don't know each other?

I know

you have two moles on your butt.


how do you know!

I know your bosoms are fake.

Your noise and chin all were reshaped,

We agreed to take 300,000 from Li Yuan.

Then we can run away together.

Now, why are you dating with him?

I finally know why I lost my bank card.

You stole it!


Don't believe him, you idiot.

I really don't know him!

I felt things are not going right.

You went out quickly this morning.

You were stealing my money.

No, I just bought myself a watch. Shut up, bitch.

You are a thief!

I tell you,

Casey's money, I have a piece of it.

Why did you take all of it?

How dare you, you bitch.

That's a good idea.

Thank you very much.

Of course.

Well, I help you get out of there.

Now you owe me one.

It's your turn to help me.

I helped you a moment ago.

I've had enough of that just now.

I can't help you, I'm leaving now.

Keep running,

do you think you can run off?

I finally found you.

Let me introduce myself,

I'm Gegen Hasi,

from Hulunbuir grasslands.

Look at you,

I had a black horse,

It runs as hard as you do now.

Although it is the most stupid one in my stable.

But it is my favorite horse.

When it was happy,

when it got mad,

Hold on.

Are you also a ghost?

May be you can call me a sprite.

So, you come here to find me for favor?

Yes, do me a favor.

Nice to meet you.

I have something to do,

I gotta go.

Wait, let's chat for a while.

Let me finish my story.

Let me finish my story.

What are you doing?

You're the only man I can see.

After I think about it,

so, I come to here for you, realizing my wish.

Back down.

Back down.

Back down.

So, you like here.

Back down.

Why do you run?

Who will speak first?


If you guys don't say, I'll do it first.

I'm an orphan.

I grew up in a welfare home.

Five years ago,

a lawyer came to see me.

He told me

that my father died due to a serious illness,

my father left me a large fortune.

I thought I'd be able to live with it.

But I met a few boyfriends later,

All bastards!

They told me thousands times everyday

that he loves me.

There's no real heart.

They either got money from me,

or betrayed me.

The last one went too far,

He took my money and betrayed me.

What a tragedy!

So, I want to

find my first boyfriend.


I want to hear him say he loves me.

I lost my parents since I was a child.

I'll help you.

I was born on the Hulunbuir Grassland.

My name is Hasi Bagen Asigen Gegen Hasi.

I think you won't remember it.

You can call me Gegen Hasi.

It means bright jade.

When my parents gave me this names,

they want me don't to think too much,

to be strong man.

Hagen Dasi

Make your point.

I tell me

not Hagen Dasi, is Gegen Hasi.

It means bright jade.

Say your wish.



There is a gang of hooligans where I lived,

Every time they saw me, they hit me.

Every time they saw me, they hit me.

Why don't you call the police?

Call the police?

It's too dignified.

Why do you ask me to avenge you?

Because I died before I could do it myself.

You poor man.

So you promised me?

Is he strong?

No, my little nephew can push him down.

Really? Yes.

OK, I'll try.

Thanks a lot.

What about you?

What is your wish?

When I was a child, my mother told me

to be a reserved woman,

Although I also had a boyfriend,

my mother never allow me to be alone with man.

Although I'm an adult,

before I died,

I never have sex with a man.

So I want to...

have sex?

So shy.

Oh, my God!

You're still a virgin?


What's the big fuss?

Women have sexual desires.

I didn't get a real love.

You are not satisfied.

In face, we are the same.

Don't worry, he will help you.

I have already promise to help you.

Don't make trouble

No way. can I help her...

You promise to help us,

Don't forget what happened at that restaurant,

You own me.

You must help us all.

It's late,

you take a rest.

We're leaving now.

Have sex with sister Lang,

think about it.

What do you want?


I love you.


Don't...back down.

Come on, baby.


castigate me,

I told you, don't come here.

If you come, I won't help you again.

Don't you like this?

There are so many men, why me?

Because you're the only man I can see.


you are handsome.

No, I tell you

I will help you to find many men.

