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Fermi Research Laboratory

What happens when a person approaching 40 goes to marriage consulting?

Do you know the probability of a woman over 35 getting married?

The answer is < 10%

In other words, the time limit for women is 35.

Ugh...Where can I find myself a nice man?

I'm Manami.

After my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me, I focused on work, and now I'm 36.

I'm in some deep trouble.

Simply going to work and coming home won't work, so I applied for marriage consulting.

What are your requirements?


A regular looking guy.

A regular looking guy...

Someone who looks like Brad Pitt.

With at least 180cm in height

A salary of around $60,000

And someone around my age.

I...I see...

By the way, if you had to make a compromise, what would it be?

I can't compromise!

Let's try looking for someone with this profile.

Step 1: Demands are unreasonable.

3 new messages!

Would you like to meet up?

A $40,000 salary...No...

Height of 162cm. Nope.

41 years old? What an old guy!

Reject all.

One week later.

No messages at all...

I guess I'll have to take initiative.

Would you like to go eat some time?

3 days later

Everyone ignored me.

Step 2: You realize your own market value.

I'm broke.

Monthly bill for marriage consulting, $100

$50 for photos

$30 for marriage consulting parties

Marriage consulting registration fee, $1,000

I didn't know marriage consulting cost this much!

Anyways, I guess I'll just attend a marriage consulting party next time.

Hi, I'm Manami.


Hi! I'm Yui! I'm 21 years old!

Yui! Do you want to go eat together some time?

Yui! Can I at least have your number?


When you go to marriage consulting, you'll understand.

Men go for the younger ladies.

The young looks and the nice language.

I was given a glimpse of something even more horrifying.

Ow! I got a blister on my foot...

Step 3: Marriage consulting is expensive / you can't beat youth.

Anyways, I was finally able to get a date with a man.

He's 39. He looks nothing like Brad Pitt

and has no chivalry.

This is so boring. Am I making a mistake?

I'll see you next time!


I'll let them know to turn him down.

A few days later.

Hello...I can't find anyone that looks like Brad Pitt...

Manami. Marriage is give and take!

You always think about what the man can offer you.

Have you ever thought about what you can offer him?


Brad Pitt would choose a beautiful and tolerant woman in her 20's who can also cook.

Step 4: You realize you have to compromise.

6 months have passed. In 2 months, I'll be 37.

I know I at least need to compromise.

The issue is: What do I compromise?

You want to change your requirements for your match?

That's great! You finally understand!

To be honest, your requirements were unreasonable!

I know...

But understanding that is a step forward!


I was aiming too high! Sorry!

Ahahah! No worries.

So. What are your new requirements?


A $50,000 salary and a height of 173 cm

and someone who looks like Tom Cruise!


Step 5: They still can't compromise!

"The beginning is crucial for everything: Books, interviews, music, and first encounters. If the beginning is boring, people will leave." By Fermi

P.S. If the first or second song is boring, people won't listen to the rest.

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