Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Smart Spending with MacroAir Fans

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So, MacroAir was brought to us from another businessanother local business.

I visited their gymnastics academy, and found that they had a cooling system,

and it wasnt an HVAC, full-on systemand they recommended MacroAir fans to me.

The design looked nice and it seemed like it was a pretty affordable option versus a

full-on system.

So, we decided to reach out.

14,000 sq. ft. of a facilitythinking about how much air

and the circumference thats needed to cool or heat up this area,

we got different quotes for different contractors

and it was going to be upwards of $300,000-$400,000,

potentially to upgrade this facility because it didnt have anything in here.

So, obviously thats a lot of moneywe dont have that kind of money

as a startup business.

So, we wanted to look at more cost effective types of solutions.

And thats how we chose you guys for that,

because obviously it's way cheaper than $300,000.

And it turned out to work out okay!

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