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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: La diferencia entre SPEAK & TALK en inglés

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Phil, Phil is that you?

Yes, yeah it's me

I need to talk to you, I need to know the differences between talk and speak

who is speaking, please?

It's Isabelle

Can't hear you

Sorry I'm at the library

who, who is speaking?

It's Isabelle but I'm at the library

Everyone is studying ok?

Can you speak up? I can't hear you

I need to talk to you


Oh!, sorry

I can hear you, you are breaking up

Ok, can we meet at the coffee in half an hour

Oh, I'll speak you latter, oh right, bye!

Sorry guys

Basically "speak" se usa en situaciones mas formales

Como en tu trabajo

y "talk"

Es mas como "charlar"

o "chat"


Entonces se usa mas con tus amigos

mmm.. Ok

Entonces si tu estas en tu trabajo

Y tu jefe quiere hablar contigo

Que diría?

Phillip, I need to speak to you?

In my office


Y "talk" se usa con tus amigos, es como "charlar" o "chat" in english

And the pronunciation is talk



No se pronuncia la "l" no?

Es muda




Let's talk about your diet

And remember you "talk" or "speak" to somebody

About something

But I can talk with someone or speak with someone

It's also correct but is less common


So, there are also certain situations, where you only use "speak" and you only use "talk"

For example "hablar a si mismo" sería...

Ok, talk to yourself

Talk to yourself

Eso es un poco peligroso porque igual la gente se piensa que estas un poco loco, no?

"Talk nonsense" as well

Mmm.. Ok

Si, hablar de cosas sin sentido, no?


Es una expresión no? to talk nonsense

Yes, you can speak at the conference or you can speak on TV

you can speak a language as well

Speak you mind, decir lo que piensas

Or you can speak on the phone

Siempre cuando estamos hablando del telefono usamos "speak"


Hello, yes, good morning sir, could I please speak to Mr Bartlett

Yes, this is Mr Bartlett speaking

Philip Bartlett

Yes, this is Philip Bartlett speaking

Ok sir, well, the reason why I'm calling is because we have here an outstanding bill

for 300 pounds for telefone invoice

And this hasn't been paid in the last three months



I wonder when are you planing to pay for this

I think you called the wrong number

I see

Hablando gramaticamente

grammatically speaking

grammatically speaking, yeah

hablando metaforicamente

metaohorically speaking

metaohorically speaking

Ah vale

las acciones hablan mas altas que las palabras

Ok, don't worry I know this saying

Yeah, en ingles..

actions speak louder than words

actions speak louder than words

Es español: "Una acción vale más que mil palabras"

Yes It's true

Cómo dirías en ingles: "El ingles se habla en todo el mundo"

I'll say: "English is spoken all around the world"


Por que para idiomas se usa "to speak"

Mi madre nuca para de hablar, me vuelve loco

My mother never stops talking, she drives me crazy

Y como dirias en ingles: "tengo que hablar mañana en la conferencia"

I have to speak tomorrow at the conference

that's it


Thank you

thank you teacher

You're welcome

Ok, bye

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?



Hello this is Tony speaking

Sorry who is that?

Hello this is Tony speaking

No, that's Philip speaking

Can I please speak to Philip?

I don't know who Philip is

please don't try to fool me

I don't know what you are talkiing about

Ok, Sir

I've never heard of Philip Bartlett

Ok, yeah, Sir

May be try the next door, the next door neighbour, I think his name is Philip

ehhh well, we know where you live

You know how to pay the invoice

And...If you don't do it in 24 hours, no more phone for you.

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