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[theme song]

Come on.

[japanese lyrics]

NEJI: Hey you.

Over here.

What's your name?

-I'm not obliged to answer.

-What's that?

TENTEN (VOICEOVER): [giggles] Cute.


So that's the bunch of misfits that Kakashi and Guy

have been going on about.

I guess they passed their first test,

getting their applications through.


It looks like the exams are gonna be fun this year.

-Yeah, for us, but maybe not for them.

SAKURA: Hey, Sasuke!


Come on, let's go.

-All right.

Don't pull me, Sakura.

NEJI (VOICEOVER): Sasuke, of the Uchiha clan.

-He's pretty bold.

You gonna challenge him?



Lee, what are waiting for?

We're supposed to check in.

-I will catch up with you in a minute.

You do not need to wait for me.

I just want to check something.

-What's that about?

-I have no idea.

ROCK LEE: Hey you, with the attitude.

Hold on.




-What do you want?

-I want to fight, right here and right now.

NARUTO (VOICEOVER): Chunin Challenge:

Rock Lee versus Sasuke.

-You want to fight me here and now, huh?


My name is Rock Lee.

You said it was common currency for a challenger

to give his own name first, right?

Sasuke Uchiha?


So you know me.

I challenge you.

Everyone is always talking about the Uchiha clan

and how great they are.

I want to see if it is true.

I figure you will be a good test for me.

And also--


-Oh, Sakura!

I love you!

--[screams] Those eyebrows can't be real.


Your hairstyle is horrible, too.

And those I are so bushy!

You're such a weirdo!

-You are an angel, sent from heaven.



-That was a good move, but let us see you dodge this.

Mwah, mwah, mwah!




SAKURA (VOICEOVER): That was too close.


Keep your creepy little valentines to yourself!

I was dodging for my life there!

-You do not have to be so negative, Sakura.

NARUTO (VOICEOVER): He wants to fight Sasuke?


It's always Sasuke!

-You've heard of the Uchiha Clan,

yet you're challenging me?

You must be even more psycho than you look,

if that's possible.

You want to know more about my clan,

then I'll teach you-- the hard way.

-Bring it on.


A match-up against the number-one rookie.

I will draw him out and get him to reveal his technique,

and I will prove myself to you, Guy Sensei.

NARUTO: Hold it!


-I get him first.

This weirdo is mine.

-Go for it.



It'll take me two minutes to have

this guy begging for mercy.

-No thank you.

Right now the only one I want to fight is Uchiha.


Well, I've got news for you!

Sasuke can't compare to me!

Believe it!



Uhhh-- gaahhh!

-Leaf Whirlwind!




He's better than he looks.

-Just accept it.

You have no chance against me.

Your skills are inferior.

You see, Sasuke.


-Out of all the top Leaf Genin, I am the best.

Fight me and I will prove it to you.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): He stopped my kick.

That's some chakra he's got on his arm.


This'll be fun.

Let's do it.


-There's no time, Sasuke.

We've got to register by three o'clock.

That's less than half an hour.


This'll all be over in five seconds.

ROCK LEE (VOICEOVER): Here he comes.

Forgive me, Guy Sensei.

I know it is forbidden, but I may have to break the rules

and use that jutsu!


-Leaf Hurricane!

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): I'm not moving fast enough.

I've got to block him.





-[grunts] What's going on?

SAKURA (VOICEOVER): He had his guard up,

and Lee went right through it.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): He's using some technique to get to me.

But what is it?

A ninjutsu or a genjutsu?

ROCK LEE (VOICEOVER): As I expected,

he is coming back for more.


OK, this is good.

Got him right where I want him.

Now's my chance.

-I've been waiting to try this out.


SAKURA (VOICEOVER): Could it be?

Is it-- the Sharingan!

When did he learn to-- his eyes!

It's in both of them.

ROCK LEE (VOICEOVER): So that is the Sharingan.

SAKURA (VOICEOVER): You never know what Sasuke'll do next.

