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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT - LIVE LESSON 4 - FAST/SLOW words - WEDNESDAY 13th November 2019 - JOIN THE LIVE CHAT

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hmm everybody take a deep breath breathe in and breathe out here we go again

everyone what day is it I will tell you in a moment for those who aren't very

sure yes it is another English addict live

oh hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really hope so here we are then we are all here

together again and yes for all those English addicts out there who can't get

enough of this beautiful language hello to you guess what

it isn't Monday and it isn't Friday I'm very sorry about that

however we are halfway there it's Wednesday

welcome one welcome for those who have no idea what is happening at the moment

don't worry nor do I so here we go it is live

streaming across YouTube and yes I am here three times a week oh my goodness

there it is on the screen right now you can catch me on Sunday Wednesday and

Friday live on all of those days nothing is recorded unless I mention that it is

recorded however most of what you see is live right now in fact we are live so

you can catch me on YouTube quite often on Sunday Wednesday that's today by the

way and also Friday as well so I hope you are doing well I've had

some lovely messages come through on the email if you want to get in touch with

me by the way if you feel like getting in touch here is how you do it

mm-hmm yes that is how you get in touch with us and if you want to get in touch

you are more than welcome to do so it isn't a problem

honestly the reason why I am here is for you so you can improve your English

especially if you are like me an English addict so sometimes being addicted to

something can be a good thing especially if it helps you to learn a new skill

such as learning English with me on YouTube so we've had some lovely emails

come through can I say hello to Saahil Osman who lives in Somalia who asks what

is the difference between never and ever well when we say never it means

something that you do not do it has never happened so something that you

have not taken part in it has never happened it has not occurred so the word

never is very hard not to use when we're talking about something that you did not

do or something that until this date you have not tried so I have never smoked a

cigarette in my life so during my life I personally have never smoked a cigarette

so that is something you haven't have not taken part in never ever can also

refer to an occurrence did you ever go to France yes I did and we will be

taking a look at some of the sights of the beautiful city of Paris a little bit

later on so yes I have been to France I have been to Paris in fact so ever it is

asking about an occurrence do you ever listen to jazz have you ever been to

London so it is talking about an occurrence something that has happened

you are asking if something has happened if a person has done something ever has

that thing happened have you taken part in that certain

thing so have you ever done it thank you sir howl hello to Irene now

Irene is a performer last Sunday we were talking all about performing on the

stage and apparently Irene is a bit of a performer and Irene plays the piano now

I would love to see you play the piano Irene so if you could send me a link or

some way of having a look at you playing the piano because I think you tried to

send me a link but I didn't receive it I didn't receive the actual link so if you

could send that to me Irene I would be very fascinated to have a look at you

tinkling on the old Johanna when we say Johanna we mean piano it is actually

cockney rhyming slang so Irene I must admit of all the things that

impresses me of all the things that a person is capable of doing I think

playing the piano is one of the most impressive things there is so I must

admit I am highly impressed with anyone who can play the piano so if you can

play the piano can I just say you have my undying admiration

so Irene I would very much like to have a look at you

play the piano or playing if you are doing it you are playing the piano hello

Arby hello RB I have never been on your live chat

but I have seen some of your October lessons you are the best English teacher

if someone wants to use your videos to learn English he will need a certain

English level well I always think that my English lessons are suitable for

anyone so if you have an interest in English then I always feel as if my

video lessons will be helpful in some way or some sort of help can actually be

given to the person watching them so I always like to think that my videos are

useful to everyone but I do agree with you I'm sure many of the people who

watch my video lessons are actually intermediate they are at the level of

intermediate understanding of English so I do know where you're coming from

I do understand what you are saying there thank you very much and I hope you

have managed to join the live chat today hello mr. Duncan I've never been on your

live chat oh I think I've just read that one I've printed that one twice for some

