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- Hey Zam fam, today we are playing

the Last To Sink Wins $10,000 in the disgusting pool.

Oh my god.

This pool is so gross.

- [Matt] Wait, so we're gonna win $10,000?

- Well, we're going to win $10,000 worth of mystery devices.

You guys know we have been competing

against the Quadrant in different challenges.

And if we win we get back one

of the devices so we can stop E2.

But if they win, they get a clue

to find where the Game Master is.

- The only problem is, we don't

know where the Game Master is.

- Yeah, we have been tricking the Quadrant

into thinking we know where he is.

In the last challenge that we did which was Don't Smash

The Wrong Mystery Box challenge, we actually lost.

And we gave him the clue that the Game Master

was in Los Angeles which, we're not quite sure about.

- We don't know.

- So smash the thumbs up button right now

to give us good luck so we can defeat

the Quadrant in this challenge.

He should be here any minute.

Matt, do you hear that?

- Is it the computer? - Oh my gosh.

- [Matt] It must be Daniel, he's trying to Skype us again.

- He doesn't know yet that we destroyed his phone.

We can't tell him right now.

- No, no, no, clearly not. - No, no, no.

We have to confront him in person. Okay, let's go.

Okay. - Okay, whatever you do,

don't let him know that we destroyed

his phone during the challenge.

- Okay, okay.

- Hey, Daniel.

- Hey, guys.

Sorry for Skyping again but I still haven't found my phone.

Have you guys seen it yet?

- No, no.

We haven't seen your phone.

Sorry. - Okay, well.

If you do find it, can you please just let me know

as soon as you do and then, of course,

just don't open it, okay?

- Oh, okay. - Becca, there's the Quadrant.

- Okay, Daniel.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll let you know if we find it.

We gotta go, okay? - Buh-bye!

- Okay, bye.

Okay, let's go.

The Quadrant's here.

Hey, Quadrant.

- [Quadrant] You guys ready to lose another challenge?

- Yeah, are you ready?

It's our turn to pick the challenge and we've picked it.

- [Quadrant] Alright, what are we doing?

- We are playing The Last To Sink Wins $10,000 in that pool.

- [Matt] That's right.

$10,000. - Yeah.

- [Quadrant] Wait.

$10,000? All I want is a clue.

- You can either chose between $10,000

or you can get a Game Master clue

and we can choose between a device or a $10,000.

- [Quadrant] Alright, let me see this pool.

- What? - No.

No, we don't need to see the pool yet.

It's okay.

- [Quadrant] Oh my gosh.

You guys are gonna have a great time

falling into there at this challenge.

- We're not gonna go into that.

You're gonna go be losing and falling

and sinking in to that pool.

- [Quadrant] Whatever.

- Okay, so the way this challenge works

is we're gonna have five minutes at a store

to get any supplies we want to build our ship.

However, we cannot use any inflatable floating devices.

So it can be any items besides that.

And then we're gonna come back here.

We're gonna build our ships.

And we're gonna time it.

Whoever stays up the longest wins this challenge

and will either win a device

to stop E2 or a Game Master clue.

- [Matt] Or $10,000.

- So Zam fam, smash the thumbs up button.

Comment right now who you think is gonna win.

Obviously, not this guy.

Let's get over to the store.

So we're in the car heading to the store

but I wanted to let you guys know,

if you live in Texas, Matt and I are

gonna be attending Digicon on May fifth.

So get your tickets.

Also, shout out to people wearing our merch.

- Yeah. - Like, this slays.

I don't have any 'cause I'm going in the water

and I didn't wanna get it wet.

Shout out to these people.

If you guys wanna get any merch,

the link is in our description.

Also in this site, you'll be able to see

where to get the Digicon tickets

so I can come meet you guys!

- Kinda weird that there's

a Quadrant member in the back seat?

- Yeah, you're right.

I forgot about that.

- [Quadrant] You know I can still hear you guys, right?

