Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EMIWAY - KHATAM KARONA (Prod by PSYIK)

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Corona virus has reached 166 countries of the world

All over the world there are more than two lakh people infected by it

and more than 8600 are dead.

The pandemic is spreading.

Social distancing is said to be the best solution

to stop it from spreading

you know it already

stay away stay away

from one another

are you guys ready ?

enjoy at home,

dont go outside,

listen to music,

use sanitizer

and listen

Its not corona virus , its karma

Its not corona virus, its karma

Its not corona virus, its karma

Karma karma

All citizens of the country

have to follow the public curfew

Its not corona virus, its karma

Its the earths anger ,everyones scared,

From now on dont pollute the earth,

Leave everything and stay home

And become a responsible citizen

Waiting for that date , when will all this end,

When it ends

Everyone has the same question?

Stay home have fun ,

why you being a headache,

The disease wont spread

Call , talk and wish your friends and

If you wanna get famous then Diss me

Do anything but stay home ,

Spend time with your parents

work and pray

Dont go out Youll get whooped

Salute to the police they doing their duty

The doctor are also saving lives

Why are you messing it up!

Humans have exploited the earth

Now everyone at Housearrest

And Gods angry

Why are you eating anything

To eat there is pudding, carrots and fruits

most of them always lie

Humans have become demons

Fighting amongst themselves

On cast and religion and forgotten humanity

Became destroyers theres no trust left everyones dishonest

in this 2 days world we are the guests

Stay nicely and go Eat and drink

Dont take anything from other

And open heartedly give Monthly salaries,

Youll eat other food and burp

Correct yourself first

Dont take loan in this selfish world,

Change your thoughts

eat dal ,rice ,pickle and be happy

Why are you spitting anywhere on the road,

Shut up! You dog

Youll looting each other

Ill advise everyone to become a better person

All citizens of the country have to follow the public curfew

Air is getting clean Water is getting clean

God please forgive these humans

Now on dont repeat your old bad habbits

Human race will not get another chance

All these demons have now learnt their lessons

Together lets kill these germs

Stay at home thats the only solution

We are the soldiers that will save the world

Dont be scared of corona

Stay at home and finish corona

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