reason I do apologize hello - in ego in ego gallo now I remember your name from

the early days of doing live streams so I don't know why but I feel that your

name is very familiar hello Inigo I've been watching your YouTube videos for

almost 3 years I haven't watched all of them because my time is very limited

however after watching today's video I finally taken my laptop and have

started doing it so it is always nice to hear from you so thank you Inigo and I

have a feeling that I've actually said hello to you in the distant past many

many years ago if you want to email me well you saw the email address earlier

and I will repeat it later on we have the mystery idiom today because last

Sunday I forgot to do it so yes I will do the the mister

idiom coming a little bit later on also in excerpt from one of my full English

lessons we can not forget the live chat hello to the live chatters right now

hello to not one thing hello to you I'm very fascinated by your name hello to

you and you are first on today's live chat congratulations

Wow you are first hello also to Maggie LAN

Maggie Lau and also to business nous win hello to you watching in Vietnam I know

I have a lot of people watching in Vietnam Palmyra

Eric Martha Louie Louie hello mr. Duncan and everyone thank you

for your company on this Wednesday we are halfway through the week and we are

almost halfway through November just a few weeks to go before you know what now

one of the questions I want to ask today and here is the question I am going to

ask first of all before we go any further is is it too early for Christmas

is it too early for Christmas now here in the UK we have already started

showing our television commercials so lots of stores lots of products being

advertised on television at the moment to get people in the buying mood because

a lot of people are thinking of Christmas time I know I'm sorry for

mentioning this I know it's too early I know from my point of view I think it's

a little bit too early but what do you think is it too early to start talking

about Christmas so what do you think is it too early should we wait until maybe

the first or second week of December however I suppose if you are selling

things and if you have a business I suppose you have to make sure that you

get plenty of customers so that might be the reason why however there are lots of

TV commercials already advertising toys for the kids and also gifts for the

adults as well so what makes a good Christmas gift for

an adult because when you buy a gift for a child it's easy isn't it it's so easy

to buy a gift for a child however when you buy a gift for an adult it can be

very difficult whether it's their birthday or whether it's Christmas time

so what do you think is it too early and do you think it's hard to buy a gift for

an adult between you and me I always find it very difficult when I have to

buy a gift for mr. Steve I can never think of what to get sometimes it's very

hard to come up with a Christmas gift idea hello also to Luis Mendez

guess what Luis we are going to France soon on the live chat and also the live

stream yes it's English addict and this is the

new format this is the new look of my live streams so I hope you will join me

every Sunday Wednesday and Friday as well three times a week hello to be

trees hello to zoo seeker also David hello David Enrico nice to see you here

as well so the big question is hello Ferris Chen as well the big question is

is it too early is it too early to start talking about Christmas I think it might

be too early to start talking about Christmas Eric says Christmas is never

too early for businesses yes I suppose so so if you are running a business if

you have to make your money at this time of year

are met hello mr. Duncan what is the common word for a person who spends

money carelessly well a spendthrift so a person who can't stop spending money

they they throw their money away they they seem to be made of money they waste

their money they just fritter their money away so some people can't resist

spending money I think so some people really can't resist spending their cash

hello Elsa - Palmira mr. Duncan do not mention Christmas I am

sick of it I'm very sorry I have a feeling that your feeling might not be

out of line to be honest with you so thank you pal Mira

yes it's the time of the year again it is this time or that certain time of

year when everyone starts thinking about what to buy for their friends and

relatives for Christmas for those who celebrate Christmas I know not everyone

celebrates Christmas before you tell me I do know the years are going by too

fast I agree with you this is something I've mentioned before

as you get older you do notice that time goes by much faster at least it feels as

if it does whether it really does or not I'm not sure but yes it does feel

sometimes as if time goes by too quickly Louie Louie says yes it is too early for

Christmas especially when you think that it is also to prepare for the 2021 or

2020 Christmas that goes too far well a lot of people are already already

talking about next year so many people are

already talking about 2020 because next year it's the Olympic Games that's

another thing that seems to come around so quickly

even though it happens every four years so already we have another Olympic Games

on the way so next year the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo Japan so

