Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Music Alumni | Howard Community College (HCC)

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(Rasa Mahmoudian) I'm Rasa Mahmoudian and I'm a violinist.

(I Hsuan Chiang) I am I Hsuan Chiang and I'm a cellist.

(Rasa Mahmoudian) Basically I'm immigrant uh to US and uh when I was back home I I was

working as a musician.. I was teaching full time and uh well I was playing string quartets

and some other music with orchestras.

(I Hsuan Chiang) I decided to come here for U.S. for college but it was too sudden. So

I didn't really have time to prepare to take and take SAT. So we thought coming to a community

college would be a good first step for me to fit in the culture and everything.

(Rasa Mahmoudian) basically I didn't go to school there because I didn't want to uh have

higher education in Iran and I always wanted to come out of Iran and have education in

Europe or US and so I choose to come to US and when I came.. the first place that I came

was here to study English. Well I couldn't believe uh how many great musicians are teaching

here .. there are all active performers and I think they're doing anything they can to

make a uh very strong uh educational environment.

(I Hsuan Chiang) They were really easy to work with and very supportive and very kind,

its a very small community compared to other schools and it was really great for


(Rasa Mahmoudian) Well Dr. Suter, Dr. Myers and Dr. Wong uh they were very kind to me

and they even.. did not hesitate to uh put their personal time for me.

(I Hsuan Chiang) my cello lessons with Dr. Meyers and also all the interactions with

all the faculty. Yeah that was the time that I started to know more about music field and

like what options you can, like what options you can do after you graduate.

(Rasa Mahmoudian) I think as a violinist uh Ms. Choi helped me a lot uh with my playing

uh she was a really good teacher to me and also I-I think she opened my eyes for orchestral

job opportunities out there and um I I think she was the first teacher.. one of the first

you know people to taught me how to win a job actually.. and i think these auditions

that I won recently is result of that.

(I Hsuan Chiang) I knew how to play the cello, but I didn't know how the professional world

h-how it worked and what other options other than maybe you know private studio teacher

teaching cello, but yeah I didn't know like like freelance gigs and all kinds of aspects

of the music world.

(Rasa Mahmoudian) I plan to continue my higher education and uh later on to assist uh other

inspiring musicians to uh reach their goals. I always felt this city and this college is

my home so I definitely uh will be in touch with school and I will uh do my best to pay

back to uh the good experience I had here.

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