Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Launch Trailer

Difficulty: 0



Oh man, that thing is giving us a really nice glow!

Oh, come on dude! You're always crowding!

That was gonna be the money shot!

Stop fooling around with yourself, yeah?

Thanks to you, all my crap is on that ship.

Yeah, well...that was the plan, right?

Okay uh, new plan.Follow the rocket.

Hey, that's all yours.

Wait, what?

You don't know how to fly? Do you?


I know how to fly.

There she is.

Bloody hell!

Path, can you track the jump signature?

I can. Go me!

Right! Are you ready for this?

Am I ready?

Ready for what?

Punch it.

Hey hey! Not too shabby...

Drop me off at the lido deck. I'm late for my massage.

Warning, warning.

What is that?

Maybe it's the welcome committee.


Bye, friend.


Oh, dear...

Not very light on his feet, is he?

Olympus Arena, active.

Looks like the game's afoot!

Ya might need this.

So much for my day off.

Two, one...

Chew on this, jack!

Wow, wow... What are you doing?

Eyes up, lads!

Shall we carry on, then?

Nothing personal.

Alright lads, time to go!

What? Are you insane?


I'm a bloody genious!

I do love field research.


You've got a little something there.


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