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In many of my videos, I have talked about the idea and the object or the thought and

the object; they are one and the same. When you have a divine mind then you dont perceive

the duality, you dont perceive the thought as different from the object of the thought.

In other words, if you think about a tomato within your mind and then there is tomato

outside on the kitchen table, that tomato in the kitchen is not different from the thought.

The idea and the object are one and the same. We have to develop this divine mind within

us so that we dont create a separation between the two. The Gods and Angels do not

have this duality consciousness as human beings have where the separation between idea and

the object is inherent. I am going to teach you a technique to bridge them together. Many

years ago I put this out, its a mantra that can bring in the idea and object together,

the inner and outer together. We are very grateful to this Siddha Master Tirumoolar

who gave us this sound that can make this happen, the sound is ARA KARA. ARA is the

first unit; the second unit is KARA. ARA is for strengthening your idea or consciousness

and KARA is strengthening the object outside. For instance if you just want to manifest

something like a home then you use this meditation with this sound to strengthen the image of

the house in your mind and also to bring it out in space, in three dimensions. ARA KARA.

So in this meditation you just close your eyes and then visualize this house and then

you say ARA within the mind and then KARA outside visualizing it outside. ARA KARA.

ARA KARA. ARA KARA. I have put this out many, many years ago in a CD form this should be

available at my website in its full version wherein I explain how the sounds ARA and KARA

correspond to consciousness and matter. ARA is just consciousness or energy and KARA is

material energy that forms matter. This is very, very, practical meditation technique.

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