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Here is me and my friends welders "Romiscley" and "Tito"

The welder "TITO" that will make this weld.

Before beginning the welding

We check if the assembly of the joint is not misaligned.

To check this

We use this welding gage measures called "Hi-Lo"

On this side it has scale in inches

And on this side, it has scale in the system metric.

Which is used here in Brazil.

When we pull here,

Also pushed this part until touching the tube.

Then we'll see if it is misaligned,

And how much is misaligned.

Reading from here.

With a caliper,

we check the opening of the groove

In this case, 5 mm (3/16").

This is the 2G position

A tube with a joint of the weld, beveled

And in the welding position, horizontal

This red color is an varnish anti-oxidant.

That welders call it "boca loca"

Do not tack welds within the groove.

Use these alignment sticks to tacking weld, in the assembly the pipe

See that, the filler rod

is fed from the inside of the pipe.

and back of the weld pool.

Always use a flashlight to check

if the inner side of the root is good.

Note that the welder is using a TIG torch with trigger.

For the opening of the electric arc by high frequency.

This will make that, if contaminate less,

the tungsten electrode.

Note that here, the alignment sticks was removed, that was here.

See now by the inside of the pipe.

Now the outside.

Again with the help of a flashlight

The welder check if it has any discontinuity

on the inside of the root

Here the welder removes another alignment sticks

Again note the filler rod being fed inside of the pipe.

The welder uses this point of the bevel to support the filler rod

and adds it to more easily from behind the weld pool.

Now the welder removes the last alignment sticks.

Again the welder looks with a flashlight the inside of the root.

enquanto possvel,

because this last part of the closing of the root.

will not be possible, he see with the flashlight.

Note here that he made two nails,

one to initiate the amendment of the weld bead,

and the other in the final amendment of the weld bead

Now with the help of a flashlight

lets see how are the inside

Now we go to conclude, the weld bead.

Do not forget to keep the torch stopped there, "TITO"!


Stopped and off, that's right!


that's right!

Note that the welder holds the filler rod

above, in the upper bevel.

and this will facilitate the filling of weld pool in the the groove.

Tank you for watching!

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