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This video is meant to show you guys how the balance changes are affecting the game.

I will be using plague seal for this video.

But keep on mind i will speculate on a lot on numbers as i cannot go

back on time and try the spawns again at different levels with the current changes

But since i never got to the point of making a guide for hunting plague seal i might aswell

use these clips now.

The first balance changes were introduced on the 28 of january and they nerfed plague

seal to oblivion with a 65% decrease on experience and supposedly

20% down of loot, which was a complety failure

Then they reverted the experience around 45% and made an adittionaly 51% decrease on loot

ruining it even further.

An additional change was made on the 4 of january seemingly reverting the drop chances.

but in this case only for plaguesmiths and grimleechs.

Leaving them at supposedly around 25% less drops and exp from before the nerfs.

The reality is that since hellfylers are worthless now and there is a lot of them in plagueseal

the nerf might round up to around 40% of loot or more.

Now this is a hunt i did after the latest changes

a team of 4 lvl 700's hunting almost the hardest way there is, not the best, since none of

us are that familiar with plagueseal but pretty close to being efficient.

we made in roughly an hour 2.5kk of loot with 1kk of supplies.

giving us around 250k/h of profit not taking into consideration imbuements or

silver tokens.

The experience was in average 4.7kk an hour on 100%.

Now you might think thats reasonable but you need to realize that this is close to the

most you can get at current rates.

Lets now look at another clip of before nerfs with a much weaker team and hunting without

the so called trap style

at average of lvl 350 in 1 hour we had around 1.3kk of loot and were doing less than 3kk

experience an hour on 100%.

The waste is hard to say but lets assume its roughly of 800k as mages at that level hunt

with mana shield more often than not.

that would of been 500k split in 4 making it 125k profit per person.

You might say at this point, that lvl 350s average are too low for plague seal and you

are right so lets jump around 100 levels into the future.

This is a hunt at average level of 470.

Still not hunting trap style but definetely killing more monsters per hour.

we were getting 3.3kk loot and around 4kk experience an hour.

lets say is around 800k of waste again thats 2.5kk split in 4

making it 600k of profitper player.

Now, you might say the numbers are starting to get high. and yes you are right but is

still within the reasonable expectation for the spawn

here is a 3 man hunt with an rp and average level of 490, we had around 1.9kk loot an

hour and experience was around the 3.3kk. a waste of around 600k would put it at 400k

profit per person.

As a duo of lvl 550's we were making aorund 800k profit per player

Trap style 4 man at average of 700's we were making around 4.5kk loot with maybe a waste

of 1.2 thats 3.3kk split in 4 making it 800 profit per player.

and around 6.2kk experience on 100%

and now back to the present

a team of almost an average of 800's making 4.7kk experience and around 2.2k loot with

900k waste making roughly 300k profit per player.

thats around a 25% exp and 50% loot decrease, not taking into consideration

the last hunt was of people with 100 levels less.

Now if thats what the high levels are making, just go back and look at what the other level

ranges would make

With all of this said i just want to make it clear that the changes affect the highest

player base of tibia. which i would say its more around the 400's range.

Or maybe its even lower than that, but then again.

those players will have to get to 400 one day and this is

whats waiting for them.

the lower level you are the harder it hits you, creating a even bigger advantage for

high levels

The correct way to implement any sort of balance has to be with experience rates.

That way the higher level you are the less experience a mosnter will give you.

as for the loot a 50% decrease is just way too much as nowadays

there is always things that require you to use gold.

Such as training, improving equipment, buying boosts and

a lot of other things in game.

Yes is unreal to assume you should be able to pay your boosts with the profit from hunts

but is also unreal to assume you have to pay your supplies with

real life money through buying and selling tibia coins.

A more reasonable nerf on spawns like this one should be at around the 30%.

I dont know if i should bother with making a video explaning my thoughts of the overall

balances but i might have to make one as things are not getting much better.

Thank you for watching.

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