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We've just come to Portugal.

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Portugal is surely...

As pretty much any European country,

is not a country that can


the tourists in any way, like, "Holy crap, what's going on!?"

or where you could record some super exciting videos,

like Syria or Afghanistan.

Here, it's all plain:


eating, resting, staying no more than a few days.

If you're into such tough stuff,

watch my videos about traveling to such countries as Syria, Afghanistan, and so on.

I'll leave the links in the description.

As for Portugal,

we've just come here to walk

along the streets and have some nice meals.

I found that in Portugal, there's a list of names

forbidden for naming your children.

I heard about such a thing in other countries,

so they don't give children these really imbecilic names.

Like, when they called him BOCh 2000,

for Biological Human Specimen 2000.

The parents are totally imbeciles.

And here,

In Portugal, forbidden names are such as Dmitriy,


and some other ordinary, I mean, normal ones, as Rihanna.

But Dmitriy, I don't know...

What's wrong with Dmitriy.


Their country,

their laws.

I think it's about time

to communicate with some locals. This is Joanna;

we're staying at hers, in her apartment.

Let's ask her some questions about Portugal and the Portuguese.

Hi Joanna!


Could you please tell me what differs

Portuguese people from other nations?

So, I think Portuguese people are...


people, better than anyone else, but

I think we are easy-going people,

we are quiet, we are taking time, and

that sometimes is... It's good and it's bad.

For work, it's bad, for taking your time, it's just

amazing. I think that's the biggest difference:

we are calm, taking time, and welcoming.

Do you think Portuguese people


more happier

than other nations?

Yes, I think we are. Yes, we are.

OK. And,

could you please tell me something about

Portugal? Why people should visit Portugal?

Well, this is wintertime, so

the weather for sure.

You have wonderful weather all year.

Then, just the food is amazing, because we have

fish, fresh fish. We are in the Atlantic and we have a lot of rivers.

The wine is just also amazing, and


And you think, well, Portugal

is a mix between... You have Brazilians,

they are in America,

and then you have a mix of Asia

that is just... Macao, and a lot of countries,

there's China, and

you can have a melting pot here in Portugal.

And that is pretty amazing. You have Africa!

So, we love to dance, we love to party,

and it's a mix of all of those countries:

I think it's... It's a beautiful melting pot.

And one more

interesting question: it is not related to Portugal.

What do you know about Russia or Russian people?

Well, we always think

when we talk about Russia, about colds.

I think it's what we think.

But one particular thing: I do Airbnb for 10 years now;

It's just we think of the weather and

then the people that are cold, but you are not.

And that's amazing thing.

OK, thanks a lot.

Thank you.

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Can you go up such a stair, Sanya?


Well, go ahead.

We've walked around Lisbon:

very nice town; we had a good time.

Now we've just rented a car,

by the way, relatively cheap. Here,

About $30 a day [$301980 RUB]

So we went for a drive across the country:

why to spot in one city?


Meanwhile, we've come to Portu city,

the city that gave name to this country,


Really colorful city as well.


these surfaced roofs.

Tourists normally come to

Portu, Lisbon, some other small towns.

These two are the main ones.

We feel like

we're more into Lisbon, but that our personal feeling only. Both cities are

nice for walking. Views are beautiful.


colorful houses.

In Lisbon, we have tried out various delicious national meals,

whereas in Portu,

we should surely try the main national drink

of Portugal,

that is Port.

Nastya's telling Coca-Cola.

To you, Coca-Cola.

To me, Port.

Some streets and houses... Like this district, for instance,

look very interesting.

I can't even choose

another word.

I believe it's no secret

that Portugal onсe was

a great sea power. Lots of explorers, discoverers were

from this country.

Long ago,

it was even the most powerful country in the world.

And now Portugal is...

peaceful and quiet agricultural country

with slow-paced life.

An ordinary West-European country.

As always, with kids,

you never go far

or fast.

Running wild.

Still, Portugal has

its own flair:

something village-like,

in European terms, that's my association.


Actually, a nice country.


Like Spain, Portugal has corrida,


However, here, they call it torrado.

The main difference is that here, they don't kill the bull in the end.

