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This is going to be the easiest to follow clickbank tutorial you've ever watched

i'm going to show you step by step how you can start making 50 to 100 dollars per day

using clickbank affiliate marketing and i'm also going to explain how to

pick your niche how to find profitable affiliate products as well as setting up

your emails building your sales funnel and tracking and optimizing your links

and if any of that sounds interesting to you then make sure to watch to the end of the video

because i'm going to give away something really cool for those who stick it out to the end

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today we're going to be talking about clickbank and clickbank is an affiliate

marketplace uh where you can go to find uh products digital products mainly to promote

and earn a commission from but clickbank can be really really lucrative if you find a good product

and you know how to promote it correctly i'm using the methods that i'm going to show you in this

video so without further ado i'm going to jump on my computer now and show you step by step how to

make 50 to 100 per day with clickbank affiliate marketing so this is the clickbank homepage

um and uh you can sign up for a free account uh just by going up here to sign up uh completely

free just fill out your details and make a free account i'm not going to go through it now

as i i'm sure a lot of people will already know how to do that and i have done it

already clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces um as you can see it's in over 200

countries has been around for over 20 years and has paid out over 4 billion dollars to affiliates

and so it really is a great place to find uh products if you know how to find them they uh the

issue with clickbank is that there isn't a lot of vetting that goes on with the products that end up

on the marketplace so you really end up with a lot of products that are pretty poor quality and have

very high refund rates so you want to make sure that you're not promoting these products because

you're only going to have people wanting refunds and it will hurt your reputation and

people won't want to buy from you ever again so once you sign up for a clickbank account

um you will arrive on the clickbank marketplace so the clickbank marketplace is where you will find

affiliate products and as we can see down here on the left hand side it has all these different

categories and where you can find products in okay so maybe you're interested in languages there's

products in there so let's just click in there for a second and if you're interested in languages

if that's the area you're operating in then you can promote products related to

helping people to learn a language and let me just explain a little bit more about the things

you're seeing on the screen now so here we have different products that are available to promote

on over on the right hand side we have the average amount of money you'll earn per conversion a

little bit of uh description on the products different stats down here including how much

money you learn for the initial sale as well as if there's any recurring rebuilds meaning recurring

commission you'll receive every month and most importantly we have this figure here which says

grav and it stands for gravity and gravity refers to the amount of affiliates that have successfully

sold this or made a commission on this product in the last number of weeks so that is how we're

going to search for products today by sorting results not by rank but but instead by gravity

okay so we come up here and search gravity and now we can see that the product with the highest

gravity has gone to the top this is a very good indication that the product is a good product

because other affiliates are having success with it now i picked the languages niche that's not

the one we're going to focus on today and it's not really the best niche as there doesn't seem to be

many affiliates successfully selling this so with this strategy we're going to focus on the health

and fitness niche okay so let's go here once again sort by gravity it already is and now we can see

all these different products that we could promote as an affiliate so the way i go about finding

profitable affiliate products to promote is first of all by sorting by gravity as i've already said

secondly making sure that the product has what we call an affiliate page okay so this is a

page uh or where you can find resources that will help you in your promotional campaigns

and help you get a sale okay so if we just click into the affiliate page of this okinawa flat belly

tonic this is a weight loss product and we'll get taken to a page looks like this okay and on here

you can find things like email swipes you can use in your email marketing campaigns different

uh links for different products within the site and facebook ad resources so if you're running

facebook ads that could include things like banner ads banner images and stuff like that add copy

and maybe you're running cost per action or cpa marketing and so there's stuff in there for that

if a product does not offer an affiliate page then it's a bit of a red flag that it's going to be

a bad product that will just end up hurting your reputation and will end up with a lot of people

wanting refunds from so that's the second thing i usually look for when i'm trying to pick out an

affiliate product on clickbank so for this video i did a little bit of research before i filmed this

and i found a product that seemed pretty good for the strategy that we're going to talk about today

and that one here is metabolofix okay so it has a pretty good average conversion 113 dollars

it has a recurring billing system which is always good it has a pretty healthy gravity of 92 meaning

that it's still selling affiliates are still having good success with selling this but it's not

super competitive that it's going to be too hard to make a sale it also has an affiliate page so it

really takes all the boxes here before i finally decide on promoting a product or not i take

the name of the product and i just put it into youtube and type review afterwards and just see

how many videos or not are there on this particular product how recent are the

videos and how many views have the videos been getting so this is another good indication of

how popular product is or how in demand it is how many people are actually looking for this product

okay and because if someone is looking for a review of something it means

usually that they're interested in buying they just want to get a little bit more information

and so as we can see here this was one month ago 71 views a year ago nearly 2 000 views okay

we've got two years ago nearly five thousand views three thousand views okay so as we can see this

uh particular product is has been doing well and people have been making money with it

um so we're going to go with this product so once you've decided to go for a product let's

go back to clickbank for a minute and you to get your affiliate link you go to promote

okay you put in your account nickname and then you generate hop links okay and then

