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Hello and welcome on and today short video as we have a special announcement

for those of you who feel the urge of coming to Switzerland and experience with us what

quality watchmaking is all about and I am therefore delighted to propose our new WATCHTRIPPIN

schedule for 2020 and you will find all additional info on our website, link below.

So following some special requests, we now have 2 different packages, either the classical

5-day option, the hardcore and intense watchloving experience, Monday through Friday, but now

we also propose a more compact version of 3 days, Wednesday till Friday and the goal

with each package is to spend a marvellous moment together with some proper watchmaking

roadtripping action in Swiss watchmaking territory. And when I say together, I mean groups of

4 to 6 people max and we will visit some great brands, workshops, museums, artisans, we will

open doors normally closed and of course you can count on us for some other surprises,

again things slightly out of the box, different, original, unique experiences. Isnt this

fantastic and just want to specifiy that these trips are private, meaning that if we film,

it will only be for those participating, nothing will be published apart if you insist!

But the good news doesnt stop there, because we are slightly golf junkies and we have one

very special version of the 5-day option where we will mix golf and watchmaking; morning

watchmaking activities, then afternoon rounds of golf and naturally the courses are situated

close to our Jura mountains. So a nice little combo!

But regardless of the package chosen, whether starting on Monday or Wednesday, action will

always start in Geneva at 10am. This implies that for those arriving with an early morning

flight, well no issue for you, we will arrange transport from the airport to your hotel or

meeting point, but for those with more complicated flight connections, well, in that case, you

might want to arrive on the previous day, Sunday or Tuesday or actually whenever you

want, and you can either find a hotel/Airbnb accommodation of your choice or we can arrange

this for you. And same can be said about the ending of our watchtrips since they will systematically

finish on Friday around 5pm. So for those who can catch a flight or train out of Geneva

after 5pm, then no problem, but otherwise we can help you stay around or arrange another

activity in the vicinity over the weekend, for instance going to Chamonix and climb up

the Mont Blanc, go to Milan, Paris, etc.

Ok, but between arriving and leaving, well we will take care of everything; hotels, meals

and I mean good meals, good wines, its important, visits of course, transfers, well

the full treatment and we really want you to live something special, meet other watch

fans, have passionate discussions and return home with a huge smile on your face and who

knows maybe bring back a little souvenir, a tic tocking souvenir or a simple piece of

chocolate or cheese, who knows!

Regarding the actual program of each trip, we kindly ask you to tell us on the form to

be found on our website,, which brands you would like to visit and the dates

that are the most appropriate for you and we will take it from there to suit as much

as possible the tastes and interests of those participating. In terms of brands and the

list is obviously not exhaustive but we are thinking of big and smaller ones, such as

Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre,

Richard Mille, TAG Heuer, Ulysse Gardin, Girard Perregaux, but also Greubel Forsey, De Bethune,

Philippe Dufour, Kari Voutilainen, Bovet, Ferdinand Berthoud, Parmigiani Fleurier, MB&F,

URWERK, Romain Gauthier, Laurent Ferrier, well there are many options and well do

our best to make you all happy inside a rather dense program, but more or less 2-3 visits/experiences

per day.

So now in terms of dates, here are the options and we will have to let pass the late dates

of Watches & Wonder and Baselworld, but this leaves time to get organised: so the first

watchtrip will be a 3-day version in May between the 27th till the 29th.

The second trip, again a 3-day version in June between the 10th till the 12th.

The third trip will be a 5-day version in July between the 6th till the 11th, hardcore

action. Fourth trip will be our special golf version, this will also happen over 5 days,

in August between the 24th till the 28th and just for info, the Omega European Masters

will occur around these dates, so for those wanting to go assist over the weekend some

pro-action, well we can probably arrange something, but we need to know in advance.

5th trip will be in September, a 3-day version between the 23rd till the 25th and finally

again a 5-day version in October between the 5th till the 9th.

You will find the price for these trips on our website and it ranges from 1,950 Swiss

Francs for the 3-day version if you share a hotel room to 4,250.- for the 5-day version

in individual rooms, so I know it may sound a bit pricy, but this will really be a special

experience and to make them happen, well we need a minimum of 4 participants per trip

and if you are 6, prices will be reduced a bit and again if you share a hotel room or

if you come as a couple, prices are indeed more attractive and you can find prices regarding

the golf version and all other info on our website and we are definitely looking forward

meeting some of you this year here at and live a memorable adventure together. And

if you have any further questions, dont hesitate to inquire, for instance if youre

looking for a tailor-made version for fewer people, well everything is possible. Thanks

for watching, see you real soon, and Viva Watchtrippin together!!!

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