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Hello and Welcome to Today we're going to be testing a 90-30 CPU331.

Specific part number here is IC693CPU331 and as usual this letter is the revision doesn't

matter for the test we're going to be doing, it's the same for all them.

I'm going to go ahead and power that up. I've placed the CPU in a five slot rack an

empty rack it's an IC693CHS397 next to a power supply which is a high capacity power supply

IC693PWR330. I'm going to go ahead and connect up to this, what I'm

doing in the background is making sure that I have a blank program, that there's nothing

configured, there's nothing in any of the slots two through five, everything matches

so that when we do try to get this processor into run mode we don't have any errors or

missing modules. This processor doesn't have a key switch to

test, that turns the processor's outputs on and off or the memory protection on and off.

This will simply just go into run mode as soon as we're able to turn the outputs on

which should be right now and I've gotten it into run mode.

Now, if this is a processor that you think might be giving you trouble what we would

recommend is that you leave it run mode overnight or over a weekend and make sure that the processor

is still run mode when you go to check on it the day after or a couple days after. This

light should still be on, if for whatever reason that run light is off then there's

a problem and what you would do is check your target and underneath diagnostics and that

will illustrate exactly what will happen. If it seems to be a problem that you can't

figure out this is something that we commonly look at and we'd be happy to look at it. Thank


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