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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "희귀어 수족관"에 악어먹이 사러갔는데....대박신기.....!! [정브르]

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Hi, everyone!

It's Bre.

I made a fish trap and tried to catch fish yesterday.

But the zipper was open, so all the fish escaped.

So I came here to buy fish. "Cheongdam Aqua."

I'll buy dozens of tropical fish and feed them to my crocodile.

I'll just put the fish together in the crocodile tank.

I'll give them tropical fish.

Anyway, I heard there are new creatures in there like Indian snakehead and albino lungfish.

Let's go inside.

So cute.

This is a pig-nosed turtle.

Hi :)

It looks like a sea turtle, right?



A baby fish is playing there.

That clown fish is playing in a sea anemone.


It's crowed here today.


Look at this.

There are many intersting creatures.

Let me show you one by one.


This is a lung fish which can absorb oxygen by using swim bladder.

It also has albinism.

So this guy is really expensive.

2 million won? (about $2000)


And this guy is a general lungfish.

That was an albino lungfish right before.

They can breath on land, too.

It's cool.


You're so cute.

Oh, we met eye contact.

Do you want to go with me?

Do you want to go to my house?

What's your name?

He's rolling his eyes separately.

It's amazing.


This is awesome.

There's rays here.

They are...

Oh my gosh his eyes are so cute!

Why are you so cute?

This guy is a black diamond ray.

They costs 3~400 thousand won each. ($300~$400)

They live in the fresh water.

Fresh water rays.

Oh, hey.

Are you coming to me?

I'm gonna raise one more CRS(Crystal Red Shrimp).

Oh, three more.

I want to have this king kong shrimps,

and this kind of CRS with a lot of white color on it,

and... which shrimp will be fine?

Anyway. I like this one, too.

There are various shrimp morphs.

If you're interested, it'll be good to refer to this.

Guys, this is very interesting.

They are miurus puffers.

They looks upset. XD

They are pretty.

I think it would be fun if I raise each color of them.

Friendly guppies here.


So colorful.


This is a piranha.


The water is a little murky.

That's because piranhas were fed.

There are two piranhas in this tank. I can't see them well because of the murky water.

What if I put my hand in the tank...?

Let's go and see how he feed the snakehead!

Will the snakehead eat it right away?

I think she doesn't know there's food yet.


She ate.


You seem to be proud of her.


Wow, it's cool.

What's the binomial name of that fish?


We can just call them barca?

Channa Barca.

Channa Barca.



This is a puffer fish.

A topaz puffer.

It's a puffer fish that eats scorpions and centipede well.

It's quite large in size

The is cow heart.

The shopkeeper said they like this.

Let's see.

Oh, teeth marks.

I don't know if you can hear it, but I can hear the puffer fish eating sound.

Huh? Why is here only one?

It was two.

Oh, there it is.

Enjoy it together.


They are going crazy.

Aren't they cute?

Wow. They are really great eaters.

This is a polypterus.

This species can walk and breathe on land.

I also have them already.


They are pretty.

They are angelfish.

These are the crocodile food.

I'm gonna buy them.

They are so small.

My crocodile should eat many of them.

These guys are so cute. I feel sorry for them.

But there's nothing I can do for you.


This is the very polypterus.

This is insane.

Look at these baby crawfish.

So cute...

What kind of crawfish they will be?

Aww, so cute.

We've seen so many cute things today.

There are so many fishes in here. Come and look around.

It's fun.

If you have interest in it, it'll be good to adopt one.

Look at the piranhas.

So many.

Wow, this is interesting.

They are black knife fish.

They swim unusually.

Look how they move their fins.

It's like waves.

-Let's go to my shop-

This is my shop.

It's a little small, but I've bought a lot of tropical fish.

These guys were kinda cheap.

So I chose them.

They are small, so I'll feed a lot.

I love my crocodile.

Let's feed him a lot.

I raise this crocodile legitimately, so...


He always be startled when I touch him.

I'm not raising them illegally. I also have a document. I'm raising them after permission.

Some people said they're going to file complaints.

I don't have no idea why they say so.

I have a written permission. So please do not file complaints.


He've eaten many loach and crickets these days.

I'm gonna give you some tropical fish today.

I've made these guys adjust to the temperature.

Let's put them in the tank now.

Have a meal.

It's yours.

Enjoy your meal.


He'll have a hearty meal.

That's it for today.

I'll go to catch fish by using the fish trap later again.

I'll continue to show you my crocodile a lot, from feeding him unique food to sunbathing.

There are many fish.

By the way, he's very guarded.

He doesn't eat when there's someone looking him.

It's sad.

Please press 'Like' and recommend the name of the crocodile in the comments.

I'm scared.

It's so cute when my crocodile sticks his head out of the water.

Isn't it?

Bye :)

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