next year the Olympic Games will be in Tokyo next year

Irene Oh Thank You Irene Irene if you like classical music you may click my

name and you will see me at the piano oh I see so you have some videos on your

YouTube channel okay I will do that Thank You Greta loop also in the place

where I live like a present we can give an envelope

with money or a card from a shopping mall Thank You Greta loop I think they

have a similar thing in China as well they call it anger Powell where they put

money in a red envelope now that normally happens at the Chinese New Year

during the Chinese New Year money is often exchanged I think it happens in

many countries in fact so when you are an adult I think quite often you will

receive money or a gift voucher so something that you can use to buy

something later at a later date b-trees mr. Duncan I love Christmas but maybe

it's a little too early to speak about it well in my local town Much Wenlock

the Christmas tree has been put up and last week many towns and cities around

the UK turned on their Christmas lights so if you go to many cities and many

towns now you will see that many of them are now displaying their Christmas

lights they have actually switched them on

so yes it is a strange thing isn't it it is very strange

Belarusian says my nephew moved to Madrid it will be a very sad Christmas

without him he is only 22 Wow such a young age to go travelling around

the world and he didn't find a job here in Buenos Aires so now so your nephew

has actually got a job in Madrid well I want to say congratulations for him

getting a job but also maybe the the sensation or the emotion is a little

bittersweet so you feel happy for him because he has a job but also sad

because he's moving away so I can understand your feelings there

Belarusian hello to Florence I think it's too early to speak about Christmas

but it is that time it is that time of year as Christmas approaches so some of

you think that it's too early whilst others think that it isn't earlier this

year I took a trip I took a trip to France with mr. Steve because mr. Steve

was lucky enough to actually win a holiday in France from his company not

only that but also I was allowed to join him so I felt very honored very pleased

that I could do some travelling this year because I hadn't planned to go

anywhere so because of mr. Steve and his lovely company and also because mr.

Steve was working hard we were able to go to France and you can't have a trip

to France without visiting the most romantic city in the world Paris

hmm so there it was my trip to Paris early this year and I hope you enjoyed

that another clip from my trip to Paris coming a little bit later on I thought

it was nice to relive those moments because I had a great time I had never

been to Paris before so I was very lucky very fortunate that mr. Steve had won a

holiday too apparently a lot of people say that Paris is the

most romantic city in the world however some people also think that Rome is

rather romantic as well and maybe maybe you have your own romantic place maybe

there is a special place that you've been to maybe with your husband or wife

or lover mmm so Palmyra says thank you mr. Duncan for

sharing those views you are very welcome and if you get a chance to go to Paris

can I just say you are going to enjoy some wonderful food I ate a lot of food

Helen Oh mr. Duncan are you going to Paris again or will you visit another

town well I'm not sure if I'm going to France again maybe well not this year I

know it isn't this year but maybe next year who knows who knows today we are

talking about this particular subject we are talking about speed when we talk

about speed it is a generic term for the distance travelled and how fast that

distance is travelled so speed generally refers to distance and time how fast you

can do something how fast you can travel and also how fast you can carry out a

certain sure or job speed so that is what we are

talking about today and no no I'm not referring to the drug before anyone says

anzonic hello anzonic I haven't seen you for a long time nice to see you back

here anzonic I was in Rome one month ago I've never been to Rome I will be

honest with you I've never been there however I would like to go to Rome and

have a roam around uh-huh so if you roam around Rome

it means you walk around you walk about so you roam around Rome guadaloop I

love the music that you choose for your videos I spend a lot of time and a lot

of my life listening to whole libraries of music and sometimes I will choose

certain types of music something that catches my ear something that makes me

feel a little happy or maybe a little sad so I always choose the music very

carefully and I'm a big fan of music as you know if you are regular you will

know that I am a very big fan of music we have a mystery idiom would you like

to see today's mystery idiom okay here it is so this is today's mystery idiom

it is something for you to look at and all you have to do is say what you see

so take a look at the screen right now and say what you see

there it is today's mystery idiom but what is it if you know what that mystery

idiom is it is a well-known phrase in the English language and if you are

feeling lucky then you can have a guess at what it is so the mystery idiom that

is today's mystery phrase hmm so what is it it is now about to go off the screen

but don't worry if you missed it I will repeat it later on

hello also to Mary yeah I want to see England the most beautiful country in

the world well it is looking rather nice today outside there it is right now so

that isn't a recording that is the view right now out of my window so you can

see the Sun is out many of the leaves on the trees have turned because autumn is

definitely here now and also another view again you can see the wonderful

vivid colors of the leaves on the trees and also looking into the distance as

well across the Shropshire landscape now here in the UK things have been a little

chaotic things have been a little treacherous as far as the weather is

concerned in the north of England many small villages and towns are suffering

from flooding they have been flooded because we've had a lot of rain over the

past few days here in the UK so some of the northern towns and cities are

actually suffering flooding at the moment lots of floods taking place

fortunately for me I'm very high up on a hill so fortunately my my house will

never be flooded never some people asked about my house and

some people say mr. Duncan can you show us your house we want to see all of your

house well my answer to that is no it's private however a lot of people ask mr.

