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I went on a tour with the Natec partners to get an idee of what is new.

Will Althuizen, from GoodWe System, what are the new things?

First of all, we have our own hybrid inverter, than we have the scalable batteries

and we have also for excisting installations, we have our retrofit or AC-coppled inverters.

Wil, what are we looking at?

This is the complete brand new hybrid inverter.

That you can have a complete system in your house for the PV, the battery, a back-up and even control the power if you want to go into the grid or not.

For which market is this now a solution?

Now this is mostly lets say for the German market, also for Belgium.

This is the only product at the moment you can sell in Belgium.

The Italian market, the big markets at the moment for the hybrid inverters and for battery storages.

And if we go look at The Netherlands, right where the incentive system is not yet loaded.

What would the advantages be of installing an hybrid inverters like this?

I mean if you have this inverter you are already prepared for the future, so in that metering it will end of course.

It will end of course.

So, i think you can always say that with the hybrid inverter you are always prepared for the future.

It is not necessary to connect the batteries in first installations.

You can use only the PV part and say on a later stage

when net-metering is finishing that you can say now batteries is interesting.

You can also connect the batteries and then you are really prepared for the future.

So, then for a small percentage of the increasing price are basically completely future proof.

Okay, so what do you see here?

You see here our three fase hybrid inverter for larger installations.

This is one for 10 KW maximum output, if you have a larger installation and you have more power on your batteries if you need it.

Okay, what is this battery?

So, this is a 5 KW single fase battery for the hybrid inverters.

And if I want more battery?

If you want more batteries, than I can show you how to connect it.

So, it is very easy to open, you take off the cover and than you can see here the connection to the inverter.

You can see the connection to even five more batteries if you want to.

And this is the connection for the communication to the inverter.

If I have a three fase inverter, what battery do you have then?

For the three fase inverter we have our brand new high voltage battery.

How big can you go?

They are 5 KW each module.

You can have a stackable up to five batteries going up to 25 KW for the total battery then.

Okay Will, this is a great bus and you can see everything there. What is the use of this bus?

We use the bus to go to customers. I mean you can make an appiontment if we have to go there and show him on your side.

GoodWe comes to you with everything included and basically will teach you on your side.

Yes, absolutely you can hire the bus if you want to have an opening or something like that you can use it.

Really good service!

Thank you for watching!

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