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Hello my friends, How are you? my name is Christian

this is my first video

about my small business

in the State of New Jersey

we do

party rentals

for all kind of events

we rent from chairs

tables, tents,


dance floors,

some sound equipment

we also do

event decorations

for different kind of events

such as weddings, birthdays


and any kind of event

Well let me tell you


May 2nd of 2020

and this year so far is so different


we are not working

we have a lots of cancelled events

rescheduled events

due to what the country

or I would say

the entire world is going through

with this pandemic

that have a lot of us with no jobs

and the true is, we are trying to survive

as a small business

even though I have another job

is also slow

and obviously there is not much of an income

But thanks God

we are healthy

and we are staying home

inventing what to do

to generate some kind of income

later I will

tell you what are we doing

to overcome this bad moment

But, I dont want

to bore you

with these talks

we have this business for several years

thank God

it was growing every year

and we were buying different things

like inflatable games

we were able to

legalize it in the State of New Jersey

we are fully insured

with all the proper documents

our next proyect

it was going to be renting an office

to work

from there

but things happen for a reason

and we still working from our house

since we started

our business

and like I said

we have been blessed

and we have always had jobs

obviously during the winter

the rent goes down

but the decorations helped us

balloon decorations

all type of decorations


we are going to do a delivery

a very small delivery

of a wicker chair

this lady placed her order

a long time ago

she canceled some things

but asked us to deliver the wicker chair please

because they were having

a drive by baby shower

her friends

and family

were going to drive around her house

and she was going to be

seated at her driveway

that's the reason she only wanted us to delivery the chair

ok, let me

get ready

it's almost time to go

I will talk to you in a little bit

This is our garage

where we keep our things

like our tables, chairs

tents and all our stuff

today i need this

wicker chair

for our delivery

this delivery

is close by

like 15 minutes away

I already checked the GPS

New Jersey weather is crazy

you don't know when is going to rain

when is going to be sunny

or when is going to snow

Thats Celi

she is the business mascot

every time I open the car doors

she thinks i'm going

to take her for a ride

but she don't know we have a little job

and does not know that she has to move

move over, move over...

she don't want to move

there you go, you are moving

that's what I thought

most likely she won't step out of the car

I already know her

she is going to stay in the car until she is sure she is coming with us

ok, let me closed that door

and we are on our way to do the delivery

it will be our first and last delivery for today

This is too slow

too slow

last year at this time

we already had almost every weekend

full of work


I work with two guys

on the weekends

they already call me

unfortunately there are no jobs

it is too slow

and I hope all this ends soon

to be able to help them and give them jobs too

I imagine they are bored at home since they don't have classes either

they are high school kids

how I told you before

this place

is only 15 minutes away

I won't record the whole trip


we are really close to the house

with beautiful day

She is Tanya

she is my business partner

just playing... she is the BOSS

and that's Celi our business mascot

and as I told you,

every time i open the doors

she gets in and won't get off

people with pets know what I'm saying

we almost to the house

I passed, let me make a U turn

almost in front of the house

I don't see nobody yet at the windows

or the door

I think they are there

let me put my face mask

and let's do this

they are waiting at their window

let me take this out

this is not heavy at all

is very light

give me one second

ok, let's go

they are coming out

yeap, that's them

one second, let me deliver this

ok. delivery was made

they were waiting for

they are goint to have a baby shower

I imagine that friend and family will drive

in front of the house

while she will be sitting on the driveway

pick up time is 5 PM

until then

I have nothing to do

but to rest and keep resting

I will prepare

some balloons

that's what we doing for now

some people are coming to pick them up

and we are also doing some deliveries

of balloons

I said it before

we are trying to improvise things

in order to have

some kind of income

I'm arriving at my house

I can see my own lake

that was the rain from yesterday.

that's my beautiful fence

is not mine is my neighbors

still haven't fixed it

ok, my friends

we just did the job

delivery is done

we had to keep a distance

with our client

she was happy with the work we did

a little annoying

but I think we have to get used to it

it looks like we are going to be using it for a while

the face mask

as long as it's all for our health

the health and protection of

our clients and ours

I think we should all do it

and always keeping the distance

well, Thank you very much

for following me on this very first experience

making a video

I'm still nervous

I don't know how to talk to a camera

I hope that over the days and videos

I can refine a little and I can talk more

thank you my friends

take care of yourselves and God bless you all

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