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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Michael Che Went to a Strip Club with Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World

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-"Saturday Night Live" is coming back this weekend

with Sam Rockwell, who we love. -That's true.

-He's fun. And you were just named co-head writer.

-I'm-- -Congratulations.

-Yeah. -Come on.


Come on. -A lot of people didn't know

that I was even a writer on the show,

'cause none of my sketches make it to air.

[ Laughter ] But apparently now I can.

-Exactly. -Yeah.

-Now you're co-head writer. -My dream is to put through

all of the sketches that they passed on.

[ Laughter ] -I wrote some bad stuff.

-Yeah, did you have one?

-Oh, I had thousands of bad ones.

I just had to stop writing. It was always just awful.

When it's a bad sketch, it's the worst because you can hear

the pages turning. -Yeah, it's brutal.

-And people are reading through.

-You know there's eight more pages to go.

-Yeah. Oh! [ Laughter ]

And you're sweating. You're just getting hot.

You're like, "ooh. This is crazy."

-I once wrote a sketch about the richest black man

in New York, Duane Reade. Nobody thought that was funny.

[ Laughter ]

A lot of-- -Duane Reade.

-There's no white Duanes. -Yeah, that's right.

No, there is not a white Duane. -No. I wrote a sketch about

the first black dude to boo Jackie Robinson.

[ Laughter ]

-Just wasn't a fan. Just not his fan.

-No, yeah, it was a baseball player, but...

-Yeah, exactly. -There had to be one.

-There's got to be one person. -[ Laughs ]

-Is your family psyched that you got this job?

-My family's psyched. I think they're more psyched

that I have a job...

[ Laughter ] ...than the job that it is.

They don't know what head writer means. They don't care.

-No. They don't care about it? -My brother texts me

every Saturday at 11:30 and asks me what am I doing.

[ Laughter ]

"I'm at work." He's like, "well, when?"

I'm like, "it's in the name of the show."

-"Saturday Night." -"Saturday Night Live."

-I work at night on Saturday. -It's live!

-And it's live. [ Laughter ]

-It's right there. -That's hilarious.

Do they watch the show and critique your performance?

-They do. They do. They watch the show all the time.

And they have a lot of compliments for Colin.

[ Laughter ] They think Colin's great.

-They love Colin Jost. -They love Colin Jost.

They don't think I'm the funniest person in the family.

[ Laughter ] -That's the greatest, really.

-"I like the white dude." -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You just had a break. Did you go on vacation or anything?

-I just did a show in Atlanta for the national championship.

[ Clapping ] -Uh...

[ Laughter ] -Literally one person

was just clapping, 'cause I was...

-You're not getting a ride home. -Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

-How was that? -It was gre--it was bad.

It was bad. -What do you mean?

-Well, I performed for the football teams.

And there's a lot of restrictions.

You can't talk about race. You can't talk --

you can't curse. You can't talk about politics.

You can't -- it felt like the lyrics to "Imagine."

It was like, "imagine no religion."

[ Laughter ] And that's -- that's the j--

And so I had to do jokes about nothing.

[ Laughter ] And I did.

-And it did not go well? -Not good at all.

[ Laughter ] -Really?

-Yeah. I was a little insulting, maybe. Yeah, whatever.

-What'd you end up doing? -I don't know. You know, I got,

I, you know... [ Sighs ] [ Laughter ]

They're college kids, so I'm rooting for them, you know?

-Of course, yeah, yeah. -But on the other hand,

they wasn't laughing at any of my jokes,

so then I just got angry. [ Laughter ]

I just got so mad. -So now you're hating it?

-Yeah. I got -- I was like, "y'all going to be working

at car dealerships later." [ Laughter ]

I don't know why. -[ Laughs ]

I just -- I called all the black players Demetrius

and all the white players punters.

It was brutal. It was... [ Laughter ]

They wasn't laughing! I was upset. They'll be fine.

-That's a good joke. That's a good joke.

-It was pretty solid, I got to admit.

[ Laughter ] -And so, all --

but what'd you do? -So, then -- oh, how about this?

After that, I was upset. We went to a Dos "Eq-uis" party.

You know the beer, Dos Eq-uis. -Dos Equis.

-I say Dos "Eq-uis." [ Laughter ]

-Oh. Dos Eq-uis?

-When I've never heard a word pronounced, I just say it like

my grandmother would say it. [ Laughter ]

Dos Equis. -Yeah, Dos Equis.

-Okay, Dos Equis. -Yeah, it's like

the most interesting man -- -He was there.

And I was photobombing him so much 'cause I was upset.

I was photobombing him because people were trying to take

pictures with him and then they came over and asked me to stop.

[ Laughter ] And then they asked me," hey, do

you want to take a picture?" And I was like, "sure."

So we're taking a picture and I'm like,

I'm gonna mess with this guy. And I was like, "hey, man, we're

gonna go to the strip club after this if you want to join."

And he said, "okay."

[ Laughter ]

And I'm like -- I guess he's making it up.

I didn't really believe it. But then like 20 minutes later,

his guy comes over and was like,

"hey, Augie wants to go to the strip club."

[ Laughter ] -Augie is his name?

-I think that's what he said. They had accents.

[ Laughter ]

I think his name is Augie the same way I think

the beer is Dos Equis. -Dos Equis, yeah, yeah.

-But no, we -- so, we went to the strip club,

me and the most interesting man in the world.

[ Laughter ]

At an Atlanta strip club at 3 in the morning.

-And is he the most interesting man in the world?

-Dude, he reconnected a father with his son. It was weird.

[ Laughter ]

He was amazing. This guy -- -What?

[ Applause ] At a strip club?

-He was sitting-- we was at the club.

This sounds made up, but please, follow me on Instagram.

[ Laughter ] I documented it.

-Really? -It was awesome.

This guy is awesome. He really is interesting.

-Wow. [ Laughter ]

-He was over there and he was like, "hey, man,

that guy is with his son right now."

And it was just this old white dude and a young white dude.

And I was like, "that's a little racist and presumptuous."

[ Laughter ] He said, "I'm-a go talk to 'em."

I was like, "don't." [ Laughter ]

He walks over there and he starts talking to them.

At first, they're very uncomfortable.

And then they started laughing.

And then they started getting lap dances.

-Sounds like the craziest night I've ever even heard of.

-And then I lost my credit card at McDonald's.

[ Laughter and applause ]

-You're doing it right. You're doing it right.

You're doing it right. You know that.

-I want to write a sketch about that. [ Laughs ]

-Yeah, you should write a -- exactly. Do you still do --

would you ever do corporate gigs?

-Corporate gigs are hard, because you know, you just --

-You can't say anything. -You can't say anything.

Like I did this one gig for this parent company for, like,

I think it was, like, Bounty and Febreze and all that stuff.

And it had to be super clean, obviously,

'cause it's corporate. [ Laughter ]

No pun intended. I'm not that good.

[ Rimshot ]

[ Laughter ]

Damn you. -[ Laughs ]

-Nah, it had to be super clean. And also the catch was,

you had to say the name of the product in your joke.

Now, Jimmy, this infuriated me. -Yeah.

-'Cause I was like, there's no way I'm going to ruin my --

so I just said the dirtiest, dirtiest, dirtiest jokes

I could think of, and then I ended it with,

"and then we had to wipe it up with Bounty."

[ Laughter ] And then...

[ Cheers and applause ] -That was it.

You'll never work with Bounty again.

-The crowd loved it. -Yeah, exactly.

Michael Che, everybody.

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