Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Benvenuti in UniMoRe! Bibliospot 1

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Hi, you are watching Bibliospot and I am Giulia

Hi, you are watching Bibliospot and I am Simona

Are you a fresher? Don't you know where to study?

Come to the library!

At Unimore you can find 7 libraries

Economics, Law, Humanistic, Medical Libraries

Physical, Mathematical and Life Sciences, Engineering and the Reggio Emilia venue Libraries

You can enter with your university card

Why should you go to the library?

Libraries are great study places. You can meet new people

when you are tired of studying, you can take a break

there's free wifi

Are you looking for textbooks?

No problem

Find them with our online library catalogue you can search the catalogue either at the library, from home or from everywhere

You can use the BiblioMO app

At the library you can borrow the books you need

you can photocopy notes and teaching materials

That's all for now. See you at the next Bibliospot

And by the way... Welcome to Unimore

Welcome to Unimore

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