He's amazing!

If it's like Kakashi Sensei's Sharingan,

he'll be able to read this guy's jutsu and nail him!

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): Genjutsu or ninjutsu--

whatever magic he's using, I'll see it now.

SAKURA (VOICEOVER): Sasuke's getting stronger every day!

Just what'd you'd expect from an Uchiha.

Sasuke could never lose to a guy like this. no way!




He got around my guard.

But how?

What kind of jutsu is that?

-You see, my technique is not ninjutsu or genjutsu.



[gasp] Sasuke!


ROCK LEE: You get it now?

I am using taijutsu.

That means no tricks, Sasuke.

It is just straight martial arts, nothing more.

-Why, you--

-I know your technique.

Forget it.

It will not work, not on me.

I know you can see through your opponent's jutsu.

That Sharingan gives you the ability to read his chakra

and decipher his hand signs and movements.

You can guess what he's going to do almost

before he knows himself.

The problem is taijutsu is a little bit different.


So what's your point?

-I do not try to hide or disguise my moves.

I do not have to.

Even if you can read them, you still cannot stop them.

You are too slow.

Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me,

but if your body cannot keep up, what good does it do you?


-You know what?

Here is what I believe.

There are two different kinds of ninja--

those like you were born with talent

and do not have to work at it, and those like me,

the ones who have to train every day of our lives!

Fact is, your Sharingan is the worst

match for my extreme taijutsu!

Here is what I mean.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): I have to stop him!


-Dancing Leaf Shadow.

-Good eye.

Now I will prove my point.

That hard work beats out natural talent.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): What's his next move?

-You're finished.

-Dancing Leaf Shadow.

-Good eye.

Now I will prove my point.

That hard work beats out natural talent.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): What's his next move?

-You're finished.





-This is bad.

-All right, that's enough!


SASUKE (VOICEOVER): What-- what now?



NARUTO (VOICEOVER): He totally beat Sasuke!

Something happened while I was knocked out!

What'd he do?

[grunts with pain]

-Are you OK?


SAKURA (VOICEOVER): He's really shaken up.

He didn't even take the fall right.

-You-- you were watching us the whole time?

-Of course.

That last technique is forbidden.

You know that.

NARUTO (VOICEOVER): He's talking to a turtle,

and it's talking back.

-I am sorry.

I did not mean to--

NARUTO (VOICEOVER): Now he's apologizing to a turtle.

Wait a minute-- could that be his sensei?


I was not planning to use a forbidden jutsu.

It was just-- I was in the middle of the fight,

and I mean, you understand.

NARUTO: I'm right!

It really his sensei!

-Huh? -Hm?

NARUTO: Hey, you guys!

-What, Naruto?

-That weird thing he's talking to is a turtle, right?


What'd you think it is?

-OK then, so maybe it means that turtles can be sensei too.

-How would I know if they can be sensei too?

-You're a disgrace!


-You think you'll get away with a bunch

of lame excuses like that?

A shinobi never reveals his techniques

unless it's absolutely necessary.

It's such a basic rule, you should know it by now!

-Forgive me, sir.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): How could I lose to that freak?

[growls angrily]

-Are you prepared to take the punishment for your actions?

-I-- yes, sir.

-All right, then.

Please come out, Guy Sensei!


What's shakin'?

How you doing, everybody?

Life treating you good?




NARUTO: He's got the biggest eyebrows yet!

They're almost alive!

-Hi, lady.

SAKURA: Too weird!

I that's where Lee gets it from.

Same soup bowl haircut and even bushier eyebrows!


Do not insult Guy Sensei!

He is one of the greatest men in the entire world!

-Well, excuse me for not noticing his greatness!

I was too busy watching him crawl out

from underneath a turtle!

-He did not crawl out!

-Give it a rest, Lee.



Yes, sir.

-Now for your punishment.


You little fool!

-Aaaaahhh! -Aaaahhh! -Aaaahhh!

-I'm sorry Lee, but it's for your own good.

