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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: mostly

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the word mostly is an adverb mostly

means most of something it's mostly

finished whatever this is most of it is

finished it's mostly finished here are

some more examples this part of New York

is mostly for tourists most of the

people here are tourists in Minnesota it

snows mostly in the winter but we also

get snow in the fall and spring it snows

mostly during the winter today it's

mostly sunny this adverb describes the

adjective sunny there's more Sun than

there are clouds if you say it's mostly

cloudy then there are more clouds than

Sun today it's mostly sunny there are a

few clouds in the sky but most of the

sky is blue and sunny it's mostly sunny

lemonade is mostly water there's sugar

and lemon juice but most of it is water

my students are mostly foreign-born or

most of my students are foreign-born

they mostly speak Spanish or Somali

most of my students speak Spanish or


sometimes the word mostly is similar to

the word usually they're mostly

available during the week you could

substitute the word usually and say

they're usually available during the



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