- Oh, and, uh.

That Digicon thing.

Pretend you didn't hear that.

- [Quadrant] The what?

- So we're here at the store now

and we each have five minutes

to pick out the items that we want to make

our ship and we're each gonna video it.

Do you have a camera?

- [Quadrant] Why would I have a camera?

- Okay, so Matt, try to film him

getting his supplies, too. - Yeah.

I got it. - Alright, ready?

One, two, three, go.

- Go.

- Okay, so I'm at the store.

I have to go pick out stuff.

I'm gonna go to the swim section

because hopefully, I'll be able

to find something that floats.

I have to win this challenge.

- Only have five minutes right now.

So, we gotta get through this as quick as possible.

So, I need to actually figure out

a better strategy than just Tupperware.

- [Rebecca] This is an inflatable.

Kinda helps so I think this will work.

Found some more floaties.

Hey, Matt. - Come on, Bec.

- [Rebecca] But we're on the same team.

- I know, I just realized we're on the same team.

- Yeah. - So we need to figure

this out ASAP, okay? - Okay.

I have an idea of like maybe wrapping these together, Matt.

- Oh, okay. - 'Cause we said inflatables

but we didn't say noodles.

- Yes, good point.

There's duct tape over here too, okay.

- Okay. - Don't forget that.

- [Rebecca] Do you guys think

these could work? - Rebecca!

- Huh? - It didn't work last time.

Don't use that!

- [Rebecca] Okay, okay.

Okay, we're running out of time, Matt.

- [Matt] I know, we're only five minutes.

- So I got duct tape.

Comment below what you would use

if you did this challenge.

Right now, I'm just using noodles and duct tape so far.

I need to find something else.

What should I use?

- [Matt] Baseball bats?

Okay, you're gonna need more than that. I know it.

I don't want you to win but you need more that that.

- [Quadrant] Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

- [Matt] A pool?

- [Quadrant] I need some tape to bind this all together.

- [Matt] I think it's back over there.

You don't have that much time.

We're running out of time.

Got it.

- [Rebecca] If anyone uses a pool,

that's just gonna be a bad idea.

I wish I could use those,

then I'd definitely win the challenge.

What if I use pillows.

Maybe this will work.

They're $3.99.


Maybe I'll get another one.

A little off topic, but look at all of these princess dolls.

Do you guys remember Hatchimals?

Look, there's like a mystery one,

where you don't know what's inside.

So cool.

This is not an inflatable.

It's just a rug thing.

Maybe I'll put this on top of that.

So we have our stuff.

- [Matt] That's right.

- Now, we're gonna meet the Quadrant,

get back, and build our ship.

Sp we are back at the pool.

We all have our supplies.

And now, we are five minutes to build our ship.

- Only five minutes?

What? - Yeah, we gotta go fast!

- Okay.

- I have five noodles and then

I'm actually not using any duct tape, I don't think, at all.

I'm gonna try to just strap it in right here

- Okay. - You think it's gonna work,


- [Rebecca] I hope so, Matt

- Alright, guys. - You have five minutes

to build it. - I know.

Comment down below if you think this is gonna work.

- [Rebecca] What are you building?

- [Quadrant] I'm gonna build the winning boat,

that's what I'm gonna build.

- [Rebecca] Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got that.

I was like, no one would get that.

It would never work.

You're about to lose, Quadrant.

- [Quadrant] I don't have a mouth to cut the tape.

- [Rebecca] Maybe if you take off your mask

and do a face reveal, you can do that.

- [Quadrant] Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

- Right now, I have these two pads.

I'm gonna go ahead and just strap it in here.

Once again, I did not elect to use duct tape,

so I'm just using the straps are built into these seats.

So, I got one, two, three, four, five noodles.

Now, here's the fun part.

It's that I just do this.

- [Rebecca] Do you think that's gonna work, Matt?

- I hope so.

