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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best of Scaredy Dan - Game Grumps

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I'm gonna Grab this.

Uh Uh!


Oh sorry. Snow Globe

Hey I'm Grump!

I'm Not-so-Grump!

And we're the Game Grumps™!


OH! SPOOKY SCARY! Spooky Scary Spooky. OOH!

I'm scared T_T


I'm gonna look away. Oh

Man come on okay alright. I'll do it. You got to be a part of this with me, okay?

Yes, you gotta you gotta take this on with me .

Can we touch dicks? uh, I'll have more inner strength if we touch dicks

I can one-up Baga I can do one better, okay?

We can make out with our dicks

Yeah, so you make out with my dick, and I'll make out with your di- AHHH

I think you scream scared me more. Sorry sorry

oh okay it's less scary in the second time shut your mouth



Was it okay? I just had a heart attack Yeah?

We can we just confirm with each other that that was real fear? Yeah

Ok. Ok. *arin makes a turkey noise*

Dan: bum bada dum duh da da

*Dan continues to annoy everyone watching*

Arin joins In*

Oh, Jesus

Don't crumble scramble

Look what what what? Oh like slowing down, I guess

You want to touch it? Oh?

Cutie pie Markiplier, oh

God, this is worse

Am I going backwards a feeling on my back? I don't think so. Yeah, I feel like I might be going backwards. I'm my fence

and hiding hiding

Excuse me. I'm hiding uh move on please. I mean hello


It's disorienting

It's fucking distracting

Some clothes shit on the ground run when you're like a deaf that I like this in the background oh

God, they're so everywhere sho everywhere

Bitch yeah, yeah, I'm up on the cold

All right, yes, go down the thing

Don't like it. I thought we played video games for fun this sucks. I think you're okay

Yeah, did I come from here? I don't know. I think I might have come from here. I'm a bitch

Thank you, go

I don't know where to go dan. I never tell me. Oh, sorry. You gotta look up the big no game

Cuz I am utTerly lost

climb up the ledge

Okay, got it now run forward and drop off the ledge ahead, okay

Know it run through the trees ahead towards the circles of light in the woods and to reach a building with a ledge, okay?

Right I got that okay. I'm there okay run to the left side of it and head through the door

it didn't say climb up the ledge uh

Okay, I mean, I mean

I'm okay left side through the door run straight through the next door and then through the double doors off to the right okay?

No, what no what no, it's okay?

Go to the door on the left

Okay, back outside now turn lets me run down the porch. Okay. Go straight through the door

Then do the next door okay jump off the ledge jump the gap ahead, okay

Then head through the double doors, okay? I was here no

No, I turn that deer calling the wall

The circles of light in the Trees tell you building

ladies find the Building the building

There's really there's rolling credit. I'm okay

Rednecks don't have to Chase. Oh God. Oh

God. Yes, okay. Oh

Fuck this game dude. No more. No more. I don't want to play this game anymore. Oh

Totally yeah, it's like the mouths and they remind me of Half-Life 1

Gordon Freeman

Can't I can't I can't move I'm all fucked up

okay, alright, so

So far the scariest thing in this game by far has been the menu messages to let you know what you did

Wait this Dead guy one dead guy really. I'm not lying wait something fell

Shit Ross. I hate scary bags

Oh cool. I like. It's just it stargate

Whoa? Oh cool. What is it blade? What's going on?

Fuck is happening. Oh


What's your deal? What is that? Oh?

My God ah and we run no you can't I this money of them oh?


the fuck

Going oh

Son of a bitch. Oh, there's a friend. It's all frozen inside. What could go wrong this door. Okay? I'm lost a lot

Okay, I'm outside I guess uh yeah, but it's all fucked up now. There's like a boat and

upside down bow and a Shack I

Guess I'm just Gonna go

Right it seems right doesn't it I guess

I think what the wrong way yeah, I think I think we immediately blew it yeah, yeah

I'm just gonna yeah, I'm just drunk. You're just Gonna run

We are all right. I guess I'll just start running

Just start running running. Oh, God damn it

yeah, be scared like flare this sucks a

Swim going but

I'll try to look for anything that makes Sam. I'm going down old thing down stay no then now

There's a ledge. I have to climb up

As a ramp I was going on a ramp. Oh they climb the ledge, okay?

I'm 10 you forward staying on the left side of the path drop down the ledge and go through the door to your left

Okay, Leslie Jordan listen, okay, all right. Yeah. We run course yeah, okay cross the hall then jump through the hole in the wall

Hole in the wall good. Yep, turn left and run through the hole in the right wall


Run straight through the door ahead of you a shit, okay, then run through another hole in the wall ahead

Oh hole in the wall got you door on the right into the door the right then right slightly left

The yard towards some double doors course through the double doors

Okay, okay, you'll be safe from the creatures in this room. Step a part of the figures in the shower

Oh, oh, oh, they're in the shower dang. Oh super hot oh

Dang, what is right? She's taking a shower?

Go through them to escape the nightmare

Oh, fuck you guys is that it oh?