They will make you happy.

Really? Yeah, yeah...

I'll take you there at 5 pm,

you'll get what you want.


I have to see Casey now.

So you should leave now.

My God!

It's here.


You already know here.

Why didn't you come earlier?

I...don't ask.

Knock at the door, quickly.

What should I say?

Let me into you body,

I know how to say.

No, no...

Well, you can follow what I say.


here we go.

Honey, help me to take my coat.

Is he get married?

Whatever, I don't care.

Quickly, quickly, quickly.


Who are you?

I'm looking for Zhuang Xiaohai.

I am, and you?

I am...

I am your classmate from high school,

in front of you


In front of you.

I remember that was a fat girl.

You are a fat girl?

Who told you I was fat?

I always have a nice figure.

I'm Casey.

I've been thinking of you.

I can't forget you.

I want to hear you say

"I love you".

Honey, who's there?

What? You are crazy?

Get out of here, go, go, go.

Although I don't remember Casey,

But I think we can be together.

I like you.

Aren't you already married?

I knew it after I got married.

Marriage is just for procreation.

Homosexuality is true love.

This is my card.

Call me.


men are bastards.

I'm not.

I didn't treat you as a man.


See, you already had a boyfriend.

I've never been in love before.

I'm worse off than you.

But... I think...

I can see the girl I love everyday,

she is beautiful, elegant,

I feel very happy.



see that guy,

he looks strong,

Do you like he?

Too fat, no, no.

He's fat, he won't last long.

This is my first time to make love.

I demand quality.


change another one.

Change another one?


No, no, no...I'm not talking about you.

That guy's figure is good,

He must be a gentlemen.

Too thin, like a monkey,

His bones will press against me.

I don't like him.

Well, don't be so picky.

They are good enough for you.

Look that girl,

cute and lovely,

she is better than you.

What are you saying?

No, no,I'm not talking about you.

So, you like little Lolita.

Anyway, I don't like dissolute woman like you.


You're a scoundrel!


That's him.

Which one?

At the right side,

He is so big!

Don't you say your nephew can knock him down?

You still remember that?

My nephew is a Tibetan Mastiff.

About the same height as you.

But he isn't here, he's busy.

How could I beat up him?

He is so strong.

I didn't let you kill him.

Just teach him a lesson.

I will be watching here.

Let me have some fun.

Well, I'll go.

Did they find me?

Not yet.


I mean you missed it.

Bro, this is a misunderstanding.

Do you want to die?

Are you OK?

Need some help?

Could you find another man to help you?

Is there no room to negotiable?

You're just killing me.

I'm not going to help you,

It's over, he gets mad.

Dead pig no worry in hot water.

He usually looks shy,

when he gets mad,

he's cute.

Well, you're not afraid of us?

What about He Lingling?

You dare...


You want to kill yourself?

Are you OK?

Are you hurt?

It's Okay.

Your hands...

Oh, my God!

Your hands are hurt.

But this bottle is OK.

I've read this kind of fire in books,

it only can burn ghosts, not man.

This is the fire.

It burns man in this world, ghosts in the underworld.

You're a frightening man.

I just scare you,

you want to burn me?

I don't know why.


you threaten me with He Lingling.

I just worried

you won't help us any more.

Hey, I...


you don't understand us.

We ourselves let life with regret.

All right.

I will help you again.

Each time I come here,

it remind me of my high-school.

I miss it very much.



I remember a place.

Follow me.

Here you are.

It's over?


Put on it, don't catch cold.

They should be lovers.

You want me

to find the feeling of first love from her?

I think you should try.

Are you OK?

Nothing, a gust of wind blew.

How is it going?

It seems a little,

or nothing.

The time is wrong?

Let's follow them and try again.


I'm running out of my time.

Are you going to see your goddess again?

Well, you helped me,

I can give you some advice.


It's no use

to watch her from a distance.

I don't expect anything to happen.

You are coward, you know?

Women hate cowards.