Duncan is your house big or is your house small I will tell you now that my

house is not very big the house I live in isn't a big house it's not huge it

isn't a mansion it isn't big however there is a lot of land around the side

of the house so the house itself is quite small but it has quite a lot of

land around it I would never have a big house never and the reason is because

it's very high maintenance so when we say high maintenance we mean that it

takes a lot of work a lot of energy and a lot of effort to take care of so when

we say high maintenance we mean something takes a lot of energy and a

lot of time and effort to take care of something so a high maintenance house is

one that you have to constantly look after you always have to make repairs

there are always things that you have to look at and fix so the reason why I

would never have a big house and this is something I've never dreamt of many

people like to think that they will live in a really big house however I don't

want to I love this house it's not very big

but it's very cozy especially in the winter because a big house is high

maintenance it takes too much work to look after so that's the reason why we

are now going to take a look at one of my full English lessons this is an

excerpt from a full English lesson and on my youtube-channel there are many

english lessons that i've been making here on youtube for the past 13 years

and here is an excerpt of one of them

as you can see right now it is very windy here there is a gale blowing

across England what you are seeing now is the effect of what is left of a

tropical hurricane this is all that remains of the storm we can describe

this as the remnants or all that remains of the hurricane a few days ago this

storm was very powerful it caused damage in places such as Bermuda now it is not

as powerful having said that the storm is still strong enough to bring down

trees and loosen one or two roof tiles some might say that I'm taking a risk

coming out here on such a stormy day let's hope that I don't get stripped by

a piece of flying debris or a falling tree

Oh No my watch has stopped again I had better

wind it up the word wind has more than more meaning you can whine something up

by turning and tightening it at the same time such as the spring on a watch or

clock you wind the spring up to gather something onto a round spool by turning

it can be described as winding you wind something on to something else

you can wind a hose pipe you can wind wool into a ball you can wind a person

up in this sense you are doing something to annoy them then there is wind up this

noun describes a practical joke or prank designed to annoy someone another verbal

use of wind is slowly n something to close down a company or cease trading

over a period of time is to wind up to relax yourself by doing something

pleasurable is to wind down the past tense of wind is wound

look at that the writing on the wall this figurative expression is used to

state at it something bad might happen soon

the fate of something is likely to happen it is very apparent that this

thing could occur there is an indication that things could go wrong the fall in

profits is the writing on the wall for that company in this sentence we are

saying that the company will go out of business if things do not get better it

may close there is a chance that things might go wrong it may be seen as foolish

when told by all to ignore the hint and warning of the writing on the wall

grammar covers many aspects of language use including punctuation when

expressing yourself in writing it is important to know where to punctuate and

when to use the symbols that define it one of the most confusing punctuation

marks must be the inverted commas otherwise known as quotation marks there

are two types of inverted comma the single and the double in British English

the single quotation mark is often used while in American English the double

quotation mark is preferred when quoting a well-known phrase or direct speech in

a sentence in British English we will normally use the single quotation

however if the direct speech also includes a quote then you will use the

other quotation marks to define it from what is being said if the direct speech

uses single quotes then the Dibble ones will be used to show the quotes within

an example in British English would be around here we always use the phrase no

pain no gain as our motto you will see that the

direct speech has single quotes and the phrase discussed has double ones in

American English this is reversed you will notice in my subtitles that I use

single inverted commas when I'm highlighting a word and double quotes

when demonstrating direct speech it is worth noting that you are free to use

either of the quotation marks as long as you stick with them all the way through

the piece you are writing the examples used here today are only a guide double

quotes are fine for direct speech or single ones as long as you remain clear

as to how they are being used happy writing everyone here are my lovely

walking boots do you like them these boots have taken me all over the place

up hills and down into valleys through woods and over dales and Del's by the

way adele is a small dip in the ground a small valley or Hollow did you know that