Okay, now go back to the front seat and look out the window to see a rorschach creature. Oh, that's Gonna be scary


I'm trying okay. See look at the window I

Can't it's all I see a message will appear in the window

Which one I don't know

The front window. Oh, God. It says kill be will be will be will be


It will be over soon. Oh

Okay, Google it across the room and climb Village

It's our fight right through there through the hole

Okay, head down the stairs. Sorry

I was wrong on that and around the corner to the right all right around the corner to the right

Come on with the interference come on approach the mirror on the far wall or and you'll be transported to a new location. Oh

We're creatures

Straight down the hole - no door ahead. Okay. Straight. Forward through this room to the door

The door the end zone you're right yeah, and then make a right in the next year. We go through the door down that path

Okay, okay

God damn it yay. Oh, it's sybil

You're the best sybil you're the best can I call you the best at what you do five five five?

You gotta set your keyboard to indonesian your iPhone settings

around get her

Alright. She's trying to come on. Look what's now yeah


Take it. Yeah, take it. Hey. Keep coming towards you yeah

So scarce of jesus out of me. It's the turn around. There's a guy another one this guy. Oh, he's a red spooky thing

No, no, no, I do it when it gets all janky whoa okay?

Okay, thank you. All right guys. She's still behind you buddy. Yeah, shit. Yeah, shit around get some distance turn around

we're gonna need some serious Red eye removal I

Would never let the world are you fucking serious what no?

What is over there? Oh?

It's like little busts of girls. Oh, that's good



Hi, this is like. No, you know what I don't like uh it's a nice sewing machine what?

Happened, don't you?

The scissors why the scissors floating? Oh, you know just cuz there's the

That this is probably the worst one of the worst transformers games ever made

Sorry, sorry, this is better. You can tell

Okay, all righty. Maybe it was the roach

Is everything okay in there? Yeah having a good time? Oh?

Oh, oh, what's that?

What's going on? No?

go ahead and uh

No, don't turn it up

damodaran I hate that you know what's gonna happen, so give us uh

Guess I make this like easily the most traumatic fucking thing for me. I'm some fucking with me

Okay, okay, okay. Everything's fine. It's not fine. I can see now. Oh good good



There's nothing

That's really weird about this man weird. It's nothing. That's gonna require some drain ow. Oh

Gross everything Spa Institute

Was just a weird shape chatter okay? It's fine. It's fine. Well. There's another baby jellybean with a face. Oh no. No wait come on

No, no more, please

All right, oh, what is that I can hear them calling from rum?

from Margaritaville

That's when we can let it all hang out

Okay, okay



that's I

Can't get through that room

All right, all right all right. All right. There is another room. Let me take you to it

Are you serious you knew about this the whole times another room?

It's really hard to avoid - oh God what?

I know you do this game. I want to get farther just so I can see more of the weirdness, but I don't think

Okay, all right never again. Never again with this game. Just done. I'm straight done. Fuck. God. It's so scary

No, she wouldn't the other one she wouldn't

Okay, fuck

Dammit I

Promised I wasn't gonna do that. I like that movie. That's cub is good. This is good do about that chocolate

Trying to get a hold of you for like three guys

Okay, well now he's down here. Okay. Great. Next time on game grumps well good

God, I gotta get out of here before he no no no

Damn it you can be marking it. Oh marcus fastest fucking why did you jump? Why did you forget run out of there there?

Asshole yes. He's pure white yeah

You can't go oh

Come on, man, this sucks

By the way that what you're doing to him does nothing to his life at all you can hurt the chickens

Are you kidding me I?

think you

Just swipe them and then like they're like then they go into like panic mode and that oh dude go back up there

I don't want to hurt the chicken. Oh go up there, all right

All right fine. Let's hurt a fucking chicken kill the chicken you can kill it kill it kill

it kill

the chicken

this feels horrible

Fucking chicken kill him I can't I can't kill the chicken kill this

It's the chicken pocalypse

Fuck. I had no idea. I've never hurt the chicken before

This is the most underrated classic gem. Yeah, I have ever played

Whoa, whoa, just look at that Scorpion walk cycle. Yeah

It's actually not Super bad no, no oh

God oh my Lord

You fucking ho god scared? Yeah? Well, I was genuinely scared. Oh, well, then it's like

Oh, oh, is that really the first time you're gonna introduce

Those Martian weather men sure have an easy. Oh

Is this the key yes body? Thank you for melting in just the right way

Now you have to I'm gonna beat you hard for scaring oh. Oh. He's old rag dolling please no disappear

Clancy Davis

Not in any way, a made-up. Name my chiropractor. Yeah


glance' Davis, we did it see

What fuck goddamn you sort of a bitch? So now? I'm the cameraman and I'm in late

Out of here. I don't know is he getting up shit dude

I don't know he will get up, but we did that ladder ladder. We're right there. Oh, oh

Yeah, nice. Yeah. Yeah, Jack good check

I can't get up this no no fucking okay


Yeah, you know what going? Oh, I'll see the wonderful thing later no back. Oh

God. Oh wow oh my God. They're dying. It's kind of fucked. Oh

Fuck ow. It's cow. Oh no that is a it's an upSide-down frog an upSide-down

It looks like a if the the fucking flood from Halo infected a frog and then it took a giant shit

and then I put its eyes on the shit is a frog I thought it was a cat does look like a cow though a

magazine from 1981

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