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The Wife's Secret

Episode 30

Hello, Brother, I wanna ask you something about Minglang

Lily, I'm a bit busy now. I'm gonna call you back later

Hold on, Brother. I just wanna know if Minglang has left hospital

I couldn't reach him recently

Well, today is Mid-Autumn Festival, so Mom let him go back home

Oh, today is Mid-Autumn Festival, but no one told me Minglang left hospital today

Brother, I really need to talk to Minglang for Yunduo is sick

- What's wrong with Yunduo? - She has developed aphasia and anorexia

She won't eat or talk. The doctor said she might also develop autism

If this continues, Yunduo might...



Did anything happen to Minglang? Please tell me

- Brother, why don't you tell me? - Lily

After you married into our family, Minglang had many accidents and Mom was never happy

And my dad is still lying in coma

Now, Minglang was injured again and nearly lost his life

Do you think he would still wanna see you?

Brother, I just wanna talk to Minglang

Could you tell me where he's gone?

Lily, I hope you can understand what I said and think about it

I'll busy. I'll call you back

Why can't I open the door?


You're back. Why are you standing here instead of coming in?

Oh, I was wondering why Minglang changed the lock. So, he wanted to bar you from coming in

Why are you here? Where have Minglang and others gone?

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. They've gone out to eat I'm going to join them

- Where have they gone? - I'm afraid I can't tell you this

The Li family take a dislike to you now and don't wanna see you

Take a dislike to me?

Have I done anything wrong?

Lily, are you too arrogant or too numb?

You lived with Minglang. Don't you know how he feels?

Minglang is too kind to harm you directly

No way. I don't buy it

There's no need for me to lie. Stop taking advantage of Minglang's kindness.

What on earth have you got that's worth Minglang's love?

You're in so many troubles. Minglang married you only out of compassion

He put our love in abeyance to shoulder the responsibility of your parent's accident

Yet, do you know how painful he is?

At night, he would call me secretly when you were asleep to tell me how he loved and missed me

- It's me that Minglang loves - It's me that Minglang loves

You know how gentle he treated me when we went to the disaster zone together

He even gave me his amulet

Why do you have my lily necklace?

- Give it back to me - Give it back?

Oh, it's yours

You gave Minglang this treasure, but Minglang in turn gave it to me

Now you know how much Minglang loves me

Lily, don't mistake compassion for love

Why would any man keep a girl by his side who'd always bring him bad luck?

Oh, as you wore it before, it must carry evil force. I don't want it

Where is the lily necklace?

I lost it when I camped in the disaster zone, and I couldn't find it in the tent


Lily, I'm sorry

I know your mom left it to you

Lily, I'm sorry

If you're still angry, you may yell at me or slap me

Slapping you won't allow me to get back the necklace

- What's important is you came back safe and sound - I shall not leave you again


It's time for you to know the truth. The woman Minglang truly loves is me

Even if he doesn't love me, I must hear it from himself

Minglang doesn't wanna see you now. He said he might leave this city if you trouble him again

You always say you love him very much, but what have you done for him?

Minglang was injured, but he still had to hide from you

Can you stop harming him?

I advise you to leave here immediately with this little kid and never to come back

Yunduo, do you want candies? I'll buy some for you

Lily, the candy is for you and it will cheer you up

Do you think I'm a kid salivating over candies?

This is the miracle candy that will guarantee our sweet and enduring love

OK. I know. I'll keep it

Yunduo, will you smile to me?

I really need your support and encouragement

I wanna give you a warm family

Smile, OK?

Damned Liu Dahua, I'll make you into a sausage if I shall catch you


What are you doing here?

What's wrong?

Lily, why should we come here? Tell me what happened

Well, I just miss my parents

You already sold the house, didn't you?

I'll send you back to the Li family

Did Old Vixen bully you again?


Caocao, Yunduo's illness is worsening

The doctor said she needs a change of air to recover

Then where are you going to live? What about my family?

No need. I'm a bit tired and Yunduo should be sleepy

We'll put up in a hotel nearby tonight


Yunduo, let's go

Yunduo, you should eat well like you did just now so that I won't be worried

Today, we have no story books to read. Anyway, you'll have a good sleep, right?

Well, shall I tell you something about that house?

That was the house where my parents used to live in

I also lived there for a long time

That's where Uncle Minglang and I met for the first time

Hello, who is it speaking?

- Who is it? - Ning Xia

- I'm not calling for you. Put Minglang on the phone - Minglang

Did Lily ask you to call Minglang?

Sorry, he doesn't wanna speak to you

Why not? Tell him Lily wanna talk to him about Yunduo's illness

Can you stop pushing him?

Come on. We've never pushed him

I won't talk to you. Put Minglang on the phone

Lin Caocao, mind your words

Please be aware of who you're and stop trying to make mischief?

I know very well who I am, and when have I ever made mischief?

Now I know what's a fucking mistress

Sorry, Minglang needs to rest now. Please don't call him again

No one shall snatch Minglang from me

Blacklist them all

Ning Xia, I thought you had left

What are you doing with my cellphone? Anyone called?

No. I was just bored and played games with your phone

You should go back and rest early

It's too late. I wanna stay here

I'm very tired. I wanna have a good rest You'd better leave


The subscriber you dialed is powered off. Please redial later

- Hello, Mom - Hello, Minglang

It's late. Why are you calling?