- So, we can't have a flotation device,

so I can't blow this up.

This looks like a mat.

- What? - So, I was thinking,

that I'd put this on top of the noodles,

and then I'll lay it flat, so I have someplace to sit.

And then, I got pillows, because I'm gonna be resting

while I float and everyone else sinks.

You guys, let me know if you think

the Quadrant's boat is actually gonna float.

I'm kind of getting nervous.

- [Matt] I'm getting a little nervous too, Bec.

Did we pick the wrong challenge?

- Maybe should've done a coordination one,

because he's really tall.

- [Matt] Yeah, or like a last to fall.

- Or like, 24 hours in a tiny space,

'cause he's so tall. - Yeah, 'cause he's so big.

- Yeah. - Okay.

Zam fam, if you have any ideas for challenges, let us know.

You guys remember the last time

I tried this challenge in Hawai'i.

I bought a boat thing.

I thought it was a real boat, but it wasn't,

and I just sunk immediately because it had no bottom.

- [Matt] Yep, you can't make those mistakes today, Bec.

- No, I'm ready for redemption.

I think Carter Sharer was the first one

to do this challenge.

Do you remember that, Matt?

- Yeah. - I should've called him

and gotten advice.

- [Quadrant] I'm gonna put the flotation devices

on the outside, and I'm gonna put the bats underneath.

It's gonna work.

- Pretty quick build.

The only thing I'm scared about

is if it goes from side to side.

'Cause that's what happened last time,

it went from side to side.

- You're right. - And I fell.

This is an upgrade.

Now, I can actually balance it out a little bit.

I'm able to go, oh, side to side.

- [Rebecca] We need to win this challenge.

- I know, I know.

You've been spending all your time duct taping!

- Duct tape is the most important part,

it's what's gonna make it secure.

Oh, no, there's rocks on this.

Oh, no.

- [Quadrant] Q for Quadrant.

That's got a support on this side,

underneath the rim of the vessel,

and then some foam bats on the underside.

Those are gonna keep me afloat.

- It's not gonna work.

- [Quadrant] Just wait and see.

- Okay, so we all have our boats and our ships

and we are ready to go.

One of us has to go first.

I think the boys need to rock, paper, scissors.

- [Matt] Oh.

- [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

- [Rebecca] Okay, Matt, so you're up first.

This is important, Matt. - Yep.

We got this, we got this. - You gotta do this.

Are you okay to film?

Because I don't trust you timing it.

Matt, I don't want him to time, he might cheat.

- [Quadrant] Absolutely, give me the camera.

- I'm gonna take off my shoes, okay?

- Nobody wants wet shoes.

Okay, Zam fam, smash the thumbs up!

We need good luck right now.

Matt or I need to win this challenge.

- That's right. - Not the Quadrant.

- Good to go, look at that. - Okay.

- Do you think this is gonna work?

- I don't know, but you do not wanna go into that pool.

You do not wanna fall into it.

- Oh, look at that!


- Time starts-- - It's so cold!

- Now.

- Oh, my god.

- [Rebecca] Right when you get in, Matt.

Time is starting!

It's working, Matt, you're doing it!

- Working, working!

It's working!

Oh no!


No! - Come on, Matt!

Come on, Matt!

Come on, come on!

- Oh, my gosh! - Come on, Matt!

- It's so cold, it's so cold! - Ha ha, ha ha!

- So, Matt got 23.29.

The Quadrant has to beat 23 seconds to be in the lead.

Alright. - It's so freezing!

- Oh no! - It's so freezing!

- I don't wanna go into that!

Okay, so, while the Quadrant is getting ready,

Matt got 23.29.

- [Matt] That's not bad!

- Yeah, it's not bad. - That's not bad.

- Let us know if you think the Quadrant will beat that,

or if he's gonna sink before 23 seconds is up in that boat.

- [Matt] There's no way.

- There's baseball bats underneath!

That's definitely gonna sink!