Hello, He Lingling,

I'm Chen Bo.

You want a autograph, right?

Just a moment,

I'm reciting my lines.

I don't want a autograph,

I want to be your friend.

Who are you? Don't you know the rules?

Let me go!

I just want her number.

Help, they hit woman.

A little actor,

why so arrogant?

I'm done.

I won't have any chance to see her again.

It doesn't matter.

it's not a big deal.

Not a big deal?

Because you do that,

my pursuit of life is ruined by you.


Is that the only thing you have to pursue?

Yes, that's all I have to pursue.

I'm a normal person.

I'm not as good as you, upper class.

Don't yell at me.

I just want to help you.

Help me?

Do you know what is love?

Your boyfriend betrayed you,

you can't criticize me.


You wake up?

A new day has already began.

Your goddess is waiting for you to pursue her.

Come on, come on, come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Stay away from me.

Our meeting is bound to be a mistake.

You'd better forget me.

No, Tianhua,



Prepare for the nest one.

You're looking for me?

What's your name?

Chen Bo.

You want my number?

According to our rules,

you need to ask my broker

for my number.

So my broker yelled at you.

OK, that's not funny.

This is my number,

my apolozie to you.

But if you want to ask me out,

you need to call me as soon as possible,

In two days,

our film will be finished and in the can.

Do you want to say something?



here you are,

that guy, is he the man

who wants your number yesterday?

Yes, he's cute.


Why didn't I see it?

I just thought he was a fool.

This society is so cruel,

he has pure eyes

which I haven't seen for a long time.


don't you like this stupid boy?

There are many better men want to date you.

Sister, how could it possible?

Just a little curious,

I just want to make a friend.

And there is a same role in our next film,

I can gain experience from him.

Be conscious of your image,

you're drooling

He's so strong.

You see, his chest is big,

his penis is small.

He doesn't fit you at all.

You see,

this is the really man.

Real man, real man.

What are you doing,

let me watch TV,

my soul is almost gone.

Me too.

I'll take care of you in the nest life.

Here you are.


what I said,

don't take it to heart.


Could you forgive me?

What do you want?

He Lingling is going to leave in two days.

I'm afraid I can't see her anymore.

Now that you help me get her number,

could you help me again?

Why are you so stupid?

You have her number,

just call her.

But I have no experience.

I don't know how to do.

You want me to help you? OK.

But my wish...

OK, as long as I can ask He Lingling out,

your thing is mine.

What about mine?

I'll help you.


What about mine?

I'll try my best.

How do I ask her for dinner?

You can sent her a message.

How if she say no?

You just have a try.

Phone, give me your phone.

You just tell her

who you are

and want to ask her for dinner.

Time is up to her.


The day after tomorrow eight-thirty,

don't be late.



Then it's up to you.

Hey, I have a idea,

when you are having dinner,

at that time I can possess her.

Then we go back to the hotel,

you and I will...

Absolutely no.

What wrong with you?

Oh, no,

time is up,

time is up,

Seven days,

I'm leaving now,

Don't scare me.

Save me, save me.

Don't go.

I don't want to leave.

Don't go.

My dream hasn't come true.

I forget today is her seventh day.

I should let her watch TV.

I shouldn't fight TV with her.

I hope she will live better in the next life.

Your wish...

I will do my best.

Where the hell is your wallet?

No, I don't have money.

This pocket?

It's you!

Don't run.

It's you again!

What the hell do you wear?

How is it going?

What matter with you?

Hit him!

Don't run!



Bro, I beg you,

just hit me.

I have had enough of it.

Three times, you know,

you hit him,



How is it going? Is it done?

We made it!


This time I can leave unburdened.

Actually, I don't want to let you go.

It's OK,

I'll find you next life.

I know it.



Bye, my friends.



He's gone.

You're the only one left.

Don't worry.

I 'll help you with your wish tomorrow.


It's seven o'clock.

I didn't get ready.

What are you going to prepare?

My date with my goddess.

I'm done.