the word boot has many meanings as a verb boot means to kick something hard

it can also mean to throw someone out of a place or eject a person from a group

he was booted out of the Chess Club if you put the boot in then this means that

you are kicking someone normally while they are on the ground to be given the

boot means that you have lost your job in computer terms the word boot means to

start up a computer on a car the boot is the opening at the back where items can

be placed securely in American English the boot of a car is

called the trunk there it was one of my full English lessons many lessons on my

youtube channel yes there are we are now back live on a Wednesday English addict

for all those out there who need their fix of all those lovely words and

phrases in the English language talking of which we have the mystery idiom

everyone so there it is the mystery idiom what is it it is a mystery idiom

we've had a couple of incorrect guesses but no one has come up with the right

answer at the moment so what is it just say what you see if you see it say it

that's what I say definitely so it's live and everyone is very busy

is it too early for Christmas because already I noticed last week I was

watching television and then suddenly all of those annoying Christmas

commercials came on and I don't know why but this year most of the Christmas

commercials for the big stores are not very good it's almost as if they've put

very little effort into them so I must be honest with you sometimes I find

Christmas commercials on television quite amusing sometimes they are very

moving they have a nice story but this year they don't seem to be putting as

much effort as they they normally do hello Christina

hello also to Luis my son Luke my son lives in Paris but he has a house in

Britannia where is Britannia

I'm quite intrigued to find out where that is

hello the Mystery idiom please hurry up mr. Duncan Oh No

is it hurry up no it isn't no it isn't because the word hurry up is actually in

the picture so I wouldn't make it that easy would I I was not going to make it

that easy really we are talking about speed today how much speed do you have

with your English learning are you learning English fast or quickly

or is it taking too long to learn English so when we talk about speed we

are talking about the rate or the time and distance how fast you can move from

one place to another and also the speed at which you are traveling so let's have

a look at some words that are related to speed shall we ok so another word that

we can use instead of speed is velocity velocity so when we talk about velocity

it is the force that's pushing you along it is your movement so quite often when

we talk about velocity we are talking about the speed at which something moves

all the force that is put behind something it's velocity so maybe a

rocket taking off to orbit the Earth needs high velocity it has to have a lot

of push to get it off the ground and in to the sky so when we talk about

velocity we are talking about speed we are talking about the force that is

needed to make something move its velocity its speed so how to get

something from one place to another sometimes it isn't easy you need a lot

of velocity another word that has a lot of meanings

by the way rate rate so when we talk about rate it can mean speed it can mean

the speed of increase or decrease so when we talk about rate it can refer to

speed it can refer to time so maybe how fast you do something the rate at which

you do something so maybe you work in a factory and you have to produce

something on a machine so we talk about a person's work rate so how fast they do

that job so they might do it very slowly so their rate will be low or they work

at a slow pace but if they do the job very quickly they work at a fast rate a

fast rate so rate often refers to speed how fast something occurs or of course

quite often with the markets when we are talking about shares we often talk about