We wanted to watch it,

so I looked up the schedule, but, unfortunately,

there's none during our trip.

I'd surely

visit such a thing.

Nastya, would you like to watch the bull-fighting?

[nods] I'd go to the one where they kill it.

So we should go to Spain.

I want this way: torrado-tornado.

This is the way Portu can look.

Very beautiful, of course.

Is it beautiful, Sanya?


Even the child says it's beautiful.

And here,

along the riverfront,

there are these

little districts,

to call them so.

I can't even get

if this district is prosperous, or not.

The view is not bad,

like home, the riverside.

Old little houses...

Some woman is laundering down there

in a bucket, right on the street.

Do you know much about soccer?

Well, they're kicking the ball about... That's it.

Actually, yes.

My knowledge about soccer is the same as limited.

Well, I also know that Cristiano Ronaldo is from here.


I don't even know how to pronounce

his name correctly.

We're definitely not a soccer family.

However, football is extremely popular

in Portugal.

Everyone can play it here.

Can they?

Well... I did a few times, but I'm not really good at it.

Winter in Portugal is like this:

not exactly a winter:

trees are green,

and it's +17+18 centigrade.

We leave wearing jackets in the morning,

and in the afternoon, it's pretty...


And it's February: one can say, the very wintertime.

Such streets...

I like especially,

where there are no people,

it's quiet,

no fuss, or tourists on such paths.

I like reading some interesting facts

about a country I'm going to.

I googled some before coming to Portugal.

I wondered what comes to people's minds when they hear "Portugal".

The most popular things were, of course,

soccer, port, wine:

a standard stereotypical set.

The association I remembered the most


"The Portuguese are suntanned people

that potter around the

sun-soaked beach all day long."

That's funny.

This is as real as

all the Russians are drunkards with bears.

I wonder where do such associations come from?

Especially given

that not much of our fellow countrymen

have been to Portugal themselves

and walked along the streets

of this country or rode across it.

Some people call Portugal

poor economic power.

I even read that some call the Portuguese

European gypsies.

Well, gypsies is really too much,

they're not like gypsies anyway.

Portuguese people's mentality

is different.

But the country, yes...

Not the wealthiest economy

compared to other

Western European countries, here,

I think life conditions are worse.

Not bad, though.

That's important. On the other hand, the prices for tourists are modest,

no stratospheric

prices for accommodation,


Quite fine

for us, as tourists.

One more interesting fact I've read:

in the New Year time, just as midnight comes,

the Portuguese

eat 12 grape berries as a custom.

One for each bell chime.

Do they have the same chimes as we do? I don't know.

It turns out that because the Portuguese are very religious,

or so, abortions were legalized here only

about 10 years ago. Until then, they were prohibited.


We've just come back from one place,

which I believe every tourist should visit

in Portugal.

It's called Cape Roca.

The view was amazing, though, I couldn't record

anything there: I was going to record and tell much, but

the snorter was just...

mega-strong, recording anything was just impossible.


add some shots here with music, just to show you what a great view

it was. By the way, it's

the Westernmost point of Europe.

There's a huge rock... Well, you're going to see now.

[sound of the wind all the way]

Windy, isn't it?


* the wind is so strong, even the camera's shaking


It's exquisite when the cities are located on the hills.

Such slopes are



We noticed while walking in the city that gates, as well as anything else,

are all scribbled with graffiti,

it's not even graffiti, just some

stupid scribbles.


And this is the very center.

We have no such things home in the very center.

Almost everywhere and everything: all the fences...

Well, not really all of them, but a lot of them.

Almost everything... scribbled.

This time we decided not to take Sanya's stroller:

he's grown enough, so we don't normally use it,

though, we'd take it to trips.

Well, that's it.

Any traveling with much walking in the city

daddy's neck is the stroller.


scribbled house:

virtually all of it.

They really paint a lot,

if I can call this painting.

The benches are all scribbled too.


benches too.

Maybe they hadn't got pencils in their childhood, Nastya, and they wanted to paint so much.

And the same thing here!

Hanging out the washing...

Sasha, I see mama!

Speaking of Portuguese national cuisine,

the main dish here is


There are lots and lots of fish dishes.

