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so the murders heading 120 years for the murders I get hungry they give me 20

years from her plus the gun I smile ah that's 21 years

so that's 41 years there's been a murder now got to attend murders I said they

gave me 21 years 85 for for one that jumps in out of the top tell me why 46

is 42 plus the net out of 2 times 21 I mean that's a lot of years you see I was

there cuz the murder is by itself plus the two murders then I'm gonna

hence me long before King Fahd would release the sophomore album LaVon James

which would peak at number 63 on the Billboard Top 200 before King Fahd would

have over 1.1 million followers on Instagram nearly a hundred thousand

followers on Twitter and over half a million subscribers on YouTube at the

time of this recording mr. Vaughn you've been coming here for four weeks and you

have to tell me a thing it's now or never it's not the record right yes

before king Vaughn would beat a murder rap that would have seen him locked up

for close to a century 25 20 20 damn puzzle man a hunt of something and you

beat all those charges you were acquitted yeah okay yeah in the melody

heavy rap scene of Chicago Illinois well King Fahd style of story centric

drills has him standing apart from the pack no Bonnie pulls from both urban

novels and his own experiences for the lyrics to his songs and while they may

not be autobiographical well they sure as are truly authentic I was in jail and

I made this song I wrote it when I was in jail

just recently anyone know like it's rushed for the wrong song just like it

just you know I just made it up just I'd be reading out of urban novels that a

mom you know who does live in it that being said by man is not without his

share of problems most of them having to do with the legal variety now growing up

King Vaughn he spent a lot of time in jail in fact he spent over two years as

a teenager incarcerated and then when he was nine

Dean well he got sent away for a further three and a half years in Cook County

Jail so how did a young man who spent so many years locked up managed to find his

type of success at such a young age well that's what we're here today to find out

what's going on guys ditch boy Michael cretin back at it again with a brand-new

video this one on the life and times of King Vaughn before he was famous no you

guys even asking for this video for some time now and with his recent album drop

well I guess it's time that I deliver now as always this show works off

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king Vaughn was born David Burnett on August 9th 1994 in the south side of

Chicago Illinois now we spend most of his life living in

the parkway gardens complex otherwise known as Oh block the same area that

produced Chief Keef no poverty and violence they were a big part of king

Vaughn's everyday life but his mom she did her absolute best to keep her

children a clothed and fed I eat you know anything well you know she she

gotta say thing we need is not it you won't we can't do we can't do okay you

know I can't go out and buy outside cuz I ain't got it we just got exactly what

we need you see I was there nobody never knew his father growing up and he was

already in prison by the time that Vaughn was born now we never even met

the man until he was eight years old I pass whenever mm-hmm

they went together when I was born my own father was in jail Danny uh passed

away I thought that's what I had to get out so my parents when he was never

together I see do you know what he went to jail

for oh no not as that yeah no he's in jail for a while yeah Wow like I met him

when I was like eight seven he's in jail Oh what you see there Bud's grandfather

was David Barksdale otherwise known as King David an American gangster who was

the founder of the black disciples an association that King Fahd will he's

never been able to shake you joined one uh angel I wanna he's just like since

I'm over here he's me I'm sayin you where's what you owe you it like if you

would've grew up if you'd have been born well I meant you would have had to been

gangbang just cuz that's what it is well you ain't one ounce at despite

denied that he was ever part of a gang growing up well the most normal part of

his youth seems to be his experience on the baseball diamond as a first base

shortstop now he used to play in high school but even something as relatively

vanilla as baseball well even that wasn't without its own hazards he told

double X al where it was that you got to bring your gun to baseball practice and

all types of that wasn't right when I asked about it will Vaughn he never

distances himself from his troubled past now he found himself turned into a life

of crime at an early age stealing bikes in middle school and by the time he was

sick Dean well he was going to jail for the

first time after being arrested and booked for unlawful possession of a

firearm for the next ten years will Vaughn he never spent more than a full

year outside of prison as such while he never graduated from high school me

growing up when I got in trouble early 15 years old like that so I ain't never

been grown until I right now cuz I've been in jail all the times were really

kind of like you know like anger to graduate high school so when it was time

for me to step up I was already in jail I was already in trouble he was arrested

a series of times in his youth and then he spent a lot of time in juvie now then

when he was 19 years old he was arrested in connection with the shooting that

took place in May of 2014 which resulted in the death of one man and the injury

of two others now he was charged with first degree murder and two counts of

attempted murder reportedly what happened was this Malcolm's Stuckey and

two other men they were sitting on their front porch when someone opened fire on

them now Malcolm he caught a bullet in the head and he was pronounced dead on

the scene the two other men were lucky enough to

get away with their lives now Michael Wade and King Vaughn they were the two

men charged with the crime and they were held without bond and sent to prison for

over three and a half years now when that trial finally took place it lasted

only five days despite talking to the police will Michael Wade he was charged

with the crime and sentenced to over 20 years while king Vaughn who refused to

cooperate at every turn well he was acquitted and he walked out of prison a

free man after beating a charge I could have seen him being put away for life

while King Vaughn he decided to turn his life around and he took inspiration from

heroes like Lil Wayne Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame to get him out of his

life on the streets now he started rapping and he hooked up with friend and

mentor lil Durk now within six months Levon he had a series of viral hits on

his hands and Vaughn credits the time he spent in prison as to why the stories he

tells through his music are so resonant he told billboard in jail you don't

douche but read write and thinking about the past that I did in jail you don't

got nothing but memories in that I was reading a lot of books in there that's

probably where that came from King Fahd was signed by little dirt to his only

the family label and in 2018 LaVon he released his hit single crazy

story the remix of which would go on to be his most-watched video on YouTube

with over twenty seven million views at the time of this recording but before

Vaughn could release his debut album trouble came calling once more now both

king Vaughn and lil Durk they were charged with an attempted murder of a

man outside the Varsity in Atlanta Georgia

no prosecutors they argue that the two men they robbed and shot a man outside

the popular drive-in on February 5th of 2019

now they reportedly made off with over $300,000 in cash and also stole the

vehicle a Jeep Cherokee if rappers don't need no Jeep sure okie

if you ask me I don't know involving defendants day when better the court

finds probable cause for possession of a firearm during the commission of a

felony participation in a criminal street gang activity

aggravated assault possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and cruel

an attempted no pods attorney he countered that their clients they were

only defending themselves and the victim he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg

but he was able to fully recover no bonnie was eventually released on a

three hundred thousand dollar bail and little Dirk he was released only a few

days later since then will Vani has gone on to

release his debut album grandson vol 1 in September of 2019

which was followed by Levon James this past March but his criminal case it is

still pending any been under house arrest since its

released which is kind of like the rest of us at this moment you know I made

know whether or not King Vaughn eventually beats this charge it remains

to be seen but he's had considerable luck to this point with his prior

charges so I wouldn't count him out of this one just yet that's we're to see

where he goes from here well I guess we're gonna have to wait and see

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