- Has Lily gone to sleep? - Lily

It's very late. She should have gone to bed

- Mom, you should also rest early - OK

After you married into our family, Minglang had many accidents and Mom was never happy

Minglang is too kind to harm you directly

He even gave me his amulet

I suggest you move the child to another environment where she's free from exasperation

- Another environment - Yeah. One that she's familiar with

What are you doing here?

Zhaodi, I feel uneasy recently

Mr Li is in coma, and I'm the malefactor

Nonsense. It was just an accident

No. I was the cause. I'll confess to them

Are you crazy?

Come here


Slow down. Let go of me

What the hell are you doing? You should be on your way to your hometown, right?

I'll call on Mr Li before I set out

Zhaodi, I can't forgive myself. I'm sinful

Mr Li's condition hasn't changed much. You don't need to call on him

I'm tell them it's all my fault

How dare you!

Mom, I know you feel sad now, but you can't say this now

Mr Li is in coma, and Minglang had an accident

The Li family is in a big mess. Your doing so will only make it worse

Wait until it's over before you come back and spit it out

OK. I'm a muddleheaded woman who always makes trouble


This is the soup I made for Mr Li

- I'll give it to him. Leave - Do give it to him

Hold on. Go that way

- I'm going to the 1st floor - Take the elevator


- Take care - OK. I know

I'm going. Take good care of yourself

Mrs Liu

I was wondering why Minglang wasn't is his ward

Minglang, you haven't recovered. Why did you come out?

Why don't you go back to your ward to rest?

Minglang, go back to your ward. Why don't you listen to me?

I'm fine

Yunduo, what's wrong with you? Be a good girl We'll call on Mr Li

Minglang, go back to your ward to rest. Ning Xia, help him walk back

Minglang, I'll help you

Mom, you shouldn't exhaust yourself. See what time it is

Go back to have a rest

I'll handle everything here

OK. I'll go back to rest

Stay here with your dad and don't walk away

Make sure he can see his family member if he'd wake up

I'm going

Minglang, go back to your ward. Go


Lily, why are you coming here again?

You think it isn't enough to make your dad tumble down the stairs

- No, Mom - Rot

I can't bear the sight of you for a single minute

Since my son married you, everything went wrong

Right before the marriage, your family business collapsed in a fire

Right after the marriage, my family had to pay off your debts

And you brought back a child who caused the death my future grandson

Even your dad-in-law is lying in coma because of you

When shall you stop bringing bad luck to our family?

Mom, I'm terribly sorry. Settle down, please

- Saying sorry won't change anything - Mrs Liu

Anger is detrimental to health. Don't argue with her

OK. Enough

Lily, go back home. Go


Mrs Liu, cool down

Fuck Lily. She knew you'd get angry at the sight of her Yet, she still came here

Obviously, she wanted to irritate you

Right. I don't wanna see her anymore

Minglang, I know you care about Lily but you should think about our family

Your dad is lying in coma

Think about all that happened

How can the two of you get along in the future?

You should really think it over

Let's go

Oh, Lily. Where have you been?

We lived elsewhere for a few days. I'm fine You might wanna get back to your work

Mom, the lock was changed

There was a theft in our house

Police suspected it was done by some who knew our family. So I changed the locks

I'll give you the keys later


Minglang, I'm going

I don't have time to say goodbye

Yunduo was diagnosed with serious aphasia It might even develop into autism

The doctor suggested me to give her a new environment

I'm gonna take her to live in a place away from cities

Maybe, I also need a new environment

I couldn't reach you in the past few days

I don't know what serious faults I made that you wouldn't even give me the chance to explain

Now that you need some room, I can only give it to you

I signed the divorce contract

Wish you happiness

The subscriber you dialed is busy. Please redial later

- Thank you - Goodbye


Lily, Yunduo, where are you?

My dear husband, I'm back. I've found Zhaodi and Laidi

Zhaodi, Laidi, I'm sorry

Look, isn't that Honghua? She was released

Yes. She was released long ago. I heard she went to look for her daughters

Probably, she didn't find them


Give me back my daughters

Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not available

- Lily - Mr Li, it's me

Didn't I told you to call Mr Qian instead of me?

Lily, where have you gone?

I called but I couldn't reach you

What on earth happened?

Minglang, time to have dinner

I won't have dinner. I'm not hungry

But you haven't eaten for two days. Do you wanna kill yourself?

Mom, both Yunduo and Lily are missing now Aren't you worried?

Has it ever occurred to you that they might have an accident?

What's wrong? He still won't eat

Brother, may I ask you what Lily said when she last called you and when was that?

The day before yesterday. You knew it

She said Yunduo was feeling down

Then I asked her why she didn't come to see you in hospital

She said she didn't have time because of Yunduo

Minglang, there's something I don't know if I should tell you

What is it?

I think your wife Lily kept some secrets from you and this family

Brother, I know Lily

She loves me and this family

She must have gone into trouble and didn't wanna worry us

What on earth could possible have happened to her?

If she had been in trouble, she should've told me

Why should she have disappeared?

Minglang, you can't be as immature as Lily

You won't mind about the business and you won't eat

You see, Mom worried about you a lot

OK, you may leave

I wanna be alone


Madam, may I know where does Zhou Fengxia live?

Just go down this alley

- Thanks - Not at all

- Uncle, excuse me - Shit

Call me Bother

- Brother, may I know... - Cut the crap

The road is mine. The flowers are mine. If you wanna go through, give me some money

Should I be paying for passing here?


How much?


See if it's enough

Anyone coming to the village must notice me in advance

But I'll let you in on account of your having a kid. Go

Extorting money again? I warn you stop bullying others

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