The essential, even legendary one

is cod. If the Portuguese

cooked a new fish dish every day

with no repetitions,

they would do this for a whole year.

Over 300365 different fish dishes.

And the most famous of

cod dishes in Portugal: here it is.

It's called Bacalhau à Brás.

I ordered it without even knowing how it looks. I just knew the famous name.

Looks so-so, but the taste

is not bad.

Tasty. The dish is OK.

[not clear] national fish.


It's the main local dish. Bacalhau à Brás.

[tries to pronounce it]



Look at this house. Can you see the tile? This house...


This one,

this one, next one, and so on...

The style is called


Such tile is sold everywhere:

every other house

is surfaced with it.

The signature of Portugal

and its architecture.

Meanwhile, Svetlana is lulling Sanyok somewhere in the street,

in some yard.

And we're waiting until he zonks out.

I was going to question Sveta

on specificities of resting with kids,

but she has no time now, so

Nastya said she would tell how and where

she likes traveling.

Do you like Portugal?



Because I don't like such houses, like the one we're staying in.

Ah, you don't like staying in an apartment, you like hotels.

And if we stayed in a hotel here?

OK, and what about the country, walking in the streets?

I don't like it.

Why not? Do you need a pool and the sea?

No, just a pool.

Get it.

And also, I

don't like walking down the streets, I like bathing in pools...

I don't remember what that country's called... Where there was such a big yellow slide...



They've been everywhere: in Turkey, Croatia, all the beach resorts.


You tell me.

Is it easier to travel with children than it was

a year ago, for instance?

Same. Sasha's the same as wiggly, scampers about the same way.

And this time we haven't even taken the stroller.


You'll get stronger after carrying him in your hands.

Well, thanks a lot.

Portugal is basically a small country.

The capital, Lisbon where we're walking,

is populated with only 500,000 people.

Not much for a European capital.

Another thing I like about our trip is that we came in the low season.

It's winter, February,

and there are almost no tourists looming up

like in other European capitals, you know. Like, Rome is absolutely packed,

Paris, Amsterdam...

Almost no one.

Jolly good.

I don't like it when there are lots of tourists.

So the city appears to be quite.

And this is a huge advantage

of traveling in the low season.

Sanjka's fallen asleep.

[not clear]

My turn to carry

the child again.

Look how nice. Good job, isn't he?

When he sleeps


By the way, when you open a bottle of wine,

about 70 % of

bottle corks are made in Portugal:

the cork oak grows here,

And they even make

bags out of it,

fobs, something else...

We should check it out.



Check out this city view.


Is it beautiful?


The bridge is... Whoa! It's REALLY long! And all the houses have orange and red roofs.

There are oranges and lemons on that tree.


do you know

what's great about this viewing deck?

The kids are busy, and I'm sitting and watching?


It's that you can

buy a glass of wine

right here and enjoy the view.


Svetlana, tell us,

about Lisbon. How is the city to you?

Your impression?

It's fine.

Small, quiet,


Nice streets, just as I like,

apparently, not many people.

Good walking.

This is how we're walking with our kid...


So that he doesn't get hit by tram.


Look what unusual, colorful trams are here in Lisbon,

creating the city atmosphere.

Is the tram beautiful?

[Portuguese speech]

Another one.

Nastya is our little carer:

agreed to carry Sasha instead of us.

Such a view we have in our apartment

that we rented.

Here we have a bit of pigsty, take no note...

We always have it, sort of working disorder.

What is good about renting an apartment?

I won't show all of it: it's pretty large. 3 bedrooms, kitchen...

The good thing is that it's about 34 times cheaper

than a hotel and a few times bigger.

We found it on Airbnb.

Basically, spacious.

Such an apartment costs only about

$30 a day [$301980 RUB],

and if you feel like it, I'll leave

the link to Airbnb in the description, so that you can order there too.

You'll get a discount on your first trip:

$33, almost 2000 rubles.

Very convenient, better than a hotel.


Great, isn't it, Nastya?


We brought kids to Lisbon Oceanarium




Are you imitating an otter?


Well, dear friends,

our trip to Portugal

has come to an end.

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