Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GoVenture CEO (1-Min Demo Video)

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GoVenture CEO is the most innovative and versatile business simulation for

schools, universities, and corporate training. GoVenture CEO is easy to play,

but challenging to win. A simulation can be launched in minutes, management and

assessments are completely automated. GoVenture CEO is versatile. It allows

instructors to launch an unlimited number of simulations for their students.

Choose from dozens of products, industries, and markets or create your

own custom simulations using a simple designer interface. Students can be

assigned to compete individually, in teams, or head-to-head; pursuing the same

customers. GoVenture CEO is flexible enough to fit any class size, format, and

schedule. Play a simulation in one hour or over several weeks or months.

Accommodates one student or thousands: inline, online, or blended including open

entry and exit courses. GoVenture CEO is visually engaging by striking the

perfect balance of a modern and visual interface while excluding superficial

features and complexities. The experience is realistic and personal, so that

students not feel like they're just plugging numbers into a fancy

spreadsheet. GoVenture CEO is designed for learning. A visually rich interface,

expertly designed flow, and virtual advisors guide students towards making

good business decisions and learning from them.

One-click reports give instructors instant access to performance data that

is easy to read and apply, even if you are not actively following the

simulation. Students can be graded on participation, performance, competency

quizzes, and peer assessments. GoVenture CEO offers unmatched value, despite being

the most innovative and versatile business simulation on the market.

GoVenture CEO is also priced to be affordable for all. In addition, students

can play GoVenture CEO simulations in multiple courses, at no extra cost.

Different simulations can be created for marketing courses, business management

and strategy, finance, HR, and more GoVenture CEO provides true

experiential learning and experience changes everything.

Bring business to life for your students by adopting the award-winning GoVenture

CEO today.

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