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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Roast Potatoes Three Ways | Jamie Oliver

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Lovely people we are going to celebrate the creation of the perfect roast potato, it's

not just potato it's the perfect roast potato and if you think I'm going mad it's because

I'm mad for roast potatoes, crispy outside and fluffy inside we're gonna do it 3 ways goose

fat potatoes, butter clementines, rosemary garlic and extra virgin olive oil, the maris piper is

an incredible incredible potato fluffy and starchy-peeling the potatoes, you don't need to see that

I've got them par boiling in here in salted boiling water they're kind of that

size, cook them for about 10 minutes the best roast potatoes I've ever made have come from

a time when I almost felt I'd over cooked them and created mashed potato ok so you need

to tread that line very very very carefully so I can see they're just kind of thinking

about breaking up pour it into the colander this steaming part here now is also incredibly

incredibly important it's starting to get starchy see it go kind of fluffy and white

and little kind of flecks and flakes of broken bits of potato these are the things that are

gonna give you crispy bits and we love crispy bits and a crispy outside ok really really

important in tray number one cold press extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons low in saturated

fats so we love that we're gonna move on butter and oil oil half as much and then a nice knob

of butter butter's gonna give you incredible flavour and a lovely sweetness but also a

strong contender for gorgeousness is goose fat you can get it in all supermarkets 3-4

tablespoons in there you're gonna get a richer flavour could be pork fat, could be beef tallow

I love all of them but I generally sway to butter and olive oil but at Christmas I kind

of go for the goose fat because it's so good a little secret ingredient that I do a swig

tablespoon of red wine vinegar it will disappear and what's left is a really subtle kind of

tang that just helps make the perfect roast potato then herbs, so let's go to the olive

oil here, getting some lovely rosemary put it under a hot tap, if you put it under a

hot tap it just wakes up the natural oils in the rosemary so rosemary goes in and of

course best friends with garlic leave the skin on the skin will protect the garlic and

it will release the garlic-ness very gently the whole bulb of garlic trust me guys then

we're gonna go to the olive oil and butter sage is a classic beautiful beautiful fragrant

herb that goes in and then we've got clementine you could use any citrus fruit but at Christmas

a clementine is particularly good just the zest, that will make a difference it's gonna

be really really good, last but not least goose fat just go brave on bay leaves dry

ones are ok fresh amazing 4-5-6 and then go in with some thyme we're gonna hit these up

with some salt and pepper olive oil over the garlic clementine butter oil oil and sage

and bay thyme and goose fat delicious now back over here while these little bad boys

are steaming hot right we need to chuff them up scratching and scraping the edge, chuffing

alright I've made it up ok look what I'm doing look what I'm doing woohoo! see how I've beaten

that up alright? that's good so we're gonna go in and while they're hot just mix up all

of these absolutely gorgeous so I'm gonna cook these in and oven at about 180 degrees

190, which is about 350 Fahrenheit over the period of about 50 minutes maybe an hour they're

gonna get gorgeous and golden and crispy but after about 40 minutes I wanna show you the

last little tip to make them incredible take the tray out of the oven after the 40 minutes

place a potato masher on top and then just let it pop and let the lovely starchy inside

just poof out and then create a flatter surface area on the bottom and the top just do that

around the whole tray and then pop it back in for another 10 minutes hear the sizzles,

have a little shake up you can see and you can hear there is crispy perfection in the

house, goose fat potatoes the butter the potatoes with the clementine the smell in this room

is off the chart and last but not least the rosemary garlic and extra virgin olive oil

crispy fluffy perfect tangy little gorgeous roast potatoes so obviously roast potatoes

are only one part of the meal if you wanna look at the other parts of the meal the gravy

the meat different veggie options click the link we've got loads of wonderful recipes

on and on Food Tube that celebrate all things that go with roast potatoes but

let's be honest guys everything in the world goes with roast potatoes I know you feel the

same way as I do ah crispy and fluffy yeah baby just give me a little bit of peace can

I just have a little moment on my own, go on off you go

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