Okay, so, I'm restarting the time.

- [Matt] How are you feeling, Mr. Quadrant?

- [Quadrant] I'm feeling dry.

- [Matt] Not for long!

- Okay, on your mark, get set, time starts now!


- We're in trouble. - No.

No, no, no. - We're in trouble.

- Hold on.

- [Quadrant] I'm doing just fine.

You guys are dumb.

- [Matt] Oh, it looks like it's going under a little bit.

- [Rebecca] It's going under!

- [Matt] It's going under!

It's going under!

- [Quadrant] Nope.


- Oh! - Oh, oh!

- Oh, no! - It's taking on water!

It's taking on water!

- [Quadrant] It'll still float.

- [Rebecca] No way!

- [Matt] It's sinking, it's sinking fast.

Oh, it sunk, it sunk, it sunk!

Oh, it sunk, it sunk!

- So, the time is 32.86. - No!


- If you thought that the Quadrant would win

and beat Matt's time in that, then thumbs up your comment.

But don't worry, Zam fam.

I'm next!

Okay, so the Quadrant just got 32 something.

I actually deleted it, so I don't have the exact.

But, yeah, you guys,

comment if you remembered the exact time.

But that just means that I have to beat 32,

and it doesn't matter,

because I'm gonna get 33 or above.

Right Matt? - You got this, you got this.

- Okay.

- Alright, Bec, you got this. - Okay, okay.

Oh, no. Oh, no, I have to stay up, wait.

Like, 34 seconds?

- [Matt] Exactly.

- Okay.

- Here we go - Okay.

- [Matt] And starting now.

- Okay.

It's so cold!

I'm staying up, though.

I'm staying up.

Okay, oh, no, I'm turning!

I'm turning! - You got this, Bec!

- I just have to stay up.

What am I at, what am I?

- Okay. - Oh, my gosh.

- [Matt] 15, 16, you got this!

- Okay!

- [Matt] What do you think, Mr. Quadrant?

- [Quadrant] Done.

- [Matt] 25, 26, seven, 28, 29, 30.

- Oh, wait, wait, I have to go to 30, okay.

- [Matt] 31, 32, 33, 34, oh!

- I did it!

I did it, oh!

Okay, I'm gonna go.

I need to go back. - Yeah, its's super cold,

super cold. - Oh, my gosh!

I did it!

Alright, so I officially won!

I am so excited.

- [Quadrant] Hold on.

We need to do that again,

both of your legs were in the water.

- It didn't matter, I didn't sink.

The rules were don't sink.

I didn't sink.

- [Quadrant] I didn't have my legs in the water.

- That's not my fault.

- [Quadrant] If you wanna win the device,

we have to do this fair and square.

We have to do this again. - What do you mean?

We just did, I just won!

- [Quadrant] Two of us get into the water with our boats

and whoever can last the longest wins.

Battle royale.

- Okay, so we'll do it at the same time.

I'm fine with that. - Battle royale?

- Are we trying to sink the other person?

- That's right. - Did he say battle royale?

- Battle royale in the water?

- [Quadrant] A battle royale in the water. Let's do it.

- Okay, this is for a device that we need back!

Oh, my gosh, it's cold.

- [Matt] Battle royale!

- Ready? - Three, two, one, go!

I won!

- [Matt] Come back, come back, come back!

- I won! We get a piece of the device!

- Yep! - We get another device.

Do you have a device?

- [Quadrant] Yeah, but it's with my dry stuff.

Don't you want another one, though?

- I do, yeah.

- [Quadrant] 'Cause I want another Game Master clue.

- I'm down for another challenge.

Zam fam, let us know what challenge

you want us to do to get another piece of the device.

- [Quadrant] Next time, I get to choose the challenge.

- So, looks like we are doing another challenge.

I wanna shout out the Zam fam that made it

to the end of last video right here!

If you want a chance to get a shout out in the next video,

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