Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hey Steve: Picky Eaters

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- We met in high school,

we've been together for three years.

Our chemistry's great, but when we try to decide

what she wants to eat,

I swear we kind of start bickering and arguing.


I can name every restaurant in Reno Valley,

but she won't know what she wants.

What could I do, Steve?

What do you think would get her

to pick what she wants to eat?

- So let me try to understand what the real problem is.

So Chris, when you ask her what she wants to eat,

she doesn't know.

- She doesn't.

I end up having to choose.

And even then she doesn't really eat it,

so I take care of it.


- [Steve] Erica.

- [Erica] Yes.

- So you have trouble deciding where to eat.

- [Erica] Yes, I do.

- Yeah, and so whenever he picks a place,

you don't always agree with it.

- No, I'm too picky.

- So when she don't give you a answer

to where she wanna eat, what do you do, Chris?

You just pull in somewhere?

- We don't even leave.

I start naming restaurants.

I go, Carl's Jr, anywhere that's in the vicinity.

Carl's Jr, McDonalds, Burger King,

Jack in the Box, Wendy's.

- This boy know all of 'em, don't he.

(audience laughs)

Big boy just rippin' 'em off.

(audience laughs)

Okay, let me ask you a...

Erica, do you have a favorite type of food?

- I really love Italian food.

(audience cheers)

(Erica laughs)

- Now see Chris, you wouldn't even have to be here today

if you were to just turn to your little beautiful girl

and said darling, what is your favorite food?

Now, she said Italian.

I bet if you said, how 'bout Olive Garden?

(audience laughs)

Now Erica, let me ask you something.

Would you eat at Olive Garden?

- No.

(audience laughs)

- I see.

- See, Steve? (laughs)

- Yeah.

(Chris laughs)

See little Erica, I was trying

to help you out a minute ago.

But see, now we through with you.

(audience laughs)

How the hell you don't want Olive Garden?

Everybody like Olive Garden.

You ever had that salad and them breadsticks?

(Chris laughs)

- Maybe.

- Have you lost your mind?

So let me ask something.

So little Erica, let me ask you a question.

What Italian restaurant do you like?

- I love Bucca di Beppo.



- I ain't got that.


- Now Chris, let me ask you a question.

Is Bucca di Peppo a little bit out your price range?

- More than a little bit.

(Chris laughs)

- Yeah see, we got a little problem here.

'Cause he a young dude, he trying to come up.

He ain't got his money stack yet.

You in school, Chris?

- Yes.

- Yeah, see?

He ain't, so you little bougie.


You know, we gettin' sick of you right now.


I'm in college, I ain't got money for Buca or di Peppo.

(audience laughs)

Alright, I'm gonna tell you what I'm gon' do.

I'm a send you all on a date tonight.

(audience cheers)

Now right up the hill at Universal City Walk,

is a Bucca di Peppo.

(audience cheers)

There's one up there.

I'm a send ya'll up there for dinner tonight.

It's gon' be on me.

Let me tell you something.

You can eat anything you want, Chris.

- Are you sure, anything?


- You know, Chris, Chris, Chris,

that was a invitation.

You took it as a challenge.


Oh, alright, I'm gonna send you to dinner at Bucca di Peppo.

We'll be right back.

(audience cheers)

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