-Sen-- Sensei--


-(TEARFULLY) Oh-- oh, Sensei, I am so sorry!

-All right.

It's over.

You don't need to say any more.


[both weeping]




SASUKE (VOICEOVER): How could I lose to someone that lame?

-It's OK.

It's OK.

It's only a phase.

ROCK LEE: I am sorry, Sensei.


Actually, it's kind of sweet, the way

they're all huggy and stuff.


You've got to be kidding! They're both totally crazy!

-You're just caught in between.

You're too old to be called a boy and not yet quite a man.

-You are so good to me, Guy Sensei.

-Now take off!

I want you to give me 100 laps around the practice field.

Show me what you got!

-Yes, sir!

No problem.

-Run into the setting sun.

Run and suffer!

But don't mess up your hair.

Let us go!


-Hey, wait a minute!

We're not finished here.

You guys can't just take off like that.

-And what about the Chunin Exams?

There's no time for fooling around.


Uh-- oh, right, I forgot about that.

[clears throat] Lee, you not only

disobeyed the rule against fighting,

but you've disrupted the Chunin Exams.

I think that warrants a slightly more severe punishment,

don't you?

-Yes, sir.

-Let's say 500 laps!

How does that sound?

-Outstanding, sir.

-They're insane.


But never mind them-- what's the deal with that turtle, anyway?

-Vo: Hm.

This must be Kakashi's squad.

I'll check 'em out.

-Aaah! No!

He's looking at us!

MIGHT GUY: Tell me, how is Kakashi Sensei?

SASUKE: Do you know him?

-Do I know Kakashi?

[chuckles] Well, people say he and I

are archrivals for all eternity.

BOTH: There's just no way!

-How dare you?

If Guy Sensei says it is true, then--

-Let it slide, Lee.

A ninja's actions always speak louder than words.



MIGHT GUY: My record is 50 wins and 49 losses-- which

is one better than his, by the way.




You're kidding!

How'd he beat Kakashi?

-The fact is I'm stronger than Kakashi.

And faster.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): His speed is incredible.

He's definitely faster than Kakashi.

Is he even human?

-You see?

Guy Sensei is the best there is.

-I'm sorry for the trouble Lee caused you.

Look into my eyes and accept my sincere apology.

Also notice my handsome manly features.

SASUKE (VOICEOVER): He claims he's better than Kakashi.

Could that be true?


I don't think he's making this up.

-Lee, you should accompany these fine young ninjin

to the classroom, right now.


His hands!

-Remember, give it your best.

Lee, farewell.

-Yes, sir.


-Hey, Sasuke.

Actually, I have not been totally honest with you.

I said I wanted to test my skills,

and that is true enough.

But you are not really the one I wanted to test them against.

I lied to you when we were fighting before.

I told you I'm am the best genin here,

but there is another top ninja, someone on my own team.

I came here to defeat him.

You were just practice.

Now you are a target.

I will crush you.

There you have it.

Consider yourself warned.

-Oh, Sasuke.


How about that?

Looks like the Uchihas aren't as great

as everybody thinks they are.


-Just shut up!

Next time I'll drive him to his knees!

-Yeah, right.

Who just got his butt kicked?

-Stop it!

What are you saying?

Just cut it out, Naruto!


-You saw his hands, didn't you?

When he took off the tape?

I bet old Bushy-Brow has been training till he drops,

day in and day out.

He trains harder than you.

That's all I'm saying.





-This thing's starting to get interesting.

The Chunin Exams-- can't wait to see what's next.


-Let's get started.




[theme music]


All these guys are here for the Chunin Exams?

Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Choji?

Poor guys.

It's a shame I've got to make them all look bad.

But hey, after I ace the test and become chunin, and then

Hokage, I'll make it up to them by-- eh, letting

'em boil my ramen or something.

Next time, Genin Takedown.

All nine rookies face off!

I don't want to get cocky, but it's hard

not to be when you're the best.

Believe it!

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