the value of something so the rate might be the value of a certain type of stock

or may be the rate of a certain currency maybe you will compare the rates of

different currencies so rate can be used in more than one way here's another one

maybe this is a new word I don't know haste haste when we talk about haste it

means to do something fast do something quickly you do something with a lot of

energy a lot of haste a lot of speed you do something fast-paced I like this I

like this so you might hasten or hasten to do something

you want to do something quickly here's another one rapid oh yes I like this one

rapid when we talk about rapid we are talking about something happening or

something occurring quickly something happens very quickly we are saying that

it is rapid quite often with movement so something is traveling or moving we can

say that it is rapid maybe a river is flowing very quickly we can describe the

river as being very rapid it is a rapid River and also when you get a very

strong current on a river we will often call it rapid or rapid so this can

actually describe the appearance of something as an adjective but also it

can also be used as a noun so the rapids refer to a stream or river that is

roaring with lots of energy rapid to move fast

here's another one may be you are appearing on a game show or a quiz show

or maybe you are having to answer lots of questions very quickly we will often

say that the questions are being given to you quick fire quick fire so where we

talk about quick fire we are saying in short succession so maybe a person is

asking you questions very quickly without any pause or any hesitation so

maybe a person is asking you questions where are you from or do you do for a

living how old are you what is your mother's name these are quick fire

questions so maybe in a contest if you are being asked

lots of general knowledge questions questions about your life or questions

about any subject and if they are being asked quickly we can say that those

questions are being asked quick-fire or we can say quickfire questions so you

have to answer the questions very quickly hello to Guadalupe again hello

also sweetness hello sweetness mitra nice to see you back again

theo is here here in greece we have a proverb about speed act quickly think

slowly yes I think there is a similar one in English that we have as well

which I will mention a little bit later on Maria hello to Maria nice to see you

here Maria hmm daniela is here also eric says

what about swift yes you can do something swiftly so maybe you might see

a bird that moves very quickly you can say that it flies very swiftly

it has swift flight and of course there is actually a bird called a swift

because it flies very quickly it has a very fast speed of flight Irene is here

also Guadalupe LOUIE LOUIE Britannia is in

the west of friends you can see it like the nose in the Atlantic sea oh I see I

know brittany.brittany is it the same as brittany i wonder

because my family comes from vit brittany many years ago so my distant

relatives on my father's side actually came to England from Brittany so

actually I'm part French hmm oh la la yes definitely

so I am actually part French on my father's side and my family originally

came from Brittany hello also to Ana and Pedro is here

oh hello Pedro I wonder what is the fastest animal in the wildlife or in the

world I think it's I think it's a cheetah is it is it the cheetah I think

it is or is it a leopard I know they're both pretty fast animals when they run

so I think it might be I'm it might be I want to say a cheetah

I'm sure someone is going to correct me mr. Duncan you're wrong you're wrong

it's not a cheater

naveen I have an idea everyone tell us the meaning of his or her name in

English well I know the meaning of my name the meaning of my name is brave

warrior so my name duncan is actually a Scottish name is the mystery idiom bus

slow slow bus as a way to describe a stupid person oh I see now in the United

States they have yellow school buses that take the children to school but

also apparently there is also another type of bus which isn't very long it's

actually very short and apparently that's normally used to to take people

with learning difficulties or people who have to have special education around so

yes I think sometimes it can be used in a very cruel way so I'm not sure if

that's a very nice expression but some people in the United States will

describe a person who they think is not very clever or smart of using the short

bus but I don't think that's very nice to be honest it isn't very kind and a

kobe what is the difference between quick quickly and fast well you do

something quick you do something quickly you do something fast so be fast be

quick do it quickly so they all basically describe the same thing which

is doing something with haste you do something with some speed

talking of which here are two words now that we can use as opposites and once

again we are talking about speed so something that is slow when a person is

moving we can say they walk and the opposite is run so you can walk along

the street you can run along the street you can

walk to the shops you can run to the shops you can go slow or you can go fast

you can go slowly or you can go quickly you can have a slow pace or you can have

a fast pace you can move slowly move quickly so these two things can be

expressed in many different ways of course when we talk about walk we can

also say as in an expression the walk of life or the people you meet in all walks

of life so all areas of society we will often described as walks of life so

people have different jobs different lifestyles different means different

amounts of money so we all exist in different walks of life and run now run

is something that can be used in many ways

for example you can run by moving quickly using your legs you can run

across the field you can run to the shops you can run after mr. Duncan I

don't know why run also means to start something so if you run something it

means you started or you operate something like a computer so you can run

a computer you can run a computer program it means you are making the

thing work you are making it operate you are making it function run you rent

something also run can mean something that is moving slowly normally liquid

paint something that is liquid if it is slowly moving down a surface maybe you

paint your door but unfortunately you put too much paint on the door so the

paint will start to run unfortunately you have put too much paint on the door

so the paint will start to run oh dear

you can also run out of something as well if you run out of something it

means you have exhausted a certain supply you run out of water you run out

of money you run out of energy so if you run out of something it means the thing

in question is no more you have used it all up

something can run down maybe you have a radio and you are listening to the radio

but unfortunately the batteries run out they stopped working because the power

has gone the power has run out

hello to Maria again hello also - oh hello - toe bag eager or toe bag again

hello do you remember me at blondie I'm not sure is that message for me are you

talking to me or someone else I'm not sure

yes Pedro Duncan means brave warrior I'm not sure if I am a brave warrior I

haven't worked out yet whether that's true or not

hello also - Rolfie again for me as a native speaker the word walk sounds like

Luke without the letter L when you pronounce it so walk walk well you don't

actually pronounce the letter L so the L is silent so you don't say walk you say

walk so it sounds like war so if you are fighting you have a war so walk walk so

you have K at the end walk you walk to the shops I was in Paris a few months

ago I had a lovely time and I think it would be nice to have a look at some

more views of Paris and then I will be back with some more words and

connections to speed going fast and travelling at a certain speed and then

of course we will have more chat on the live stream as well however right now

we are going for a sail down the River Seine

oh I hope you enjoyed that some clips some views from my trip to Paris earlier

this year courtesy of mr. Steve's company Oh

how about that can't be bad not only that but also Steve win another contest

as well in his company and then we went to Portugal so I can't believe how many

trips I've had this year and I didn't pay for either of them they were both

free so that's quite nice really hello to Anna

hello also - Rakesh it is a beautiful place yes I enjoyed Paris even though

there were quite a lot of people there because when we went to Paris to visit

unfortunately it was during the big public holiday when everyone is actually

off from work so unfortunately Paris was very busy as you may have seen in those

clips that we watched earlier there were a lot of people around

hello also - sweetness thank you very much we are talking about speed and also

how fast things can go there are some very interesting words that we use we

can use these words so this one is for for describing something it goes first

and this one is for something that goes slow so maybe something that moves

quickly we can say that it will zoom a long zoom I love that word zoom to go at

high speed something that moves quickly we can say that it zooms so something

that will zoom will go very fast and the opposite we can use this word dawdle

dawdle I love this word you will hear this quite often in

British English and it means to move too slowly or maybe you keep stopping and

you are holding people up so maybe you are with a group of people and they want

to walk fast unfortunately you don't want to walk quickly you want to walk

slowly and look at all the sites so we can see that that person will dawdle

dawdle it's a great word zoom means to go quickly go very fast so you might say

that a jet plane will zoom across the sky zoom and something that goes slowly

will keep stopping and holding things up we can say that they dawdle dawdle mr.

