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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Wore A Clear Plastic Outfit For A Day

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Hello friends and welcome to another video.

Today I'm going to be wearing a head-to-toe clear plastic outfit. That's right today

I'm going to achieve my goal of becoming a prepackaged hot dog. Now you may not have known that

That was a goal of mine, and to be honest

I didn't know that that was a goal of mine until I started that sentence

So I've worn clear plastic pants for a week before and after that

I thought I was done with clear plastic clothing, but apparently

Retailers and the internet are not done with clear plastic clothing because since I made that video I have seen so many

other clear plastic clothes because apparently they think people want this so I ordered a

**** ton of clear plastic clothing and we're going to be wearing it all today quick note

I will not be wearing the clear plastic pants with this outfit.

I will say that after my week wearing them

I did develop an affinity for them despite the noise and also the butt and crotch condensation

But they're not clear plastic anymore.

What happened to them?

Tyler: It's unclear.

If anyone knows how to clean them, please let me know alright

Let's bring on the clear plastic. Oh.

Oh there it is. Oh, oh there she blows, okay.

We're gonna be taking this out on the town today seeing how it feels to wear an entire outfit of clear plastic clothes and

also, what people think of taking this clear plastic trend to the extreme.

Look at that good noise.

This is the noise that you want your body to be making.

Let's go put it on.

Tyler: Oh my God. What?

I am queen of Saran wrap.

Tyler: What!?

It's very hot out today

I'm a little nervous about the jacket

but I'm into the bralette.

Tyler: I like the choker.

The choker is actually taped in the back because this choker

Was too small for me unlike, like, a leather or cloth or tattoo choker, which will stretch, this one was just like- strangulation device.

Tyler: Wow that's Gonna be brutal take off

I decided to wear like a nude slip dress under all this I decided

against full nip but I will provide the illusion of nudity from very far away.

Tyler: You're making a lot of noise already

This is like more noise from different locations at even like different classic pitches.

Yeah, it's like an orchestra

Tyler: Yeah!

So last time that I wore a plastic item Crusty did not like it, so let's see what Crusty does this time

Tyler: He does not like it!

but sometimes we torture him for videos. Look at him.

Tyler: You okay? He's fine.

He's like- "get that ****".

Tyler: He's fine with me

He's just like- "Ty, you need to stop socializing with her, she needs to stop wearing clear plastic stuff."

All right

So we're gonna head out and get some opinions on what people really think of this clear plastic trend when it's taken to the extreme

He's still not cool with it.

Yeah you go back to sleep Crusty, okay? I'll take the bag lady out of here

I'm a bag lady!

So when we first started off I was feeling a little squeaky and a little stiff and I thought my plastic just needed to be

warmed up a little bit

so we headed to somewhere that I thought would be sunny and warm--

Santa Monica.

I really love these sunglasses honestly they do not however really block out the sun, or do much of anything

Really, they're basically just like clear plastic lenses

They're like hipster glasses.

When we arrived I noticed that my skirt was pretty wrinkled from sitting down in the car

It'll fix itself right? Yeah.

But besides that I was ready to take on the world

Ready for prom!

Santa Monica is somewhat of a tourist destination

so I think I ended up being a little bit of a spectacle

We just walked out of the garage complex

And I saw a couple of girls look at me and be like

like maybe they're wondering like is this what people from LA just wear or do?

But also like am I a street performer or am I like going to attack them in some way?

So I definitely got some like somewhat negative like "are you crazy?" attention

but I'm really just trying to find a good spot to Instagram and take this choker off, so

Let's do that next.

One early casualty of the day was the choker.

I can breathe, but I can't really turn my head

I'm seeing a little bit of chafeage, yeah. We gotta get that thing off.

Oh oh, don't do that! We have scissors, so.

I don't remember buying like a small size or anything, but when I got it

It was super super small for my neck.

It's so red. Yeah, it's time for this thing to go. Yeah

So the choker pretty much had to go.

Oh! I'm free! Whoa that took a couple of my neck hairs with it

Not as much as I thought it might, I thought it was gonna be a full wax job.

In fact, I think it had reached literal choking hazard level.

Was it worth it?


But besides the choker everything else was more comfortable than I was expecting. I was expecting a lot of sweat and

friction and just general condensation, and there was not nearly as much of that as there was last time

I think because the skirt was more open air and the crotch was less contained

Less noisy than the clear plastic pants. Yeah! It's not that loud.

It's not that loud.

I think the skirt was a great decision the only issue was that, as the plastic was new, it was a little bit slippery.

Tyler: Smooth!

It's just slipping right off!

I would be a hazard at a child's pool party.

Like any slip and slide- it would be like extra. You would be the slip and slide. I, oh yeah, that's what I am

I'd just a lie down and small children would just...this is getting weird. We're just gonna cut that where we are, yeah.

There was definitely some sweat in the underarms and there was also some condensation in the shoes

There's a little bit of mist right at the top

Oh yeah, you're right. But besides that I was actually doing pretty well. So, I was pretty comfortable, but other people were pretty uncomfortable

So for some reason the clear plastic always gets the biggest reactions like the clear plastic pants

Clear plastic this. My clothes may be invisible, but like I am not like people are like

"What the **** are you doing?"

I think it may be the illusion of nudity, people get excited.

So beyond just general like street first impressions

I wanted to get some people's opinions on my outfit.

