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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YOU INDIA YOU LOSE - YLYL #0026

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India(thats not india-oopsie) ,a country just filled with wonderful culture

your bObS very big I kiss your BObs (Pewds miSrEad it)

a country with men that finally understands rOmAncE

when I said I can get you the moon I MEANT IT

Wowow great looking so hot superb sexy bEAuTyYy

we have a lot of stuff to learn from India still, so today

we're going to dwell deeper into its culture, into its TV shows to try and

understand what makes India, so great.

*clap clap* You India you lose, everybody


*burp* don't laugh

let's begin the challenge

Most dramatic scene ever

okay let's watch

*EpiC MoOziK*


**Epic Zooming** **Amazing FX**

**Thunder sound + Epic zooming**

**More effects**


Wait! Wait! This can't be real, this can't be real...

*Pewds laughing heartily*


Jesus Christ this puts Brad one and Brad two's editing to shame. What is this!?

Jesus Christ that was amazing.

Indian soap Opera scenes, oke.

[Translation] The chief of NB Group of Companies....(Apparent gibberish)



*face zoom in progress*

oh no

IT BEGAN *facial zooming noises*


[Translation] fucking bitch bloody fucking bastard you fucking?

[Translation] Do you have any idea about that man you have asked help from?

*Face Zoom*

[Translation] What the heck you have done!


oh my God, is it beautiful!

i need to watch some indian dramas, clearly!

It reminds me of the sound from all- that all the viners use in every single clip

**really epic sound effects, thanks brad**

dramatic Indian drama character introduction, Okay lets watch.


*Disintegration meme*

we all love indian soap operas

*Disintegration meme*

OH MY GOD !! Why are my intros not that good ?!

This is some next-level editing


Negative photography + Disintegration

it's like they just locked an editor in the room and be like here's $2 and 500 grams of cocaine

now edit this bit the coolest way possible

Indian soap operas are the bomb

dramatic Indian paper signing

*Opens Pen*

**Ghalin Lotangan(Indian song)**

*Showing everyone's reaction*

this reminds me of a ...

it's like a real-life anime

it reminds me of Death Note

when he goes I take a potato chip!

I'll solve equations with my right hand and write

names with my left

I'll take a potato chip


if friends were an Indian soap opera

take the rage take the rage take the rage

*Face zooming and effects begin*

oh my god oh my god... this clip... Brad is gonna Brad 2 it's gonna have to

do some proper censoring here

If you wanna go then you go to hill and go down[sic]

Why you get wild?

I call you crazy?

You bloody b*stard b*tch


You running like lady, eh?[sic]


i recommend watching this clip in its full uncensored glory it's absolutely beautiful

and yeah it's just a country filled with memes it's absolutely beautiful here we have a ravi

posting on Facebook believe in yourself and he, he made his own book called

"greatest people" and he placed it next to uhh

all these other uhh famous people's books

someone commented "cool" he says "yes am proud of me"

*pewd's cute giggles aww*

how to transfer money from

GTA 5 to our original account help me I robbed a bank I have

nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine dollars I want to transfer this money to my Visa

debit card account

people say I look like Kaneki Ken. I mean he does have the

eyes just like the same size of the pupils

felix you can't do our indian accent because

thats racist because Apu is racist!!!!


super funny action scenes of Bollywood movies okay

bring it on

so this is a film apparently

how is this a movie!?

what the hecking heck

did they make this in gmod!?


wait there's Indian matrix

oh my god is the same movie


it's the same sCENE!

[Translation] Freeze! Surrender yourself!

pewds: "fReEzE"

*cute laughter again*


i mean arguably this is better

in my opinion

well hello there!

hello guys it's jovan and you know what time it is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

disco time!!! hang on



my newest jam guys!

pewd's newest jam too!

I mean there's this is basically me and there's nothing to rip on here

"hello!" "what's up buddy" "hi how are you!"

"good everything okay?" oh i've seen this

"what's you're name sir?" "isel" "okay"

"what you doing here sir?"

"nothing much I'm just waiting for my friend" "hey what's your friend's name?"

"my friend's name is Raj" "is he staying at the hotel here?"

"no he came to meet someone over here so I'm just here to pick up my wallet because I forgot my wallet in his car"

"I can see a driver's license right here" "pull it out, its okay, you can pull it out" "okay"

"and this is not yours?" "I don't know of that was his identification"

"uHH what is this" "I have no clue"

"your story's still a little scattered do you have anything else illegal on your socks shoes anything

like that? no okay I know you're high okay" ((OHHH BUSTED))

"I smoke weed" *raises eyebrows like a mad lad*

"you're higher than you think"

"no no it's because when I woke up I [had] seen the lights and stuff and I [had] seen you

guys and I got nervous"

"I had a monster drink I don't know if that does it?"


"your tongue's pasty white"

"I just had kebab"


"that's all I got to say! I don't - unless you want me to make up stuff"

"absolutely not" "there you go! I'm probably being honest"

I trust him I trust him okay he

was said he was being totally honest all he did was have a monster energy drink

and a kebab this is the sort of racist discrimination that poor demar - de -

marginalized groups face every single day in America

date a girl who wears glasses it's like dating two girls when she takes them off akaash says wash off

akaash says "wash off the makeup and then you can date three women


ゴゴゴ [JoJo Theme Intensifies] ゴゴゴ

*mAle bOBs*

*Pls translate*


that's all I want to know: why

hope you guys enjoyed this video did you

India or did you lose? 👏🏻👏🏻

leave a like if you lose and leave a like if you won

and I'll see you guys next episode

now this finishes with my favorite song

of all time by

Zahreeli Chummi ((pewd's pronunciation omG AHAHA))

i just wanna say


goodbye to the people who hated me goodbye to the people who loved me goodbye to the people who trusted me

goodbye goodbye to everybooby

pewdiepie is a virgin (not fake)

goodbye to the people who fucked me

yEs and go follow me too thanks bros!

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