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There is no player like Russell Westbrook and if youve seen him play, you know he

is always going 100 miles per hour and playing angry, but why?

Its deeper than you think.

What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players.

Its ya boi MJ.

Russ has been called the fiercest competitor in the NBA today.

He looks like he is trying to kill his opponent and the rim.

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Russell Westbrook wasnt born with a highly competitive attitude.

He grew up in LA playing multiple sports including football and basketball.

He was actually more gifted in football at a younger age but would find his interest

in basketball and would play for Leuzinger High School.

Leuzinger High School had a player that had the youngest Drew League debut at 15, had

multiple college offers, was called the best high school basketball player in the nation

and no this was not Russell Westbrook.

He wasnt good.

He was only 58and wasnt even a starter for varsity.

This other stars name was Khelcey Bars.

Khelcey Bars was not only this amazing player, but lived across the street from Westbrook,

it was a 30 second walk.

Khelcey and Russ were best friends and were inseparable, spending countless hours together.

They had dreams of playing college basketball together even though it looked like Russ wouldnt

get any offers.

Khelcey, at 16 years old, seemed like he would be an NBA star.

As a 66small forward, he could shoot 3s, rebound, play make, bring the ball up,


His future was bright, but one day Khelcey suddenly collapsed playing pick-up basketball.

Everyone thought he was joking until Khelcey started rolling his eyes back.

He was revived once with CPR, but on the way to the hospital, Khelcey would pass away.

Russ had left the gym before all of this had happened and never witnessed what had happened

to Khelcey, but it was a big deal.

I mean, he just lost his best friend.

Khelcey dying when he had such a bright future shook Russell Westbrook even more.

It opened his eyes and made him realize to never take life for granted.

Theres just too much to live for.

Right after his death, Russ started to push himself in basketball and everyone around

him saw it, a fire in his eyes.

Russ said that the reason he began to work even harder was because Khelcey would have

done the same.

Their assistant coach Young says that Russ is living for two people, that he has the

energy of Khelcey within him.

Russ would go Russ to this day is still impacted by his friends death.

He refuses to slow down for a second because he knows that Khelcey was ravenous about basketball.

Khelcey spent hours in the gym, hours training, and was in love with basketball.

When the coaches came to tell Russ that Khelcey had died, Russ had already found out and was

watching game tape of the Lakers versus Spurs.

The coaches said he looked catatonic, as if he was in a spell.

He would say that I give it my all, 100 percent, because you never know what will happen the

next day.

The next year, Russ would average 25 points and 8.7 rebounds because he made basketball

his life.

He became the star of his high school basketball team and would get an offer from UCLA, the

dream school Khelcey and Russ had wanted to play for together on.

Russ to this day wears KB3 on his wristbands in honor of his best friend.

Thats why he plays with such a passion on the floor, because hes living two lives.

It comes out as rage, but its just raw emotion.

A lot of us like to hate on Russell Westbrook for his play, but I think we gotta give it

to him on loyalty.

I love Russs relentless drive, but I dont know if thats enough for him to win a championship.

But what do you think?

Can Russ win a championship with the way he plays?

Are you loyal like Russ?

Let me know in the comments down below.

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