Steve quite often dawdles he really does two more words that can be used as

opposites we have fly now fly to go through the

air at great speed like a bird so a bird will fly through the sky and drag which

means to go slowly so if something goes slowly we can say that it drags time

flies during my live lesson when mr. Duncan's lesson finishes time drags fly

go quickly dragged go slowly fly go fast drag go slowly go slow

something is going too slow something is going very quickly this lesson has flown

by the next lesson will fly by the next lesson will not drag it will seem very

interesting hopefully you can catch my next lesson on Friday I

will be with you on Friday yes Friday is when I'm back 2 p.m. UK time we will

give the answer to the mystery idiom in a moment if you want somebody to hurry

up if we want a person to hurry up maybe

you are walking with your friend unfortunately they are not walking very

quickly and you want them to go faster you can say get a move on hurry up get a

move on mr. Duncan quickly we are waiting get a move on you want to do

something quicker you want something to happen faster you will tell someone to

get a move on hurry up here's an interesting

expression that we use in English where we want someone to do something slowly

and carefully we might say more haste less speed more haste less speed and

this expression means to do something well you have to take your time if you

do something too quickly or if you rush quite often you will make mistakes more

haste less speed I love that expression hello to Miriam Miriam

is watching in Egypt hello to you thanks for joining me today I will be back with

you on Friday don't forget and if you want to get in touch here are the


doot-doot-doot so there we go there is no excuse for not knowing where you can

find me I'm on Facebook I have email and if you want to make a donation as well

to allow my work to continue forever and ever because we do this all for free for

13 years I've been providing free English lessons for a very long time

hello Ismael sir I am asking something please give me attention okay then so

what are you asking what are you asking Ismael before I go here we go then here

is the live mystery idiom so first of all I will show you the picture there it

is so all I asked you to do was to say what you see say what you see now you

can see that the person inside that vehicle wants the vehicle to go faster

and the answer to today's mystery idiom is I hope you enjoy this slowcoach ah

you see so the mystery idiom is slow coach slow

coach is a phrase that is used to describe a person who is not moving fast

enough to do something in a lazy or unproductive way might cause you to be

described as a slow coach

hmm very interesting so a slowcoach is a person who moves too quickly or too

slowly you want them to move faster but unfortunately they are going too slow

you describe them as a slowcoach hurry up slow coach we haven't got all day so

there it was another mystery idiom coming on Friday if you want someone to

go faster we can also say hurry up hurry up

mr. Duncan hurry up hurry up I need to go out I have something else to do hurry

up and end your lesson or maybe you want my lesson to continue for a very long

time in which case you might say mr. Duncan slow down slow down mr. Duncan we

want your lesson to last for ever hurry up mr. Duncan

I want to go slow down mr. Duncan I'm enjoying this hello to valentín slow bus

was a very good approximation yes you were very close very close Valentin slow

bus so when we call someone a slow coach we will actually say to that person that

they are a slow coach they are going too slowly you want them to hurry up if you

are in a car maybe you are with mr. Steve and mr. Steve is driving along the

road too slowly he's driving like an old pensioner so I will say mr. Steve put

your foot down put your foot down if you put your foot down it means you go

faster in the car so you put your foot on the accelerator you put your

down you press your foot on the accelerator of the car and then you will

go cricket the car will speed up so we will often say put your foot down come

on go faster mr. Steve put your foot down we're late if you want mr. Steve to

stop maybe you think he's going too quickly

or maybe you see something in the road that the car might hit you might say hit

the brakes mr. Steve hit the brakes there is a

rabbit crossing the road hit the brakes so if you hit the brakes

it means you put your foot on the brakes you stop the car

suddenly you hit the brakes hit the brakes hello - tebah giga a game

I mean hurry up is a text passage of a blondie song oh I see so hurry up hurry

up hurry up yes I think so yes blondie I like blondie my name is tow an from

Vietnam hello to Anne in Vietnam nice to see you here today thank you also to

Cristina says mr. Steve is a very careful person not always not always mr.