It may be the last time I can help you.


I mean you go back and chang your clothes.

Let's rehearse, go.

Hello, sir, may I ask several people?

Two, oh, no, one.

OK, do you forget He Lingling?


OK, this way please.

Can you be a little gentleman?

I just told you, forget?

You should pull the chair and let the girl sit first.

Already start?

Of course.

Give it to the lady opposite.

Boss, I think he must be stimulated.

So don't be a poor man like him.

His girlfriend is just a fantasy.

This is all basic good manners.

But this is not the most important thing,

the most important thing is your confidence.

Come, look at me.

Be confidence, look at me.

There is a kind of purity in your eyes.

It could move any girls.

In retrospect,

when I was at school,

I've seen this purity,

but at that time,

I did not cherish it.

Maybe your living environment is complicated,


My environment is simple

Only dealing with body every day,

It's simple,

But this is why

I don't know how to communicate with people,

I admire you very much

You have seen great things

You have good at communication skill

You call this as good communication skill?

People around me,

they make friends with me just for money.

It's just a show

I feel like a fool, treating them as my real friends,

I think you're just unlucky.

You haven't meet your Mr. Right


You're enthusiastic,

You are kind

if you didn't have that accident,

you'll meet someone who really loves you.

Would you fall in love me if I didn't die?

Of course.



I mean...

I mean...

I mean...


Sir, the dish...



Casey, what happened?

I'm fine.

Your girl is coming,

you should go back.

We still have time.

What the matter with you?

Go back.



Today is the seventh day, right?

Two hours later,

I have to go.

Why didn't say it earlier?

Today is a special day for you,

I don't want you have some pity.

If so, I can't leave reassuringly.

But your wish hasn't come true.

That's OK,

although I didn't experience it myself,

I saw it because of you.

It's a pity

that I won't see your date.


I promise to help you, I have to do it.


What about your goddess?

It doesn't matter,

I miss her, I may have a chance to save it.

If you leave with regret,

in your next life,

you may laden with it.


leave me alone.

I have made up my mind.

Will you

date with me, a silly boy,

in the last two hours?

Our meeting will be the most beautiful thing,

I wait for this until I die,

who can break this destiny?

Kiss my tears in my dream,

I suffer from these memories,

After waking up, I don't know who I am,

I will spend my whole life being with you,

right or wrong,

it really doesn’t matter,

if we don't meet each other,

how should the story end?

Will it become more beautiful?

Will this world still incredible and boring?

Don't go.

We'll meet.

So the story will be perfect.

This is our fate.

I will try my best to feel your exist,

Time slows down, we meet.

I finally know the feeling of love.



I can't stay a little longer.

I'm leaving now.

In my life,

the happiest time I spent,

is this two hours with you.

I have no regrets.

Thank you.


am I looking nice now?

Turn around.

I hope that when you think of me,

you will smile and remember.

If you won't forget me,

I will...


I'll remember you.


Chen Bo,

you asked me to dinner,

just for fooling me?

Something has delayed me,

I misjudged you.


He Lingling?

Be more respectful!

Listen to me.


Today I did a very important thing.

Important thing?

I also have important thing.

But because a fool,

I pushed out important thing

and waited for him for two hours.

Two hours.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I shouldn't trust my feeling

Actually, I don't know you.

Falling in love,

having no regret,

why am I crying?

What else can I bear?

We never meet,

how would the story end?

Will it become more beautiful?

Will this world still increadible and boring?

Don't go.

We'll meet each other.

The end of story will be perfect.

This is our fate.

I'll try my best to feel your exist.

Time slows down, we meet.


You must be Chen Bo?

Yes, I am.

I'm a old friend of your father.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Zhuque, born from fire.

I finally found you.

She wakes up.


You're finally awake.

Where am I?


You had an accident yesterday,

Now you're in the hospital.

You've been in a coma a day and night.

Yes, how could it happen?

I worried about you.

You finally wake up.

I feel relieved.

Do you really love me?

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