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Hello you are watching the UseWise channel my name is Mladen Baranek CTO

of Miadria Group. today I am going to talk about the internet versus Internet and

how this is relevant to the decision about applications and services you want

to be using in your company how to view this when you are considering security

and other interesting topics related to this we are developing you advise a

platform that will enable companies to use public cloud services from major

providers in an easy and automated manner achieving full coexistence within

services provided by various providers we had several discussions with our

client and they turned out there is a real need to dive into the topic of

internet versus Internet in more details what is intranet the basic definition

would be that intranet is supposed to be designed to be a private network for

applications and services more or less isolated from the Internet an open

public network they overlap in a sense that the intranet might be accessible

from the public Internet but usually it would be protected with firewalls proxy

servers and application gateways so that applications and services are accessible

only to internal company authorized users it sounds like intranet will

generally be more secure than the Internet

well not really an intranet is by and large a thing of the past in the past

companies were spending lots of money building their own internal networks and

directory services for authenticating users and authorizing access to

applications and resources a big players like Microsoft and IBM were trying to

build their own replacement for the Internet

and this is where this infinite story is coming from but when you think about

intranet security and the recent development of mobile networks and

public internet services everybody is using like email Google search and many

others there are more applications outside of the internet than inside to

make things worse Active Directory and all their security

protocols are not compatible with Internet applications they work only

with legacy applications and needs to be extended with additional resources to

enable access to Internet up the Internet applications that is

exceptionally demanding and it is up to your resources to take care of it

security is a tricky thing if your applications would not survive on the

internet internet and they need internet for protection you might be in trouble

and Internet is usually seen in companies with on-premise installations

VPN networks and some would call it conservative and some would call it

outdated view on efficiency and security on the other hand a public cloud and

possibility to move your workloads to large public cloud providers like Google

Microsoft or Amazon to name a few has opened you to Internet and possibility

to use security that is at the tip of your fingers each time you log in to

your services work productivity infrastructure CRM all those amazing

services that are available from these providers for instance did you know that

Google has one of the largest IP networks that will basically connect you

to the Google services closer to your location than you ever realized or did

you know that they are using artificial intelligence to help with user

authentication and authorization this new view where you realize

the Internet and the security of services that you are using is

protecting your data there is something that many companies are discovering

today for instance if you are under attack from hackers you might be in a

position where your internet will be infiltrated and your data will be

subject to the ransom demands on the other hand the cryptolocker is not

really a problem if you are using software as a service office

productivity tool tools in the cloud if you want to learn more about the

security of google cloud just search there is extensive documentation that

you can go through and see for yourself most people will readily assume that

Internet's are more secure than public networks such as the Internet however

any network is vulnerable and money and level of investment into security will

play a great role in how secure you will be this is a there is also one catch-22

if you are using emails and exchanging information in any form VDI outside

world then you are open to the Internet in many ways and if you are not using

emails my apologies for assuming it but if you might as well come to 21st

century and start using advanced services in the cloud the internet and

change the way you view your corporate security somebody once said the only

secure computer is one with no power locked in a room with no user if you are

going for that I would admit that internet would be the best solution this

topic might be controversial to some and I would like to have this discussion

with anyone that has any doubts and needs to bounce ideas of somebody my

email is modern at NYADA Viacom m.l.a de N and

please feel free to contact me drop me an email and we can have a video call to

talk in into more details have a great day and thank you for watching

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