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Hello friends,welcome to my channel localguy.

Friends nowadays everyone is using wifi.

Everybody has a wifi router at home or office for internet connection.wifi router provides

greater speed than mobile data.

But Wifi routers have some limitations.Wifi provides approximate 150 to 200 ft range and

because of wifi routers range limitation we all have experienced weak wifi signal or low


Suppose at home You have placed the wifi router in the drawing room.wifi signal is strong

at the drawing room but in the bedroom we receive weak signal or sometimes no signal.

If you are living in a two storey house and placed a wifi router at ground floor we cant

receive wifi signal at first floor.

Wifi signal operates at 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequency the wavelength of the signal is very about 12cm for 2.4ghz and 5cm for 5ghz.

if our wall thickness is greater than that it can't penetrate the thick walls of our

house.even if it penetrates it lose some energy i.e attenuated and can not travel to long


to penetrate the wall it requires more power.but wifi router have some standards set it cant

deliver high power.

Low frequency travels longer while high frequency travels shorter.high frequency needs more

power to travel longer.

4g mobile network uses frequency band 1800mhz to 2700mhz i.e 1.8ghz to 2.7ghz but it delivers

high power to the signal so it can penetrate the wall.

So how to increase our wifi range so we can receive strong wifi signal in every corner

of the house.

Today i am going to show you how to convert your old wifi router as a wifi repeater or

wifi range dont skip the video and watch till the end.

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So without wasting time let's start the video.

So what we are going to do is here is my home wifi router is which is up and running.its

model number is tp link TD w8970 its ip address is,wifi network ssid name is Falcon_1

and password is time0000.

i have placed this router at ground floor.i have another router which i have placed at

first floor and want to convert it as a repeater or range i can receive strong

wifi signal on first floor also.

Friends here i am using my old tp link router model number wr841n which is still a bestseller can buy it from the link given in the description or you can use any other

router.process is same.

First of all we have to reset the and hold the reset button.

To configure it as a wifi repeater we need to login in to the router.

All the login information is given at the backside of the router.

So first we have to connect to the router's default wifi network .You can use your mobile

and can do all the settings without using a computer or laptop.

Here default wifi ssid name is tp-link_E0FA and password is 76693779.

Now to access the settings we need to login in to the router for that go to browser and

type or

Enter the username and password as it is admin and password is also admin.

Now go to wireless and under wireless setting you can change the default ssid name or leave

it as it I am changing ssid name to Spacex.

as we have changed the ssid name.we are disconnected from the default wifi network connect

to new wifi network ssid spacex with default password.we haven't changed the password yet.

To change the default password Again go to wireless and under wireless security change

the default password to new one.

here I am changing it to time1234.and save.we are again disconnected from the network.reconnect

with new password.

Now go to wireless settings at the bottom enable wds bridging a new setting

will open.

Here we have to enter ssid name and bssid name of the router.

If you don't know that then click on survey.

A new window with a list of available wifi network ssid names will show my home

wifi network ssid name is Falcon_1 and its channel number is 11.

and i want to bridge this router to my home router,click on connect.

Our home wifi router is using channel number 11 so change the channel from auto to 11.

now you have to enter your home wifi network password.leave other settings as it

home wifi password is time0000.

if we set channel auto and because of so many wifi signals available nearby our wifi router

changes its channel number frequently to avoid congestion.

or when we reboot the router, then also router changes its channel number.

So if the primary main router changes its channel number repeater or extender router

can not know that.and connection between them will be disconnected.

So it's better to change the wifi channel from auto to manual on both the routers and

choose the same channel number to avoid network disconnection.

So we selected the ssid bssid to be bridged then changed the channel number and also entered

the save the settings.

Now one more setting we have to do is disable dhcp server.

We want our home main router as a dhcp server.

Dhcp server provides ip addresses to all the devices on the network.

No two dhcp servers work on one network.

Dhcp settings take effects after rebooting the router.

now this router is wirelessly bridged with our home wifi this router will act

as a wifi repeater or range extender.

Now again connect to this router's wifi and check if the internet is working or not.and

yes you can see that we can browse the internet with the same speed as the main home wifi


As I have said earlier, keep the same channel number on both routers.

So open the browser and type your main primary router's ip address

If you dont know your wifi routers ip address then open cmd prompt and type ipconfig.

Under wifi adapter you can find the default gateway .Here it is is your

router ip address.

Login with username and password.

Then go to wireless and change the channel settings from auto to manual and select channel

number 11.

now put the router at a place where it will get at least 40% of the main routers wifi


your wifi signal will be boosted and you will get a strong wifi signal with the same speed

as the main router in other rooms also.

You can use the wifi analyser app from playstore and can analyze the signal strength of wifi


And place the router accordingly.wifi strength upto -50dbm is considered as excellent signal

and wifi strength above -75dbm is considered as poor signal.

Lets recap what we have done 1.Reset the router

2.Login in to the router 3.Enable wds

4.From the available WiFi Network List choose and connect with home wifi network by entering

password 5.Change channel from auto to manual and keep

same channel number 6.Disable dhcp server

7.Restart the router So that's all about the settings.

Thanks for watching the video.

If you have any query about the settings pls ask me in the comments.

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