from there you just copy your your affiliate link and i'd recommend that you just stick that in your

notepad on your computer just for later because we're going to need that

okay so that is your unique affiliate link and if someone clicks on that and buys then you will get

a commission now something i always recommend and if you're doing any type of affiliate marketing or

marketing in general is to have some sort of link tracking software so you know where your

clicks and your sales are coming from um how many there are how many clicks you're getting

and how things are doing just so that you can optimize you can tweak things around you can

take things out if they're not performing well and you can continuously optimize your campaigns

so um with me uh i use a few different ways i'll use pretty links which is a wordpress plugin so

if you've got a wordpress website and you can get this free plugin called pretty links and then just

add in your url that looks kind of spammy and like you're going to get a virus or something

i'll just paste it in okay so that doesn't look really that attractive and so we want to make that

uh smaller more personalized and so that there's a higher chance of people clicking on it so if you

have a website so my website is name is there and then you can just add on a unique uh ending to the

url um so we can say if you're going to promote it through youtube just put it put in youtube youtube

traffic okay something like that whatever you like and then just update okay and now we have our

link here we have the product name and we have a pretty link and we can copy it there alternatively

another free resource that you can use if you don't have a wordpress website is something called

bitly bitly is a link shortener software that you can use to again shorten down those links make

them look less crazy looking less spammy bitly is very simple to use and like i said it's a you can

get a free account with them so once you have an account and you come in here just click on create

paste in your long horrible looking link there and then you just click click create

okay and so now we've got our link here it's still got this random ending on it

so we can actually personalize that if we want and so i'm just going to call this

the name of the product tab my taboo fix okay and save it and now our link is like this looking much

cleaner much more much better okay so we can copy that and just stick that inside your notepad okay

so obviously that looks way better than the first one so if you've been following so far

you've learned what clickbank is uh how to find a high converting profitable products that won't

get refunded you've found out how to get your affiliate link how to personalize your affiliate

link so the next step is to actually build a sales funnel okay so i use sales funnels all the time in

my business and it it really is a great way of turning people from cold leads where they don't

know anything about you or the product and slowly warming them up to the point that they're ready

to make a purchase and a great way and the strategy that i'm going to talk about today

is through the use of quiz funnels so quiz funnels are basically a series of questions

that you can use to pre-qualify someone get more information out of them and warm them up to your

offer and to to make quiz funnels i use a piece of software called click funnels okay so click

funnels is a sales funnel builder landing page builder they have a 14-day uh free trial and that

you can sign up for so here is at the funnel dashboard inside where you can build out your

quiz funnel or any funnel and you can customize it optimize it do whatever you like with it okay so

like i said a quiz funnel is is a quiz a series of could be multiple choice questions um where you're

getting information you're warming them up to the offer making them more likely to buy at the end

okay so if we go in here and we click edit page so as you can see we now are inside the actual funnel

and we can edit anything on this page so if you want to change around some text we can do that

no problem if we want to change anything within this page it's very easy to do it's completely 100

customizable here we have the actual quiz questions so if you want to edit the actual quiz

questions and make it uh so it's tailored more towards your particular offer you hover over this

area until you it turns orange and you can click the settings tab and then edit survey options and

then we have all of our different questions down here okay so you can click into any of these and

change the questions change the answers okay you can delete questions if you want add extra ones

and so if you just click into the first one we had the first one is what is your gender i could

change that to whatever i like add in some extra text change around the question okay anything i

like quiz funnels really work well when it comes to health and fitness products particularly

you can use this if you're promoting a health and fitness product so once you've actually edited all

areas of your funnel and you've set up all your questions before you actually exit the page make

sure to click save up here on the top right so you don't lose any of your edits we could send

someone directly from this quiz funnel directly to the actual sales page of the offer which does

work and is a way to uh to make some sales but a way to really supercharge your commissions um

is actually to also collect an email address okay so if we go back out to the funnel dashboard

i've created an email opt-in page here okay and you can pick from a number of templates and create

an email opt-in page to your liking okay and it's just a simple uh give your name give your email

address and from there we'll actually capture their email before sending them to the product and

that way we if they don't buy first time they're now on our email list and we're building up our

email list of potential buyers that we can send out emails to you know on a daily or weekly basis

and this is another way of warming them up to us and warming them up to the offer to the point that

they might eventually buy okay so in here um just a good rule of thumb is have a little bit of text

on top if you're promoting a clickbank product a good tip is to go to the actual sales page of the

product and just taking some text from the from the sales copy that the vendor has already written

okay so it actually correlates well uh your opt-in page and the and the sales page of

the offer and as you can see just come back here change it around a little bit and have a lot of

the same buzzwords okay so is this four second red juice ritual the key to killing cravings

and losing pounds of belly fat so someone might be interested in finding out how this is possible

so enter your details to find out so someone will put in their name here and their email address

and click find out they'll be added to our email list and then we can be emailing them every day

if we want now the next step before you we actually finish on this page is to make sure

