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We last see Asajj Ventress in the Season 5 final of The Clone Wars. So what happened

to her afterwards? Her story continues in the bookDark Disciple’. After helping

Ahsoka Tano prove her innocence over the bombing of the Jedi Temple, Ventress left Coruscant

and went on to live in a modified gunship and continued her bounty hunting business.

During this time, she grew out her hair and obtained a yellow lightsaber from the black

market to replace the two red lightsabers she lost on Coruscant. As a Bounty Hunter,

she made a name for herself and became familiar with many of the galaxys famous underworld


She befriended a pirate named Lassa Rhayme, after helping her steal precious cargo from

Hondos gang. Rhyme offered Ventress to be in her pirate crew, but Ventress refused,

saying to her that she prefered to live and work alone.

She later took up a bounty that required her to capture a Volpai by the name of Moregi.

As she was tracking him down, she bumped into Quinlan Vos who was disguised as a bounty

hunter. Unknown to Ventress, Vos was in fact a Jedi Master who had been assigned by the

Jedi Council to go undercover as a bounty hunter and gain Ventress's trust. His ultimate

goal was to assassinate Count Dooku, and he believed that partnering up with Ventress

would help him because she was familiar with Count Dooku due to her previous service to

him. She initially disliked him, but let him help

her hunt her bounty. The two of them eventually captured Moregi and split the money. Afterwards,

Vos insisted a partnership with Ventress. She reluctantly accepted the offer, due to

his impressive skills and also because she was attracted to him.

The two of them took on many bounty hunter jobs, including jobs from Rhyme and the Pyke

Syndicate. Overtime they grew feelings for each other, but kept their affections to themselves.

Vos, overcome with his feelings for ventress, eventually told Ventress that he was indeed

a Jedi and that he was on a mission to assassinate Count Dooku. To his surprise, Ventress already

knew, citing his unnatural agility and combat abilities. She agreed to help him by training

him in the darker aspects of the Force so that the two of them could stand a better

chance against Count Dooku.

She took him to Dathomir, her homeworld and a planet filled in the energies of the dark

side. Upon arrival, they witnessed the skeletal remains of the Nightsister massacre carried

out by General Grievous about a year before. There, the two of them exchanged their life

stories. She told him about her enslavement and the loss of her Jedi Master Ky Narek,

and how they lead her to the path of the darkside. He told her how he too lost his Master who

went by the name of Tholme. Even though Ventress was the one who killed Tholme, she told him

that it was Count Dooku who killed him.

During the training, Ventress trained Vos in the teachings and culture of the Nightsisters

use of the dark side of the force. She had him kill innocent animals with the force,

use the dark side to control beasts, train in aggressive lightsaber combat, and to use

his hatred when performing the force. As the training went on, they revealed their feelings

for one another and fell in love. Vos declared that after the assassination was done, he

would not return to the Jedi and would instead commit himself to Ventress.

Ventress eventually received information on Dookus whereabouts from her contact who

was still apart of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. She told Ventress that Count Dooku

was going to soon visit the Separatist capital world of Raxus to attend a ceremony.

The two of them made their way to Raxus, where they disguised themselves and were able to

get close enough to Count Dooku to confront him. They confronted him in a 2 to 1 duel.

However, Grievous joined in and tipped the fight in favor of Dooku. Ventress and Vos

were overwhelmed by both foes and the incoming droid forces. Ventress was forced to escape,

leaving Vos to being captured by Count Dooku. Ventress swore to herself that she would rescue

him. Meanwhile, Vos embraced the full power of the dark side, believing Ventress set him

up to fail the whole time.

Ventress knew that Dooku would take Vos to his palace on Serenno for imprisonment, and

that she needed help rescuing him. She got the help of Boba Fett, Bossk, Razzi, C-21

Highsinger, and Embo, after negotiating to pay them 250,000 credits for the rescue mission.

They arrived to Serenno on Boba Fetts ship, Slave 1. There, the bounty hunters acted as

a distraction for the palaces droid security forces while Ventress snuck inside the palace

to find Vos. She eventually found him broken, from being tortured by Dooku. When Vos sensed

her, he attacked her, calling her a liar and manipulator. He found out that it was her

who killed his Master Thomle, not Dooku. As they fought each other, they made their way

out of the palace, where they would see the bounty hunters fighting Dooku. Vos attempted

to aid Dooku in his fight, and that was when Ventress knew that Vos not only embraced to

dark side, but he joined the Sith Order itself.

Ventress and the bounty hunters barely escaped the failed rescue mission. Still wishing to

rescue Vos and having no other options left, Ventress decided to reach out to the Jedi.

She contacted Obi Wan and met him in a bar on Coruscant. There she told him what happened

to Vos. Afterwards, the two parted ways, and Ventress went back to work as a bounty hunter.

She returned to live on Coruscant on Level 1313. There she fell into a deep depression

worsened by alcoholism and severe insomnia. She was haunted by thoughts of Vos, who had

became Count Dookus new right hand man with the new name "Admiral Enigma".

She later met Akar-Deshu, a Jedi Knight and a close friend of Vos, who seeked Ventress

in order to have her help get Vos back. She agreed, and followed the Jedi knight back

to the Jedi Temple. There she went before the Jedi Council, where Yoda gave her a mission

to help Anakin and Obi Wan capture and redeem Vos. She accepted, wanting to get her lover

back and also because Yoda promised to officially pardon her of all her past crimes.

Ventress and the 2 Jedi would eventually land in Dookus Providence-class dreadnought,

where they believed they would find Vos. There they confronted Dooku and discovered that

Vos was still a prisoner and that he never actually joined Dooku. They rescued Vos and

escaped Dookus dreadnought. They made it back to the Jedi Temple where Ventress was

pardoned for her past crimes and Vos rejoined the Jedi. Unknown to the Jedi, Vos was still

under the influence of the dark side. However, Yoda suspected this and decided to test Vos

allegiance by sending him once again on a mission to assassinate Count Dooku.

Vos was able to convince Ventress to join him on this mission and she accepted. He gave

her forgiveness over killing his master and told her he still loves her. During the mission,

they tracked Dooku to Christophsis, where they confronted him once more. They got overwhelmed

and Ventress sacrificed herself to save Vos from a lethal blast of force lighting from

Dooku. Seeing his lover being killed, Vos defeated Dooku. As he did, he felt a sense

of clarity and spared Dookus life. Vos then attended to Ventress who died in his

arms. Dooku escaped and Vos was brought back into the Jedi Order after attending a hearing

with the Jedi Council. They let him back in after admitting that sending him on a mission

to assassinate Dooku was not the Jedi way in the first place and felt some of the blame

for Vos turning to the dark side was on them.

Both Vos and Obi Wan attended Ventress's funeral on Dathomir, where she was buried in the traditional

way of her people.

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