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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Andoran: Prologue Podcast #1 (Voiceovers)

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TJ: Hello everyone! IvanTJTitov here with the team working onAndoran: Prologue.”

TJ: Youre listening to the first release of our special podcast, in which were introducing the Andoran: Prologue voiceover team

TJ: Guys, say hello to our listeners!

Team: Hi everybody!

TJ: Evgeniy Sinelnikov is the sound director for the project and he manages the voiceovers.

TJ: In Andoran he voices the sophisticated and arrogant High Elves, the Altmer

Evgeniy: Everything you can possibly learn from me, you can also learn from books

Evgeniy: Put your mind and hands to work, and go and find some to read. Leave me be!

Evgeniy: The sun and moons transform day to night, but what transforms the mind?

TJ: Evgeniy also voices the powerful and mysterious Dremora


TJ: and plenty of other roles

Evgeniy: Bothersome creature!

TJ: what was that?

TJ: Ah, yes! Female Argonians for example!

Evgeniy: Such an odd placeToo far from the swamp

TJ: The next person we want to introduce is Oleg Varganov

TJ: He voices the Dark Elf race, the Dunmer, a gloomy and severe people who maintain the traditions of their ancestors down through the ages

Oleg: Under the sun and sky, we greet you warmly

Oleg: The gods of Morrowind, the three deities who embody the Dunmer virtuestogether, they are called the Tribunal, orTriune ALMSIVI.”

Oleg: Azura bless you

TJ: The female Dunmer characters are voiced by Elena Polonetskaya

Elena: Would you like to say something?

TJ: and of all the Dunmer voices Ive ever heard, that, I can assure you, is the most beautiful!

Elena: I see this land suits you. We welcome you freely

Elena: Always maintain your weapons and armor well; the outcome of a battle may depend on it!

Elena: Let our familiarity be fruitful

TJ: Wellthis was a little peek behind the scenes of the voice acting for Andoran

TJ: So, from me, TJ, and the whole Andoran team, until next time then! Goodbye

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