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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lucy, naalala ang sumpa ng kanyang Ama | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

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Dana lost her capacity to bear a child

and she's gotten worse.

If not for the company lawyers,

Dana would be facing a lawsuit

for physical injuries inflicted on the wrong person.

There's no right, no wrong person.

Inflicting pain in any form

on another being is never good.

She's become very difficult to deal with.

I think the curse is at work again.

I'm scared.

Dana's condition of not being able to bear a child

is actually a blessing in disguise.

You see...

This curse has claimed lives in your bloodline!


Dana cannot lose anybody anymore.

The pain of losing an offspring has stopped.


It doesn't mean that the curse has vanished.

It has claimed lives before,

and it will continue to claim more.

It will claim more?

But who?

Only the Supreme One can tell.

They're already feeling hopeless, Mama.

It's been going on for years.

And it will continue to go on

for more generations to come.

Until we finally find what will break the curse.

I'll go on sabbatical mission for a few months.

We'll seek help and answers

to your problems.

Don't lose faith.

Do not open the door.

You'll let the curse enter your lives.


Lucy, we aren't cursed.

You're leaving?

Stubborn girl.


You live in this house like a princess.

I give you everything that you like.

But now you choose to leave our family

with this loser.


Papa, I'm sorry.

Please forgive me, but I love Adam.

In time, you will understand me.


If you step out of this house now,

you can never, never come back.

So, you choose...



I promise to give your daughter a good life.


Go away.

Last chance.


Or go?

Papa, I love you.

I love our family.

But I cannot live without Adam, Papa.

I love him.



Stupid woman!

I'm sorry, Papa.

Shame on you, Lucy.

One day you will come back,

begging on your knees.

Today, I curse you with all my might!



Miserable life!

Cursed until you learn your lesson!



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