Alright, so I'm here with Johnny

Uhm, Johnny I'm just gonna ask you

Is this angry?

So once you realized I wasn't naked, what was your first thought?

Most people thought that the plastic was kind of cool in its own way even if it wasn't something that they would wear.

You would?

So like, for like, art's sake.


Not for like, clothing's sake.

But one brave taker said that she would wear the entire thing at the same time.

So if you still want it after I've sweat in it for about 12 hours

Just let me know. So after talking to some people in person

I also wanted to see what you guys thought on Instagram. Alright. Let's do it. We'll see what happens

I feel like they were mixed reviews there were some negative--

And actually a decent amount of positive reviews as well.

That is the best compliment that I've ever received

One thing I noticed from the Instagram comments and the reactions in real life was that people thought that it looked

futuristic kind of like a high-fashion ziplock bag of the year 2035

Nowadays clear plastic clothing may be sold by trendy retailers like Forever 21, Dolls Kill, and Topshop.

Found 'em.

But plastic clothes started off as experimental high fashion

As we've talked about before

Designers in the 1960s made concept clothing out of plastic as well as other inorganic

materials used by astronauts as the Space Race took center stage and interest in the future grew.

Do you like these ones better than mine? No I like yours

Alright, that's what I thought.

Clear plastic clothing also had another stint in the 90s.

Oh there it is, found it.

When sheer clothing came into fashion and people really loved showing off their undergarments

it seems in some ways that clear plastic may just be the

futuristic full monty version of the sheer clothing trend

We got kicked out of Forever 21 before we could complete our search

but you know we found a couple of clear plastic things out in the wild a lot of it lives online

I think, a lot of it's like we'll just put this on our website in case

anyone wants but they're like not sure if they want to like market it on Santa Monica promenade quite yet

Like astronaut and space travel

materials, this outfit is very resistant to the elements

So one thing about wearing clear plastic is as I realized last time it can safe-guard against food stains

So you can just you know kind of do whatever you want, you can be as messy of an eater as you will



Just testing it out.

That was so close to not where my plastic was.

That said, my slip underneath was pretty high and dry the only thing that was really left to do was to clean the plastic clothes

which you can do in a variety of different ways, so I'm gonna go rinse off somehow

Somewhere, I don't know where.

I had taken my clear pants into the pool which may have led to their death

but I wanted to try out something a little more natural this time

Should we try and find a water source of some kind? I think I see one?

We get it, you're going to the ocean.

Don't tell them that yet!

So I went straight into the Pacific Ocean well not straight

I put on a bathing suit and then we went straight into the ocean. I'm ready. Let's get in the water. Yes

I know that I could have easily taken this off and rinsed it, wiped it

maybe with a baby wipe or something, but instead

we're just gonna walk straight into the ocean and hopefully not ruin all of our clear plastic stuff in the process. The only thing I

was worried about besides the potential clouding or salting of the clothes was that something would fall off

and become like a

Pollution Hazard for the Ocean so when you're doing that you kind of just got to keep your wits about you like make sure nothing

just falls off. You don't want to be an enemy to sea wildlife

Are you rinsing yourself off?

Are you clean?

I'm gonna rinse off now to actually hopefully not cloud up this plastic forever.

Yeah, you're gonna smell like seawater and clear plastic.

And B.O.


I saw some public showers over there you guys know how I love public showers. And the public showers were loving this outfit

I like it a lot. Even right now? Yeah. Even soaking wet this outfit has some attraction

Okay, so I'm clean now. I'm very wet so I think it's time to head back now

Give these clothes a proper rinse. So they don't actually cloud up like the clear plastic pants then see what else is going on.

So after I dried off we went to universal Citywalk to grab some dinner

I feel like after the dip the plastic's a little stickier and wrinklier

But it's clean now so that's all that matters. Very clean.

I think the clear plastic outfit really shines at night

When it kind of reflects light off of itself and you look less naked and a little more like static electricity

Near neon signs. Good place to be. Why am I out here with you? I don't know.

At dinner I did have the unfortunate experience of getting stuck to the booth. I'm never getting out of here.

No? No it's all over for me. It was nice knowing you, Tyler.

All right, we're done with dinner

Ty, come get me

Are you serious? You're that stuck?

Wait, wait wait wait I can't slide out. I have to like lift myself up. Because the thighs are stuck too.

But besides that it was a good time, and I actually ended up buying the restaurant postcard.

I don't think this was money well-spent

But now we have this. So that was my day in clear plastic clothing. With my second time around and plastic clothes

I've reached a conclusion that I don't hate this stuff

I think it does look kind of cool in certain situations, but I don't think it's ever gonna catch on to be like a true

Widespread Trend, maybe besides like pictures or online or that kind of thing. It's just not quite comfortable enough

I think in the future we'll actually probably be wearing things that are like very

Ergonomic and less like plastic things that will stick to booths

I wore this nude slip underneath everything just so I could show the plastic clothes off in all their glory

But I think that this outfit would actually look good with other stuff underneath

So I think I'll definitely experiment with this with like other stuff underneath it

Maybe not the entire outfit at the same time, but like a couple pieces here and there

But if you did wear this every day, you would be prepared for any impromptu water fights

My face isn't dry, but my dress sure is

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And I'll see you guys a'next time.

Okay gimme that thing.

Who's laughing now?

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