that one when someone clicks on this button that they're directed to the sales page of the offer

so how we do that is we first click on the button and we set an action so we want to

make sure that once the order is submitted and someone submits their email address

so submit order is clicked and then we come back out and we come up here to the top to settings

and we go down to the bottom and click general and then on submit go to this is where you're going to

put in your affiliate link okay so i've got my big long ugly clickbank link in there you

could go and get your nicer looking link right there and then click save so now when someone

gives their email address and clicks the button they're going to get taken through to this page

where they could make a purchase so let's just take a look at what this looks like to at this

point and see how it would look if someone arrived on our funnel okay so do you know

your body toxicity score what's your gender male uh 20s lean okay whatever it is for you

okay the answers don't really matter that much we're just

trying to get someone interacting with our funnel okay and then once uh they finish the quiz

they get taken to our opt-in form that we just finished designing okay they put in their name

okay so whatever your name is and then an email address click find out now and we're going to

get taken through to the product page okay so it's that simple click funnels is really

powerful and a really great way of building your sales funnels and really streamlining your whole

marketing process to make as many commissions and as much money as possible so once you've got your

sales funnel set up your landing page done your quiz is finished your opt-in page is finished

we need to talk about the email marketing part of things now i've already mentioned it briefly

but i'm going to go into a more in more detail here so like i said email marketing is when you

send out a series of automated emails to people as often as you want it could be every day every

couple of days whatever you like sending them out offers um the same offer or similar offers

or providing them with value maybe your youtube videos or your blog posts some motivation whatever

you want and for this you're going to need an email autoresponder and i use get response now

i really like i really enjoy using get response because i find the the whole interface very

easy to use and easy to manage and so if you're interested in trying get response i've left a link

to a free trial down in the description below so just sign up for free create your uh free account

for 30 days and then once you're inside we need to write out our message create our list and

create our first workflow so inside get response number one you need to make a list for this offer

for this uh clickbank product okay so you come to the top and you click lists and then create a list

so your list name so we're just gonna say clickbank offer for the purpose of this video

create your list and then we need to create a couple of automation messages so the next

step here once we've done our list come back up to the top and go to automation

automation messages okay and here you create an automation message so here we'll just name

name the message um something like um message1 i'm just trying to do this quickly on the fly

list pick your list that you want to link it to so there's our clickbank offer list that we just made

write a subject line okay okay something like that whatever you offered them on the front end

and then down to design and content so you're going to design and actually write your email

here so get response is very good because it has a load of different uh professional looking

templates that you can choose from very similar to click funnels um but i would recommend just

using a blank template um with nothing really else going on on it apart from the text once we're in

here now we actually can start writing our email so you come over here you can add an image a

text some buttons okay so i'm going to put in some text i'll just quickly write something here now if

you're offering like an e-book or something like that or a link to something we can hyperlink it

put the url in there and hyperlink it okay i'm just going to leave it out for now

we can write whatever we need okay and then you just click up here next okay and then once we've

done everything we want we can click save and finish so now our message is written our list

is created and we can actually start designing our email sequence okay so there's our message now we

want to create a workflow which is actually the sequence of emails that someone will go through

when they opt-in on our quiz funnel opt-in page so i have a number of workflows here

that i'm using um but when you want to create a new one just come up here come to workflows

and then create workflow okay so getresponse has all these different workflows pre-done for you

that you can use depending on what your goal is okay the stuff for affiliate marketing

webinars if you have your own course you can have one there i'm just going to build one

from scratch okay and just name your workflow and we want to start it when someone subscribed

so when someone enters their email address on our opt-in page that's when we want them to enter our

workflow our email sequence so as you can see getresponse is completely drag and drop which

is one of the main reasons why i really like it so click on here select the list specific

select the list that you created

any method okay and then we're ready to go there so now the next thing with that we need to do

is actually add in our message okay so come down here to basic and drag over the send message tab

come to properties on the right hand side automation select a message okay and now there is

our message that we just wrote and then the next thing you need to do is just hook up the two so

they're connected and now when someone subscribes here they're going to get sent this message

you can build this out to as long as you want you can get things really advanced but i'm keeping

it quite simple today but that's basically how get response works and it's very very powerful

now we're quickly just going to go back to click funnels where we're going to integrate

our list with our clickfunnels funnel okay so let's go back to clickfunnels our quiz funnel here

we go to our email page okay back on our email page now we're just going to integrate our email

marketing with our opt-in page okay so uh you will have already integrated your get response

with your click funnels account and once you've done that you come up here to settings and click

integrations select the integration get response okay add to campaign

and then you select your list and then we select our list here okay and now it's fully integrated

and we click save so now when someone enters their name here they're going to get added straight onto

our new list and our new email sequence i hope you guys enjoyed that clickbank tutorial and you

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okay so i'm going to leave a link to that down in the description below and if you haven't

already got a clickfunnels account just sign up for a free trial 14 days and you'll be able to

get instant access to my quiz funnel so thanks for watching guys and see you in the next video


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