Steve sometimes drives like a crazy thing he really does hello mister don't

go and greetings from Peru here in Peru the people say the driver must put the

foot down they just foot down oh I see so don't put your foot down so here in

the UK we say put your foot down put your foot down on the accelerator

speed up and the opposite is hit the brakes hit the brakes

we might ask how fast something will happen or how slow it will occur so how

fast how fast how slow how fast was mr. Steve going how slow was he walking so

how fast and these are both questions that you will ask about the speed in

which something or someone is moving so how fast was he driving how fast was he

walking how quickly how slowly how fast how slow so those would be asked as

questions if you want to know the speed at which a person or a thing was moving

guadeloupe says mr. Duncan's channel has hundreds of videos and topics of

recorded videos of live streams where we talked about everything yes well I think

I think now I have done maybe 900 maybe a thousand live streams so I've done

many live streams however what you are watching now is my new series of live

streams called English addict so this is now the new name for my videos my

channel and also my live streams as well I am from Pakistan mr. Duncan I am a big

fan and I want to impress my friends at college so what can I do for this well

how do you want to impress your friends do you mean with your English do you

want to show your friends how good your English is

well how good it is now depends on how good it will be to your friends so what

about your English now do you think your English is good or not so good hello

Christina thank you for the lesson unfortunately I have to go don't worry I

will be going soon as well in a few moments I will be leaving when we talk

about something that is going slowly or moving slowly we can say that something

is as slow as a snail slug so maybe if a person is walking slowly we might say

that that person is walking as slow as a snail they are moving so slowly it's

almost like walking with a snail and the opposite faster than a speeding bullet I

like that one like Superman Superman can fly through

the sky faster than a speeding bullet so when we say that something is moving

quickly we can say that it's faster than a speeding bullet faster than light

although not many things are faster than light

to be honest Thank You Ismail Thank You Pedro thank you yuu-chan hello yuu-chan

way hello I am Davey in the USA I have a question

slow and slowly well something is slow something moves slowly so you are

describing the action as it happens something is slow maybe your internet

speed is slow if you are trying to access something we can say that the

website is opening slowly so that is the actual

action so as the action takes place it is happening slowly

however in American English you will often hear slow used to describe all of

those different events so in the UK in British English we often say slow all

the action is happening slowly slowly so I hope that helps

I really do hi so I am in Pakistan and I just speak Urdu not English so I want to

learn English to speak like you well you have come to the right place if you love

English if you want to learn English if you are hungry are you hungry for

English you are in the right place because everyone here is an English

addict including me I'm crazy about English I really am hello also to

Palmero who says bye-bye to the nice teacher yes I'm going now I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream I want to leave you with something nice because I

don't often show you nature anymore I used to show you a lot of nature so

here is a lovely bit of nature that I want to show you before I leave isn't

that lovely it is a friendly highland cow so this particular field is actually

in Much Wenlock and there are some lovely cattle in that particular field

and this particular type of cattle is called the highland cattle and normally

they live in Scotland however there are some walking around in the fields here

in Much Wenlock so I couldn't resist showing that because I don't know about

you but I love watching nature I really do

I like it a lot in fact so that's what we'll end on today before we disappear

thank you very much hello Beatrice Thank You mr. Duncan for this interesting

lesson have a good day I hope it's been interesting I will be

back on Friday here are the times I'm with you on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday which means I will be back with you on Friday from 2 p.m.

UK time that is when I will be on next for those who are wondering Thank You

Louie Louie thank you hi Thank You Ismail I am going now I will

see you on Friday don't forget the same time 2:00 p.m. UK

time thank you - Maria what a cute animal I think so

I love nature if you have any pictures of nature if you have any photographs of

animals or maybe your own pet that you have you could always send the picture

you can always send something to me and say this is my pet cat this is my pet

dog this is my pet chicken RH s says goodbye

Hiroko Ismail thank you very much I'm a big fan and you remember me for more

because there are many poor people watching Thank You Ismail for that thank

you also to Eric thank you to Anna and yep I am going now I hope you've enjoyed

the show I will see you on Friday don't forget cuz a lot of people keep asking

when are you want mr. Duncan I can tell you again I am on this Friday 2 p.m. UK

time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for following me today thank you very much for joining in

thank you very much for your lovely messages still lots of people sending

messages right now and I will see you on Friday

once again I will mention the time because many people forget 2 p.m. UK

time on Friday and of course you know what's coming next

yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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